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Feb 28, 2008
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Re: List of changelogs


- SC.DLL Changes: -
New Stuffz
• You can kick!
- Starting at MA level 5 you can kick
- At level 10+ your kicks will have increasing knockback
- At level 20+ your kicks will also stun with increasing duration
• New client cvar: ms_lildude [0|1] - default 1
- You can now get rid of the little red rendered bastard on your hud with ms_lildude 0.
- This is a genuine cvar, thus it can be set in your userconfig.cfg, or whatnot.
• New server cvar: ms_fxlimit [0-9999] - default 0 (disabled)
- This is the highly experimental MS.DLL based spam control.
- Hope is that this should put an end to NO FREE EDICT errors
- However, at the moment, the method it uses to work is very screwy, as it tracks all spam on the #1 indexed player's script
- (If said player leaves, I do not know if the next player in line will become the spam tracker, or if it simply will no longer track spam)
- Reason for this is, I can't figure how to store the count var on a global script from the places it executes atm.
- If it causes issues, set it to 0 to disable. (Most likely issue: no fx display)
- If you wish to try it out, I recommend setting it to 20
• New Backpack Model (barely under the wire)

New Beasties
• monsters/skeleton_stone2 - Stone Mason. Tough stone skeleton with dual weilded hammers. Stun attacks, summons rocks.
• monsters/skeleton_stone3 - Petrified Blademaster. V. Tough stone skeleton with a big sword. Throws peeps a lot (dangerous around hazards).
• monsters/skeleton_gstone1 - Greater Stone Mason (uses huge skeleton model). VERY mean. Creates storms of boulders that float around his head then fly at you.
• monsters/skeleton_gstone1_noxp - Same thing, but worth no XP, nor gold. (For Foamy's Trap)
Not so much "new" as "polished":
• Fixed up Undead Fire Giants and setup new scripts:
monsters/firegiantghoul1 - lesser undead fire giant
monsters/firegiantghoul2 - undead fire giant
monsters/firegiantghoul3 - greater undead fire giant
monsters/firegiantghoul1_turret - lesser undead fire giant, acts as turret (no wander)
monsters/firegiantghoul2_turret - undead fire giant, acts as turret (no wander)
monsters/firegiantghoul3_turret - greater undead fire giant, acts as turret (no wander)
• monsters/bludgeon - got an update and is actually pretty mean, and thus now worth some xp/gold. (Still funny as hell though, and no, we don't have a model from Gazomica yet)

New Mapper Toys
Skeleton Control
• monsters/skels_sleep
- Spawn this monster, and all subsequently spawned skeletons will spawn "playing dead" and not get up until a player comes near them (128 units).
- Stone skeletons will pose as statues instead
- Skeletons are invunerable while in this state, and their names/status are not visible.
- Killtarget this and subsequently spawned skeletons will not be affected
- (The skeletons in the first cave of Thornlands are now set to always have this affect, if you want to see it in action.)
• monsters/skels_deep_sleep
- Spawn this monster, and all subsequently spawned skeletons will spawn "playing dead" and not get up for anythying, save for monsters/skels_wakeup below:
- Stone skeletons will pose as statues instead
- Skeletons are invunerable while in this state, and their names/status are not visible.
- Killtarget this and subsequently spawned skeletons will not be affected
• monsters/skels_wakeup
- All sleeping and deep sleeping skeletons will get up, and resume normal behavior. (Stone skeletons will simply animate)
- This is a temporary entity. It removes itself on spawn, and maybe trigger-spawned repeatedly.
- (See weather tower tutorial for how to repeatedly spawn temporary entities as monsters)
• You can awaken individual skeletons by applying the ms_npcscript eventname " skeleton_wakeup_call " (see ms_npcscript tutorial)
• The following skeletons are unaffected by Skeleton Control:
- The following minions: Bloodreaver's, Flesheater's, Maldora's
- All bosses, minibosses, and red skeles: Calrian, Lord BS, Ice Lord, Sir Geric, Bloodreaver, Flesheater, Fire Giants, Keledros II
NOTE TO FOAMY: Be sure to killtarget any skels_deep_sleep you use before Slithar shows up, or his summoned skeletons will be affected as well!
• XYZ console command change: XYZ now returns the height of the ground you are standing on the Z coordinate, instead of your center. (Easier monster placement)
• Slithar has been moved to slithar/slithar ( monsters/snake_lord will be used for a generic version later)
- Slithar has a whole SLEW of commands, and is now officially our most complicated script, evah, thus his own script folder.
- For a detailing of his control commands, see the Slithar Command Reference document. (Hopefully Foamy is the only one who really needs to worry about this, but it gives you an idea of what we can do.)
• NPCs/dwarf_lantern and NPCs/default_dwarf_still
- Thse are for Vomica. Each is a dwarf that glows (_still doesn't roam unless struck). Note the new model in models/npcs/dwarf_lantern.mdl, this is the model used by the script. The script assumes you are adding the lantern as a fifth submodel in weapon group (if you add it to the model that way, the script will use it). I made it a seperate model from the standard dwarf so you may change the animations, if you so choose.

