Volcano re-tweak?

Drake Wingfire

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Jan 23, 2008
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I know in the old days Volcano was OP as well with high damage and a lasting DOT spot on the ground that could ignite anyone that walked near. Is it possible make volcano have just reasonable damage but retain the old ground-spot DOT effect? I think many of us would be okay with it being lower damage if it just hit anything at all. As it stands you can drop two or even three of those things in a group of enemies and maaaybe manage to hit 2 or 3 times total.


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Apr 8, 2005
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It does more DOT damage than it's ever done, only deliberate nerf being that there was a short period where, if you dropped it directly on something, it'd instantly do tens of thousands of direct damage to the target, as every fireball caught by the target would do direct damage, on top of applying DOT, and it'd launch one every frame (which would also often result in a crash). In NOV2015, it's a bit fudged in that it isn't detecting impacts very well. In the current alpha, it should catch anything within almost 20 feet of a fireball on fire, just fine, but it may also occasionally set everything on the map on fire.

Suspect the end solution is just going to be a huge xdodamage scan every second, applying (yet moar) DOT, and direct damage, so the fireballs will just be for show, while retaining the fear effect towards the center. Don't think we'll be able to depend on the new client side $scan() function being reliable before patch time, and this may ultimately be less intensive anyways.

Gonna spruce it up with a fancy spray decal based radius indicator, so you don't have depend on the erratic fireballs to see what's gonna get slammed with DOT, and add a separate inner ring for the fear radius (even though it's just beyond the core model). Said ground painting marker system should also be useful for other difficult to discern AOE effects. Trying to figure a way to make it look nice, while avoiding getting epileptic (subtle pulsing paint), but if it's annoying, disabling the decals via r_decals 0 will disable the system.