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[Please note that a lot of this has been either previously set in stone in some other fashion, or subsequently changed, and thus nothing listed here is canon.]

JM has requested that I make some of the lore regarding various maps and plans that I had for them public. Note that most of this information hasn't been touched in well over six-seven years (and subsequently much of it was lost), but I will post what I have and try to fill in the gaps via memory and improvisation.


Verath is a frontier town at a high altitude in a rather arid environment (like, say, Tibet). It is a place of hardships, one of the furthest north civilian settlements of the Enlightened Peoples. It is a relatively new settlement, so it has very little in the way of history, but the proud people that make up its inhabitants soon look to forge a new future. Snow is not unheard of at this climate, though like I said the land supports little vegetation due to the altitude.

The Aluhandra Desert

One of the most forbidding environments in all of Daragoth, this massive blasted desert land was fertile plains many thousands of years ago. Human empires rose and fell here, leaving behind ruins that have long since been swallowed by the unforgiving sands. Chief among the dangers for travellers are the Shahaddar Orcat (Orcs), which have copper or rust colored skin. Shahaddar Orcs are perhaps the most dangerous variety of this foul race, slaughtering adventurers and explorers. They live in a mostly tribal society pattern. The desert holds some of the greatest riches and rewards in all of Daragoth, but also some of the most potent dangers.
Notable Landmarks? The palace of Shahaddar (part of the once great human empire that dwelt here), now teeming with Orcs unlocking great ancient magics.

Shahaddar Palace

See the description for the Aluhandra Desert above.

The Thunder Plains

On the western coast of Daragoth, to the northwest of the Aluhandra Desert, these arid plains slowly become more fertile as the coastal climate kicks in. The small mountains that separate the true desert from the Thunder Plains are enough to keep the rains from reaching the arid interior. Unfortunately, as the coastal air mixes with the dry desert air, massive thunderstorms are common here.
Tales are told that an human society once flourished on this coast, with massive shipping vessels setting sail toward an unknown western continent. Those same tales recount the great plague that wiped out that civilization long ago. Now very little remains of such an empire (if it ever existed in the first place).
Notable Landmarks?
Ancient lightning rod-like structures made of metal that adventurers occasionally stumble across. While near these structures, adventurers do not risk being struck by the random lightning strikes that plague this area. These landmarks may be relics from the rumored civilization noted above!

The Hunderswamp

Toxic swamp vapors and deadly insects infest this swamp. There once was a road that led through this area toward The Wall, but it has been drowned by the stagnant waters. The Hunderswamp has possibly the largest concentration of undeath in all of Daragoth, fed by a great evil malignancy born from the swampwater itself, that now makes its lair in the sunken ruin of Cacaron deep within. Long ago the swamp was a rather benign forested land, but many ages ago the land began to weep its toxic waters into the ground, soaking up the graveyards and burial sites of the elves and humans who dwelt here. The large concentration of undead has even forced the Borsh Orcs that used to make their home here to leave, settling further north at the Wall or the Longroot Jungle.

Notable Landmarks?
Hunderswamp contains the dungeon map Cacaron (more on that in a minute). It should also contain some shallow cave systems wherein the air becomes poisonous.


The monastery Cacaron was once a center of learning for elven and human wizards, martial artists, and warriors would pilgrimage to study their art and refine their skills. Since the great evil of the Hunderswamp swallowed this monastery, the great masters and students of their art have risen from their graves and now continue to practice their art, albeit with an unquenchable bloodlust. The great evil that even now putrefies the swamp also rests here, coiling its dark tentacles through the halls, seemingly in search of something.
Notable Landmarks?
Large sections of Cacaron are underneath the poisonous waters of the swamp. What treasures or hidden knowledges lie drowned underneath?

The Longroot Jungle

This area was not in my original map. I do not have anything prepared for it, though I will conjecture the following:
The jungle environment here is an abberation. It should not be a jungle climatically, it should merely be a forest. Its jungle status, therefore, must be coming from a magical source. The Borsh Orcat that obviously moved here from the Swampland are likely attempting, using powerful magics and rituals, to convert this land into a jungle habitat.

The Wall

(note: Thothie's information on this map is slightly outdated, as it was not used during the Blood War against Malgoriand, but actually was built long before it. This is a revision of its previous lore, but should now be considered canon).
Built a thousand years before the Blood War, the Wall is a massive stone wall that was once manned by Elves and Humans alike. It was meant to shield the southern lands from the dangerous ice creatures that were steadily flowing south from the Frozen Bleak. It was garrisoned as a military outpost, the first defense against great Ice Worms and Dragons. However, a great dragon slaughtered the inhabitants and left a curse on the place. It has been abandoned ever since, falling into ruins: a great military and engineering achievement, now home to Borsh and Dimmhold Orcs. As far as setting goes, it is a massive wall-fortress, separating the southlands from the endless white expanse of the icy north. There is no large gate, but there are many ways through.