- MS.DLL Changes: -
• People attempting to memorize more than 8 spells will no longer crash servers
- I've not figured a way around this yet. Can't seem to figure a way to pull the # of spells up before the learn function takes place.
• Players now recieve messages when gaining experience showing the number of points gained.
• Players receive a warning message when carrying more than 50 items
• Players will not be allowed to pick up items if they already have 100 or more
- There's also an item and weight counter in console when you pick up items, if you care to look
• Eliminated "size" element regarding items due to it being buggard (no more "too big" errors - just too heavy)
• Fixed the ramp with Strength vs. Weight Allowance (those with 30-60 str can carry more now, those under 30 maybe able to carry a tad less)
• Changes to Mana/HP calculation (You now get some HP for spellcasting, and more mana for spellcasting than for parry)

- CLIENT.DLL Changes: -
Yes, ye dreaded client update is finally here. A copy of the FEB2007b client dll is provided in case you want to play on an older server. If you try to play on an older server with the new client, you will get a "client.dll does not match server's" error.
• Aformentioned ms_lildude cvar
• Synced aformentioned Strength Ramp change
• Synced aformentioned Mana/HP calculation change
• Summoning and Protection no longer appear in spell stat list
• Released version optimized for speed instead of debuggary (although no SSE2 or anything proc specific)

BugZ Squashed + Odder stuffz
• Golden Axe tickets are now available (use them wisely)
• Clearsky command works, but affects all clients
• Jagged arrows ramped to par with other arrows
• Poison Guardians now using proper models / framerates
• Odd mace no longer costs 30 gold to remove from chest
• Golden Axe swings proper
• Erkhold and Rocks bleed proper colors (ie. red, and not at all, respectively)
• Fixed issue with some old AI creatures not going agro until struck
• Fixed X/Y flip on Freezing Sphere
• Fixed some bugs with Forsuth (not being able to open store while beasts outside door)
• Summons will no longer attack guards unless you specifically target them (via "kill")
• Summons now return to defend mode after sucsesful slaying of targets specified via "kill" (more guard friendly)
• Vadrel (FOutpost) can no longer be slain before or after orc invasion
• Removed the last sticky client bit on the summons that was causing t3h l4gs!
- Sadly, I'm thinking there are several similarly affected monsters; I'll have to track them down. Apparently it is bad to have a monster call itself as a client-side effect as said effect never goes away, even if the monster dies, is deleted, or attempts to remove the effect to upon its death.
- You'll get a message every 10 secs a monster uses a client command on you (so if all the mons are dead, you know one of them is an evil lagger)

- AMX Changes -
...Darn, none. Although I've setup a possible way to have individual clients start map votes when touching a trans, just not worked out the details.

- MAP Updates -
• Increased spawn rate in gatecity x4 (also 150% quest req.)
• Reduced push brush speed on secondary to-boss teleporter on WW3D in effort to fix.

- Installer Changes -
• Tweaked Fuznet auto-configurator to add a carriage return to server/listenserver.cfg before adding "exec fuznet.cfg"
- In otherwords, using the 'configure for fuznet' option should work for everyone now.

AND LOTS AND LOTS OF MODEL CONSOLIDATION - So maybe we can get some of those new weapons in now.

...and the usual 10,000 minor changes I'm not bothering to list...

Sorry: Shad 2.0 and the new weapons didn't make it in this month (but we got enough consolidation done to allow a bunch). If there's a B patch, I'll toss in somethin. :\
Health readout bars will also have to wait until I get the spam control perfected, as I realized they create a new entity each time they are used (even though, it's only supposed to be 1 bar that just relocs, damnit).

=============== MAP UPDATES TO DATE [up to and including MAR2007a] ===============

Moving map update news to the betapack, and it is now part of the changelog, so I'm no longer updating the seperate mapupdatenews.txt

Thothie's Map Updates for MS:C
For use with MS:C 1.0 to 1.01_dev_h
(Other versions update at your own risk)
There should soon be MS:C updates that will make most of this patch redundant.
As such, I do not recommend using this patch for later versions.

Misc Changes:
- ms_player_begin spawn points in all maps (so players can join)
- removed info_player_start from Edanasewers (may still not work)
- removed banker from Edana, as bank deletes characters.

