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    [Archive: 2013] MS:C community's Entry

    Re: [Section 1] MS:C community's Entry Unfortunately, I had problems running this map. Therefore, I will not vote on it. However, it looks very nice from the screenshots and I'd love to see more of it.
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    [Archive: 2013] Lockdown's Entry

    Re: [Section 1] Lockdown's Entry This is a fantastic entry. The brushwork details the areas very well, and the entity and lighting work help compliment it beautifully. The area also certainly has it's own distinct feel and theme which is held onto throughout the entire level. The textures do...
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    [Archive: 2013] Fredrikli's Entry

    Re: [Section 1] Fredrikli's Entry This map seems to be very basic as far as general layout and design in concerned. Brushwork is also fairly simple and the textures seem to be very simple except in a few choice locations. The lighting, however, certainly compliments the area well and the entity...
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    [Archive: 2013] Regorty's Entry

    Re: [Section 1] Regorty's Entry This entry certainly shows a lot of promise. It has a nice layout with simple brushwork but it manages to use that to it's advantage in making some interesting rooms and passages. Although it lacks in lighting and other such finishing touches this map definitely...
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    [Archive: 2013] Madman's Entry

    Re: [Section 1] Madman's Entry While we all love a good castle in medieval settings, I'm afraid this one comes up a little short. The entire area is little more than one big open box with a couple of walls in it. The brushwork is simple and very poorly optimized, even for a demonstration...
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    The Almighty Wiki

    Account creation is restricted. We will only create accounts for trusted editors.
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    The second annual media contest has begun!

    The contest is now underway. If you are interested in participating, you can visit the forum thread here!
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    I am want to meet a serious boy!

    Ya know, I nearly deleted your account. You kinda get into a groove when doing it on a mass scale.
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    Forum Bug Reports

    Just tested this. It arrived without an issue to my alternate gmail address. However, it did go into the spam folder.
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    Forum Bug Reports

    Now 50% less borked May have been DNS related, is working for me now Likely due to the conversion, didn't respect non-ascii characters. Sorry about that
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    Forum Bug Reports

    Yes, that infinite loop means that your DNS is showing and as two different servers, or possibly both the old server. Flushing your DNS will work if it's a local issue, but if it's your provider then you'll have to wait. Make sure that you're on...
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    Forum Bug Reports

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    SOPA/PIPA/CISPA Awareness

    Re: SOPA/PIPA Awareness They believe that the American people are too stupid to keep fighting. Ultimately they will get tired and give up. It took a massive coordinated effort to stop the previous bills, and it is unlikely that anything less will help here. I actually had some fun with my...
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    pub 9

    Looks like pub9 is wildly broken at the moment, atleast for me. None of their pages even open
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    New Website

    Sorry for the sudden downtime, but we just moved to a new server. Please report any oddities you see! NOTE: Many of you may notice that the site is at, this is only temporary until the domain transition is complete. should be pointing to the new server soon.