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    Thothie's Dev Journal

    What is it exactly about the save data that makes it so it loads in the old patch, but not in the new alpha? It seems to me like whatever change in format there is, a tool can be written to swallow an old-format save file and spit a new-format save file out with the same stats/items, non? Or am...
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    Early Animations

    Love it! Amazing job as always! I vote that next milestone is that there is a Giant Rat that exists in the world, and that you can hit with the sword, and that can take damage and die. That is where the first gameplay loop is.
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    Character Creator Tools

    I agree, inconsistency breaks immersion and atmosphere.
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    More Progress: Equipment Sockets

    Very nice, those models look amazing. And the interactions with the inventory panel look very smooth. Are you still doing true fps camera, and how does that interact with the helm? It might be cool if the helm shows in first person, but it might also become annoying. Anyway very exciting...
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    FEEDBACK REQUEST: Player Viewmodel

    Found this old piece on Gamasutra:
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    FEEDBACK REQUEST: Player Viewmodel

    BoneWorks also nailed first person camera imo.
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    FEEDBACK REQUEST: Player Viewmodel

    I think it's one of those cases where you just have to try out a couple of different options. Maybe even have multiple options implemented and have them switchable from options/console. I think Dark Messiah og Might and Magic nailed the first person feel with the camera. They had a quite high...
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    FEEDBACK REQUEST: Player Viewmodel

    As for the placement of the camera, I think you may have to may have to attach it to a socket in the model, for when running/crouching or maybe "spring" it to a position based on the head position of the character model.
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    FEEDBACK REQUEST: Player Viewmodel

    I doubt you can make it smooth without clientside prediction when the latency is at 50ms or above, but I hope to be proven wrong. I am definitely for this! I feel it can improve immersion when done right.
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    Item Framework

    Nice! Never played Morrowind, but I do remember Oblivion having a spell crafting system. Very interesting, I think it will be fun to balance. Would require some /r/theydidthemath. :P Especially if effects can trigger other effects. Looking forward to next update from you as always.
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    Item Framework

    Question about abilities: So items can have abilities, but how will the architecture for that work? Something similar to how it is layed out for items? With base abilities and ability instances, to allow for reuse with different modifiers, perhaps based on level or stats of item or player?
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    Item Framework

    I like the idea and abstractions between item instances and base items. Great idea to keep a reference to the item instance on the widgets and gameobjects. That way you can do things like special frames around icons of highlevel items or special shaders. I like it!
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    Highlighting Interactable Objects

    Definitely liking the scythe outline the most, as it is the most subtle. Very cool idea with the height based fading. I think it'd be coolest for people to look mainly at the actual item and not the outline so that they can apreciate the artwork and small details. I think a thick white outline...
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    Current Development Status Quo

    Good to see you're still around. :) You can keep the whole project in a git repo, it just needs to be configured properly. Guide from Gamasutra Guide from Medium For managing git, GitKraken is by far the best program I've stumbled across. They have free pro license for non-profit/open source.