- Fixed spawn merge on time chage in Calruin
- Fixed issue where third riddle master would not spawn
[these fixes are not needed for Calruin2]

- Fixed minor issue where "ghoul wall" was breakable by players
- Fixed invulnerable horror

- Fixed bug where skeletons would fall into bottomless pits
- Fixed bug where bottomless pit wouldn't kill you
- Capped Skele lives at 5 to prevent prolonged camping
- Set monsterspawns to by trigger in attempt to avoid ModExtradata errors
- Fixed sploit with treasure chests
- Added zombies, stone skeletons, and giant zombie

- Fixed transition pointing to non-existent desttrans
- Addded Galat's Storage (REQUIRES BETAPACK JAN2007a or later)

- Added weapon/armor storage guy
- Addded Galat's Storage (REQUIRES BETAPACK JAN2007a or later)

- Edanasewers, in an effort to increase tourism to aid an aleing economy has hired new staff in their "massive beef up" campaign
- Still about the same level map, so n00b friendly
- see if you can find: 2 electric slimes, 8 sewer slimes, 7 decaying zombies, a flying leech or two, and 1 large black pudding
- Green fog makes for low end-puter friendly graphics (rough having your light on all the time), type clearsky at console to remove
- Fixed non-sprite set to glow lag
- Gave zombies and slimes multiple respawns for farming goodness

- Added zombie dwarves (REQUIRES SC.DLL JULY 7th 2006 OR LATER)
- Addded Galat's Storage (REQUIRES BETAPACK JAN2007a or later)

- Transition Warning

- Added critical merchants
- Added chance for Bandit Raids
- Text notification for raids
- Addded Galat's Storage (REQUIRES BETAPACK JAN2007a or later)
- Merchants and civlians scatter and run during raids
- Chicks are finally in town

- Added orc fire shamans

- Made invulnerable web breakable (lazy work around fix)
- Re-added missing treasure
- Transwarning
- Re-Re-Added missing treasure (requires SC.DLL update as well)

- Fixed Thornlands Spider Queen FOR SURE THIS TIME! ><
- Fixed Thornlands CSpawn5 Skeletons Spawning in Ceiling
- Added easter egg surprises
- Added skeleton to closet
- Various FX
- Fixed issue where spider would spawn inside crystal and go wild
- Spider Queen can now attack

Third party:

- Made morc spawn chains more dependable
- Made Ice Queen death trigger more dependable
- Moved Morc chest condition to morc chief death
- Turned water to ice
- Fixed invulnerable queen escort

- Made door break trigger conditional on death of forward orcs
- Made orc chief death trigger mode dependable (downside: chair may move before chief dead)
- Upgraded the orcs in rafters
- Upgraded chief death treasure layout
- Removed false master from teleporter generating dev spam (downside: tele isn't locked)

- added monsterclip staircase so skeletons aren't trapped in pit at beginning
- new treasure chests

- fixed possible spawn chain preventer
- new treasure chests

- Fixed spawn merge (not thoroughly tested)

- New Chest
- Tweaked push brush on secondary to-boss teleporter to make said porter more reliable



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Feb 28, 2008
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Re: List of changelogs


New Stuffz
• Die Rolling and Coin Flippin'
- Type "flip" in chat or console to flip a coin and announce the result.
- Type "roll xx" in chat or console to roll a die with xx sides and announce the result.
- ( "roll" with no number defaults to a 20 sided die )
• Ye Edana Tutorial Panels are Back!
- Updated for MSC
- Type 'help' in console or chat to turn them on or off. They are off by default.
- They will turn on automatically, if a character with less than 20hp spawns
- Mappers note: On any map, any sprite with the targetname "help_spr" will behave this same way
• Map Descriptions (yet more n00b friendliness)
- For most maps. Include intended levels, and a warning if you are far too weak for the area*
• Rune Blade of Affliction
- The first of the Rune Blade Series offers three levels of alternate attacks, for those with sufficient affliction skill, and resistance to poison
• Bronze Helm
- New, light, mid-level helm
• Helm of Stability
- Offers 70% stun resistance (gotta do something with that gray helm, as Odin pointed out.)
• Magical Fire Wood
- "Don't ask. Don't tell." is the only sound policy here. Sinister squirrels ask for weird stuff...
• Salamander Vest (lesser) - 25% poison resistance, 40 dmg reduct, v. light
• New medium-size spider skin by FER
• New, stunning, models for Greater and Lesser Ice Blades - thank Gaz (also Vomica and Drigien)
- Also additified the texture on the middle ice blade for consistency
- May use Cerix's old giceblade model for the mid-range model in the future
• Player model now has a kick animation, and less 'highwater' pants - thank Orochi

New Beasties
• Nadda, although framework for Ice Reaver Patriarch, Ice Mages, Cold Lady, Crystal Skeletons, Maldora, and Borch Orc Chief are in place

