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Apr 20, 2013
A whole list of things I'm gonna be doing, and stuff already done.

Make test_scripts/item_test_script2-4
(demonstration items for test_scripts)
Rig the test_scripts assistant (NPCs/script_assistant) to offer dev items (item_test1-4)
New Module System for Monsters
Split from Gargoyle task, gargoyle doesn't have enough to it for modules to really do anything here.​

Panther Eye
For Oyster, will use the model of the cut HL monster.
The idea is for it to be a stealther, attempting to attack only when the player's back is turned (doing extra damage and more attacks if it successfully does so), and fleeing when threatened, only attacking again when the player is turned away, or when cornered.

To do for Chumtoad: (These won't be addressed until after the next patch.)​
  • Traceline before attack
  • Use proper scriptflag stacking ($get_scriptflags(<target>,<type>,type_value) is the one ya want, not <name>,name_value, as that'll just return the first value of <name>)
  • Move blink cycle to a token
  • Make it not deaf
  • Change default explosion chance to 5%
  • Use external apply force thing (monsters/externals->ext_repel <target> <origin> <strength> [vboost] [maxhp] [override:0|1])
Map-to-Map Dynamic Quests
Don't count on it any time soon.​
Lore System
Utilize book weapon model​

Test the new elemental resist system

Fix Get Item From Hands DQ NPC from saying '0' upon turning in an item

effects: figure out why the fire CL effect is still sticky
effects/effect_burn and effects/sfx_flames​

monsters/shadow_form tends to get stuck on top of your head if it gets too close.

Flesh Eater Potion

Potion of Forgetfulness
Rig to scroll all spells (game_master->forget_spell, monsters/base_chat_array)
I may just end up moving this out of the game master & have it create a new temporary object to handle the forget potion, or move it to the potion and make it so it's not consumed until the spell is forgot.​

Greater Holy Arrows
No longer does the rebuke (yellow glow) d.o.t. and, as a result, no longer level Divination.​

has lightning d.o.t. that also does knockback.​

Replace torn papers with hints to Calruins riddle with books

likes to take you to phobia when you votemap away from it, even if you haven't lost
(check outpost/super)​
  • monsters/skeleton_ice2_hammer and monsters/ogre_ice both have ice d.o.t. that also does knockback
  • Make delatching spiders run a teleport stuck check
  • Gargoyle Monster Script
  • shadowform - not taking holy DOT
  • All the poisonous/affliction skeletons, reaver, slithar, venevus should be heavily resistant to acid and vulnerable to lightning.
  • Split DOT functions from effect_base :oldcool:
  • Oyster's Proprietary Map-to-Map Kill Quest :oldcool:
  • Switch unholy blade to do defile DOT, regular attack and circle thing.
  • Add lore system :oldcool:
  • Modernize Ethereal dagger's armor pierce
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Apr 20, 2013
Lore system is done- Sound warning, I made the video a bit too loud.