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    Back then when the core dev team of Mastersword: Continued 1.0 announced, that there might be no more official patches for their mod, I was at first a bit sceptical when this 'guy who named himself like an egyptian god' provided more or less unofficial bugfixes for this mod. Over time it became...
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    Dog Days to Come (Adjusting Wolf Companions)

    Even though the chances that many of my donated models are likely to never see the light of day are relatively high, I would throw some more models on the stack of shame, if that would help to leave the grey area of a "somehow legal use of third party models". There is a wolf model in a model...
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    how do i open the game?

    There is an issue with the bloom feature under the current beta-build of MS:C. Try to hit the "B" button (or the button you manually bound to "Toggle Bloom Levels") five times after you started the game.
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    Happy new year!

    Happy fourteenth anniversary Master Sword:Continued! Time goes by so fast and somehow I miss those pink shirts.
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    kroush - feedback

    Well, I am trying to keep things short: What i like The map is not as linear as other MS:C maps, there are many a different ways and paths how to play and explore it. If you are considering to continue mapping for MS:C, this is an aspect I would like to see in following maps aswell, because...
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    Father Brandon's secret captain's log.

    I personally think this is a very good decision. Most of the elven themed maps like Eswen Sylen, the Melanion Ruins and Kray Eldorad are eagerly needed to provide insights in the culture and lore of the elves, which are a little neglected till this day. Regarding the lore by Lanethan, this...
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    Water Temple - SHUT DOWN

    Well, there are a few more models or monsters in the MS:C models/monsters folder, which might be useful for your water temple: - The Leeches --> Okay, I guess nobody really likes them - they are not pretty, are original content from half-life and, if i remember correctly tend to fly from time...
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    Problem in mapping for MSC

    This should do it. But i am not sure, if this is the most recent one.
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    Problem in mapping for MSC

    How many wads are you using? The use of too many wads may result in that map crashing you described. Try to use just a few handpicked ones instead of the whole bunch of wads the msc-folder has to offer. Using just the allinone.wad-file (and just a few more if necessary) might help with your issue.
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    Suggestion(s) for donations

    I am not sure if this happend by accident, but it seems you have hidden a nice tiny little teaser for an upcoming feature in there. It somehow sounds a little "diablolish" ;)
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    Suggestion(s) for donations

    Same here. Thats what I did and will do in the future - and I am really looking forward to see some of my donated models in the next patch(es). :)
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    Suggestion(s) for donations

    The fantasy robes aswell as the the wyvern were already (among a few other models) donated by me and, if I remember correctly, that heavy armour set was already donated by Phosphorcracker. I think that In the current state of MS:C not the number of available models are the factor, which limits...
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    Main Line Quest Ideas

    I updated the lines with a more quest-like rather than a map-like approach, I guess this makes more sense. You can take a look over here. Yeah, maybe i took myself a little too much liberties with that quest names, but they (and all the other stuff i am putting in here) are just suggestions...
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    Main Line Quest Ideas

    Hmm.. you pointed it out well enough, it seems like I just overlooked it, sorry. I thought about this quest line you are looking for and came for me to the conclusion, that it might be not that easy to put them all on a "single pearl necklace" or strain, because some of the maps have such a...
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    Main Line Quest Ideas

    Yeah I know, this is quite a necropost here, but I somehow got the feeling, that this thread didn't get the attention it deserves. So, here is my attempt to add a few ideas for some low level quests around edana and beyond to (maybe) encourage some exploration: dirty little apple thieves -...