[Guide] - How to Play Master Sword Alpha 1.01


Feb 17, 2020
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Hello everyone,

My name is Heimriel, I've played this game on and off since it's original release back long before the steam version, I currently play continued passionately as much as I can possible muster but i told some people about an old MS Build I have and i'd figure i'd post it up and let people play about with it, I'm a mapper myself so older builds might lead to more awesome maps, it's always cool to try old software.

First off you're going to need the following stuff.

1. Half Life Game of the Year Iso - Here
- Half Life WON CD Key - If you have an old copy of your game you can use the one sealed to the inside of your plastic case.
- Half Life Patch - Here
- Half Life Patch Steamless - Here

Create a folder in another director no where near steam, install Half Life into it, open it up insert key, close it then update to and then to do not update directly to as it doesn't work that way :/

2. Master Sword 1.0
- Master Sword 1.0 - Here
- Master Sword 1.01 - Here

Install Master Sword 1.0 to your Half Life Directory

Run it once so it creates general config files, close it then run the Master Sword 1.01 update unzip that to the folder where MS is located.

A finish folder should look like this


Open up Half Life and make sure it loads the ppatcher.exe

Then select Custom Mode - MS and hit Activate

Absolute last but not least. - You have to play in the default video settings otherwise loading into a map will crash

Now you can come play the original mod with me and co.

If someone can host let me know or we'll sort something out need to forward ports and such.



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Jan 24, 2013
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our experience messing around with this so far:

you can punch a wall until you die!

can't seem to get characters to actually load on internet servers, forced to make a new one every time (this makes it impossible to navigate anything outside edana, dunno if thothie might know how to get that workin')

can't figure out how the hell to use shops

old class system is kinda neat (by that i mean, rogues have a stealth skill!! woah!!)

it's funny seeing how the old maps have changed (or rather, how little they have). good trip into the land of the ancients