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    Nostalgia For MSC: Thanks For The Memories

    Good times....many good times. But I'm quite confident MSR will save us!
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    What happened?

    Hello Gurluas, Don't hold your breath for this new mastersword, you'll get brain damage. With the lack of news since it was announced you can safely assume the project is dead as well. MSR is still being worked on afaik.
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    Thothie's Dev Journal

    I know you gave me details of this new project in our last PM but I'm both disappointed how MSC came to end like this and the way you were responding to MiB. I know in the past I've expressed how passionate I am for the project but these past few days have....really tested me. Now is a good...
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    Dridje's Developer Journal

    Slight modification of development log as a result of Thothie's post and leadership change?
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    INFO Latest Update News

    Played briefly with a few people, glad people are enjoying it. đź‘Ť
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    [WiP] Bloodrose Mountain

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    Thank you for all you have done, Thothie. Before I joined the community, I had little mapping experience and it showed. Regardless, you welcomed any map and spent time to develop scripts which would bring my maps come alive. The policy towards community created content was an interesting idea...
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    Anyone there?

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    INFO Latest Update News

    Good good. I better be careful, that Dridge character is slowing catching up to my map count though.
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    Hmm, I could take a look and adjust some things if you want. I'd need you to send it over. If so, just let me know a specific range to shoot for. (Would be nice to look at the boss area and maybe add more detail too. Edit: Shooting for a Christmas Cleicert release is fine with me too.
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    I haven't touched anything with cleicert2. I just wanted to make sure if I start doing more maps it won't be wasted time. If the map name is causing the issue then I think we should just rename the new map (I'd still like to play the old one eventually), but that can be downgraded to the very...
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    So I've been absent a bit (OSRS addiction) but I've been wanting to do another map or 3. Just one thing; I've noticed the forum has continued to remain mostly quiet and I just want to know if I do complete something it can still be released at this point. So how are things at this point in...
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    Felewin shard trade

    I think I might have III, I'll message you tomorrow and we can check.
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    Hi, and some questions

    Hello, here are some answers. The bloodstone ring allows you to see the house of a creature. You'll need to get one once you make a new character. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but if you created a dwarf character it's bugged (iirc that is the neutral monsters issue) As for players...
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    Rollback Request

    Hells Diner. That brings back memories. :)