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    What happened?

    yeah, MSR is going strong!
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    Game Name

    Question is if that big game studio has any qualms with some smaller team using the same name. But I also like it, it's very cool and you made some nice word combos there. Legends of Leann aka the new LoL
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    Game Name

    Great suggestions! Adventures of Leann Master Sword Reignited Fatemates of swornbros Thothie Boogaloo 5
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    Early Animations

    That looks fucking dope.
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    Spelling and Grammar Correction Center

    We should have a patch to fix this asap
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    Hi guys

    usually have to boot up half-life 1 and join a server before installing msc, think that has been the work for me for years.
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    Max item cap to 60.

    I'd rather have more items without being spammed with CoRuRUpTIOn WarNInGS.
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    Hey, Yo just curious as to wether or not there would be a patch this year and if not- what are the reasons and how far away is this patch from being optimal? I think a lot of old players would flush back to the game, me included. If this patch would come about! Is there any parts of it that a...
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    FEEDBACK REQUEST: Player Viewmodel

    You're doing great work man. Cheers for keeping us updated
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    Master Sword: Reforged

    I'll try to get my hands onto some title screen stuff then, it seems that would be a nice addition to have in this early stage. If I can make something epic asf for the showcase, that would also help to draw in more people!
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    Master Sword: Reforged

    Cheers mate. I'll get a brushed up version of this for ya and if you like you can give me a request for something needed in this earlier stage?
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    Master Sword: Reforged

    @zeus9860 Cheers mate, I could also see it working in a town. In that case, I would remove the tension building drums occurring here and here and make some more quiet transition sorta parts. Very nice main menu themes, get what ya mean. I absolutely love this one (The Outer Worlds Menu): I...
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    Master Sword: Reforged

    sick man, good job Lark. Sounds like you're going strong at it. Here's a recent orchestral piece I did 'Torch of Time', not used but was made as a purpose of being a gaming-related event theme. I could personally see this fit somewhere within Master Sword, for instance in the Edana Temple or any...
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    Wow! Congratulations!

    this guy
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    Northern Thornlands / Extra Transitions Map / Name Pending

    bruhhh. That tree in the water with opening in roof. Nice