New Mapper Toys
• monsters/skels_normal
- This temporary monster spawns and orders any monsters/skels_sleep and/or monsters/skels_deep_sleep to commit suicide, then removes itself. Use this in case the killtarget method is not being dependable for some reason. Downside is, once you use this, you cannot order skeletons to sleep again (this is likely true of the killtarget method as well, I think I'd have to come up some new central controller method to get around that.)
• other/hp_trigger_300 - when a player with 300 hp walks within 256 units of this entity, it fires the map event " found_300 " and removes itself (good for locking off high level areas)
- note to Foamy: You may want to use this at the ms_snow entrance on Bloodrose until we get our elves
• other/hp_trigger_200 - same thing but only requires 200hp and fire event " found_200 " (other variants can be made easily)
- note to Foamy: You may want to use this at the ruins entrance on Bloodrose until we get our elves
• Bunch of map specific stuff for Foamy.

BugZ Squashed + Odder stuffz
• Fixed issue with XP loss reporting wrong
• Fixed a lot of lingering scripts, which may help some with the 'lag' reported this last month
- also may fix the mysterious non-item related 'overflow' reported on some servers
• Frostbolts now use proper submodel
• Ice Storm should always render
- Provided ms_fxlimit isnt reached
- On a few maps (Foutpost), just the shards appear and no flakes :\
• Lesser stone masons no longer leave their rocks floating around when they die
• Fixed remnant of the 0x0x0 bug applying to helms
• Fixed all sorts of nutty stuff going on with Keledros
- also some revamping
• Scroll FX and return time fixed
• Fixed issues with purchasing/removing dwarven bolts
• Reduced decorative armor to plate mail weight, renamed "Banded Mail" (10% less protection than platemail)
- Was tempted to go back to ye old "Mongol armor" but figured better not for cultural reasons: namely, a lack of Mongols.
• Fixed helms turning into other things when dropped into the world
- Cleaned up resistance report spam from helms some
• Some minor improvements to the newer AI
• Attempted but unconfirmed fixes (just know they work for me): g.iceblade tickets, skycastle chests
• Restored OpenGL awareness on client.dll (it'll still TRY to go in D3D, but give you a big screen of bitch first)
- Hopefully in the future we can support D3D, which is much faster on some older cards, also more Vista friendly
• Some FN security improvements
• Some gauntlet map anti-cheat improvements
• Buncha sploitz fixed
• Fixed texture skew on some p_weapon models
- but, also added more to others, cuz I forgotz to ask the Orochi to add the ice blades to p_weapons1 ><
• Reduced some of the annoying client-side debug spam
- Will reduce more in future, rest is disabled by typing 'developer 0' in console
- Some debug spam can be restored by typing 'developer 5' in console
• Trolls vulnerable to bows and e.lightning again (some peeps got this fix early)
• Bows now in proper hands (thank Orochi)
• Max item count reduced to 75 (too many people overflowing in the 60's)
- Also made the warning's wording a little stronger

- AMX Changes -
• Nadda, but a total reconstruction of the votemap system is in progress, and maybe released before next month

- MAP Updates -
• Heras - Undid 'blindness' generated to all players via env_fade when teleporter used.
• Skycastle - Yet another attempt to make chests spawn more dependably
• ms_snow- Bloodrose transition active

- Installer Changes -
• Installer shows [FN] rules upon completion (so no one pleades ignorance)

...and the usual 10,000 minor changes I'm not bothering to list...

Bumped to next month:
- game_text bug (going to be a major project)
- Entity-in-Sphere script awareness
- Yet "more better" PVP awareness
- Crow's skycastle2 scripts (got bumped by Bloodrose)
- Mining System (didn't look as though Vomica was going to be done anytime soon)
- Script side FN awareness
- Single Player Mode (adjust for single player + not on central server)
- Implement new flight/swim AI
- Helena NPC post invasion award (complicated, and likely made pointless by Helena2)
- Chain Lighting Aesthetics (bumped for second month in a row)
- Shadahar revamp (bumped for third month in a row)
- Giant Bat re-write (almost a year of being bumped now)
- April Fools Changelog ^_^ (barely managed to resist doing that to ya guys)

* Known bug: sometimes you'll get the 'low level' warning from the map description even though your character meets the HP requisite. This is due to a minor bug where it checks your current HP, instead of your max. Was so minor I didn't feel it was worth it to re-upload the package, but fixed on the next.


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Feb 28, 2008
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Re: List of changelogs


• No more XP loss for PvP kills (hopefully)
• Some semi-effective attempts at fixing the XP system
• Bloodrose Script Fixes
- Atholo death
- HP trigger roaming
- