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    MS:Continued Dev Journal

    This week, monthly’ish developer blog instead of the usual poll. Progress has been, somewhat intentionally, slow, but I suppose we have elf and dwarven viewmodels to show. Lackluster placeholder, but gets the point across until we get a modeler who can put a finer point on it. Viewpoint is...
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    Community Poll: Damage Variance

    Subject for another weekly thread, though that one's nuanced enough that it won't do to make a simple poll. We wish to, for instance, replace the small arms secondary power attack. May even give every weapon line a secondary power attack beyond additional damage, though I suppose at least one...
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    Community Poll: Damage Variance

    The previous approach was hampered by the fear of fundamentally altering the sort of game it is, but we're well past that point. In this case, we're replacing a purely vertical power train, into one with more of a sliding horizontal plane, where great effort is required to increase...
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    Master Sword Classic - Source Code NOV2015a

    The public source code for Master Sword Classic, for the curious and masochistic. Only compatible with Visual Studio 2003.
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    Community Poll: Damage Variance

    Now, there is something to be said for the serotonin boost that comes with gambling, but the same can be said of successful strategizing, The question at hand is whether or not to remove damage variance from players and monsters. It might seem a bit boring to have the same attack do the same...
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    Community Poll: Stat Simplification

    While I wouldn't expect anything so elaborate in an initial release, where we're trying to keep things as simple as possible, a crafting system of sorts was on the table, though it may disappoint, and boil down to opening markets by turning in X amount of Ore Y. It would at least allow the...
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    Community Poll: Stat Simplification

    Master Sword Classic's stat system had a complex middle man that gave the illusion the system was more complicated than it was. The prestidigitation involved having each weapon stat add a different amount to each of six stats (Strength, Fitness, etc), and those in turn were boiled down into the...
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    Master Sword Classic - Full Installer NOV2015a

    • Includes MAY2021 map pack and all other patches. • Bloom and double-tap dodge off by default. • Still includes broken dwarves and everything else you love to hate us for. • Do not create a dwarf character. Alternative Download: 861 MB...
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    Community Poll: Eliminate Miss Chance

    All of that and more described in the initial poll thread. There are no more unique drops, you earn them by opening up faction shops, and the narrower power range coupled with faction requirements which sends you to random maps makes "twinking" more or less a non-issue. We're still cleaning up...
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    Community Poll: Eliminate Miss Chance

    Have made a note to make separate threads for crit chance and damage consistency.
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    Community Poll: Eliminate Miss Chance

    Variable, yes (though we could make another poll about that) - criticals would be another poll, but we had intended to setup telegraphed power attacks - most of which will use the existing animations, only slowed a bit, and with a subtle sound and sprite on the weapon (or for skeletons, the eyes...
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    Community Poll: Eliminate Miss Chance

    This is the first in a lengthy series of community polls as discussed in the TL;DR To put it in Team Four Star terms: Or parry - parry is good too. We intend to add a rather involved parry system for all weapons that is manually activated (including martial arts, magic, and archery). The...
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    INFO MS:Continued Polls and Community

    [TL;DR warning] So all this lore is nice and pretty, but I bet all you potential souls of apostles out there, or “players” as you like to call yourselves, are wondering what all this means in terms of, “game play”. While, yes, we are rebuilding from scratch, we aren’t simply trying to recreate...
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    The Death and Rebirth of Master Sword: Continued

    (Part three of three) Let me stretch my wings here a bit... Ah yes, that’s better... Where to start... The Loreldians, I suppose: The powers of the Loreldians are virtually limitless, save when it comes to one another. One Loreldian knows the answer to any question they may ask, that is not a...
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    Thothie's Dev Journal

    Perhaps, but now you must come with me.