Caverns of Frost

I have no lore prepared for this area. Ice Worms, Ice Elementals and Archons. Not likely to be inhabited by Dimmhold Orcs (they do not live in caves, like other Orc varieties, but out in the Bleak itself).


The Shender areas are great northern plains that lie between the mountain ranges and the Forest of Longing. Shender wasn't always as cold as it is now: many ages ago the Dwarves harnessed the power of a nearby Volcano to power their machines, but this Volcano was no ordinary natural occurrence!
When the world was being reformed by the three Loreldians in eons past, the great northern ice always threatened to spread southward, against the laws of nature and fate, engulfing the entire continent in a frozen ice age time and again. Not understanding the reasoning for the erratic behavior of the climate, the Loreldians eventually gave up and solved the problem with Fate, creating a solution by harnessing great elemental powers of fire to keep the north ice (now known as the Bleak) at bay. The Dwarves had accidentally tapped into this power, and its influence weakened, thus Shender is now becoming a frozen wasteland like the other areas around it. Does another great Age of Ice lie in store for the continent?
Notable Landmarks?
The Volcano which once housed a dwarven civilization p'raps.

The Melanion Ruins

Underneath Kray Eldorad, these halls were part of the original city of Melanion (destroyed by Lor Malgoriand during the Blood War). Kray Eldorad was built upward, these ruins lie beneath the streets, and none but spirits and ancient curses of an angry forest linger here. Fey creatures, walking trees and leafwhisperers now stalk its halls, in fury and anger at the curse laid at their feet. The curse drives them to hatred of all other living things, even the elves who once called this place home. Kray Eldorad posts guards to watch these subterranean halls at all times.

Eswen Sylen

The Forest of Giant Trees. Trees here are massive, reaching hundreds of feet into the air, with trunks as wide as 40 feet. Home to many fey creatures, Eswen Sylen is a silent forest slowly recuperating from the angry screams of the Blood War. It is a place of ancient magic and mystery: the elves have dwelt here longer than the sages can keep record. It is said that Felewyn created the elves from the trees and plants that grow here, in the soft light under the great swinging canopies.
That is not to say it is without danger, however. Whispers of Fallen Elves and creatures of terrible power that lurk deep in the roots of the great trees still find their way to the lips of Elven children here. When an elf-child goes missing, it is often said that the Lurks took him, and even adult Elves will admit that they believe in the evil shadow creatures.

Kray Eldorad

The Elven Capital city, Kray Eldorad is a beautiful city of white shining marble amid high walls, where the giant Eswen Sylen trees grow freely within. It is also called the Shining City because the great marble towers shine in the midday sun. Populated almost exclusively by elves. There is also the great temple of Felewyn here, one of the last surviving temples devoted to this particular Loreldian. Also of special note is the dragon who resides with the elves.
Aeldorandorat is a peaceful white dragon whom the elves revere and turn to for council in these dark times. Any can be granted an audience with the dragon, from an elf child to a wandering human adventurer. Often, Aeldorandorat will say nothing, but he listens intently to everything he hears. Perhaps he will speak to you?

The Observatory

Not part of my original lore, I have little to say here. Originally an elven settlement built during the Age of Blood, but its proximity to Kray Eldorad makes that basically useless, so it needs something more than that.
If I were to make up lore regarding it, it would probably have something to do with observing the moon, which the Elves were very focused on in the time of Aginor. The moon of Leann is much like our moon on Earth, excepting the rumors that the Loreldians once built great palaces on it, now long abandoned. How this might fit into a map called the Observatory, I have no idea.

The Frozen Forest of Longing (Eswen Hathelon)

A frozen forest.


In seriousness, there is not much lore surrounding the forest of longing. It was once a forest with elven inhabitants, but as Shender cooled, this forest was hit much harder by the influence of the Bleak and quickly became a frozen, desolate wasteland. The trees, now petrified with ice, still stand against the harsh winds of the Bleak, but icy malice has replaced any natural wonder it once had. Dimmhold Orcat do not venture near this forest, they seem to fear it. Whether this is misplaced fear from the time when elves yet dwelled, or fear of some new danger, none can say.

The Tundra

Not part of the original lore, but definitely climatically correct due to its proximity to the Bleak. Seems like it fulfills the role of a coastal edge of the great sheet of ice and snow that blankets the far north of Daragoth.

The Bleak

A frozen wasteland.


