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Aug 19, 2004
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Hi guys,

So what's Dogg been doing all this time? Well basically I've been trying to take the scripting system I started just after 1.01 and expand it to its full potential. The code enhancements I've done for MS:C have become very useful for both aesthetics and gameplay.

We've been able to script in a time system, a weather system, pets (or companions), and nice looking, client-side spell effects.

Lately I've been doing a bunch of scripting. From adding special abilities to monsters, to making brush-based clocks functional, to tweaking player aesthetics, such as a subtle view lower when landing a jump.

Just finished going through the Thornlands with Ewok laying out better, more coherent spawns than 1.3 had.

My biggest issue right now is containing NPC movement. Currently the NPCs can navigate terrain pretty well... actually too well. While they smoothly walk up sloped terrain and steps, we also see them occasionally scaling walls and pulling 'spiderman' moves on us. Hmmm… maybe I’ll just call it a wall-climb ability and be done with it. :p