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    Thothie's Dev Journal

    (I didnt read everything, thanks for the TL/DR haha) Thanks for the great work and especially taking over when kuroneko stopped working on the game so long ago. Whoever takes over next will still have my (tho small compared to most of you all) support for what comes next. Just the fact that...
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    Hi there, would you mind sending me the sword's model file? id like to use it as reference to...

    Hi there, would you mind sending me the sword's model file? id like to use it as reference to see how I can make models in unreal
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    Intuitive Reality vs. Magic Reality

    I find all the resistances stuff too complicated, I miss the times I could just hack and slash with everyone in all the maps. I feel like at the point my character is at I can't just jump in a play with other players
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    Has anyone ever ported the MSC character model to the source engine?

    Does it count as a Necro if it's the post at the top of the forum..? I can't figure out how to port goldsrc model to source, did you have the process written down somewhere? I just can't find the ressources online.
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    Master Sword: United (Urdual? Umpteenth Attempt?)

    Can I see the chaos axe from unity's Pov?
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    "Coopertive" Ice shield.

    I would rather make it 30 minutes buffs instead, ice shield does not really add fun to the game! Short damage/speed increase buffs sounds like more fun options?
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    [WiP] The Dark Staff

    The models are already compilable and the textured depth down to 256. so both models works already. it seems like the work on staff will be larger than I expected let's follow up on our section
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    [WiP] The Dark Staff

    Alright, I'm downloading it now for real this time, i'll have a look at the models in a moment
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    [WiP] The Dark Staff

    Or I could quickly make another staff using emerald textures to honor the previous Dark Staff
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    [WiP] The Dark Staff

    After the very good side-by-side sugestion, I must say that adding a 5th section to the staff makes it near perfect. Also old textures are back and better aligned
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    [WiP] The Dark Staff

    When I return home, I will update the original texture and release most of color variants. I will repost in a few hours
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    [WiP] The Dark Staff

    Double Post Dark Staff purple test v2 I think the purple test looks better?
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    [WiP] The Dark Staff

    Double Post: Dark staff (Red version test) v2
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    Looking for weapon concepts to replace stolen content

    Two years later
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    Crafting weapons

    Crafting weapons