Actually, I have mentioned the Bleak a lot in the talks of the north. It is, in essence, a perpetual wasteland of ice and snow, with harsh winds and bitter dangers. Ice Worms (giant ones), the Ice Giants of the north (relatives to the Trolls of the central kingdoms), and Dimmhold Orcs make their home here. The Ice Giants live in their ancient halls, fashioned in the frozen mountains in much the same manner as a dwarf might carve a home from the stone of the southern lands. Note that this is supposed to be, barring the dungeons connected to it, the most dangerous area on the continent of Daragoth, full of crevices (death traps) and deadly winds. Being in an area that is open to the wind too long will kill you, so travel across the great expanse requires great planning: hopping from one windbreak to another, whether that be a cave, a lone standing rock, whatever you can find to shelter yourself.

The Frozen Tear

A great crystalline castle made by the Loreldians (created during the same time period as those same crystal castles on the moon mentioned above), the Frozen Tear is now one of the most dangerous places in Daragoth. Not only does it house a particularly nasty clan of Ice Giants called the Faerbolg, it is also home to Dimmhold Orcs who worship the Tear's most famous inhabitant: Rhudeanlorat, great Ice Dragon, scourge of the Wall, and second eldest living dragon on Leann.

Undermountains/Valley of Undermountains

Not connected to original lore, but should definitely include the ruins of ancient Dwarven settlements. It is safe to say that it is related to the original lore in that Norim the dwarf once spent seven months exploring underneath the central mountains in Daragoth and stumbled upon the great temple of Urdual. That would likely mean that the mountain we call Bloodrose today was once known as Utraakkrh. Bonus points to whoever knows what I'm talkin' about.

Dalya Haven

Not connected to original lore at all, this monastery sits at the foot of the Bloodrose mountain. I believe this map is also now defunct?

Lor Malgoriand's Old Castle (Shahaed)

Jiro fashioned this castle himself, using the power given to him by Torkalath (and the Lost). It is a forbidding citadel of black spires. Lor Malgoriand could teleport this castle at will, and at the time of his death it vanished from sight seemingly forever. Its true resting place lies deep in the Bleak. Snow sizzles and cracks as magma flows from underground chambers, surrounding Shahaed with a protective cover of steam and fog. Demons and abominations still lurk these halls, waiting for a command from their master. However, the inner chambers of Lor Malgoriand's castle are missing... as if somehow the core, wherein his dark throne room rests, was separated from these ruins somehow and teleported elsewhere... Some of the greatest fears of the world still dwell in these twisted halls, as well as great magical powers. Jiro was a masterfully evil thief, and during his time as Lor Malgoriand he stole many great relics, weapons, and armors from the hidden places of the world. Any strong enough to fight their way through the halls while retaining their sanity might emerge with limitless power.

I think that about covers what I have lore for and what questions were asked, besides the Dreadwind things.


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DANG! That is alot of maps, will these be out by the beta pack following the current one bieng worked on? :|


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No its just lore to hopefully inspire mappers to actually work with the lore instead of "I feel like mapping something like this" I'm guessing. Been trying to tell mappers for ages to look at the world map/ask for lore for a map instead of making "EPIC MAP WITH GREAT MONSTERS AND LEWT".

Could be wrong though. Would have to ask JM his intentions of asking Lanethan.

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Awesome, Lanethan! That will most definitely help me and pretty much every mapper out there!

Was just wondering though, Lanethan:
Lanethan said:
the Tear's most famous inhabitant: Jaminporlants, great Ice Dragon [...] and eldest living dragon on Leann.
[url=http://www.msremake.com/wiki/index.php/Dragons:160g4qlv]MS: C WIKI[/url] said:
* [...]Kharaztorant is the eldest of all the remaining dragons[...]
* Jaminporlants (also known as 'Janz') is an evil green dragon who hasn't been seen since the Age of Blood.
* Rhudeanlorat (also known as 'Rhack') [...] was last seen flying north into the great ice bleak, and is rumored to have taken up residence in the Frozen Tear.
Did you mix it up or did the WIKI mix it up?

@ Thraxis: Originally I just wanted to know what to expect of "The Thunder Plains", as Verath (which I'm trying to finish) has a transition to it, and I had no idea what to make it look like.
Then, after glimpsing some more at the betamap and at Thothie's descriptions of some maps, I pretty much was like "wow this is pretty awesome". I've always been somewhat fascinated by the world Lanethan has put together, mainly because everything is thought out so well.
So then I figured I'd ask for the full lore in the hopes that it, indeed, might inspire mappers. And I might consider working on some of the maps from the lore, because they're awesome! Wind that kills you (see: Bleak description), that's a great idea if you ask me. Big lightning-rod like structures to shield you from deadly thunderstorms (see: Thunder Plains description), that's also just awesome.
Ah well, gotta finish The Legend of Riverwind and Verath before I start working on anything else, though, or Thothie will kill me :(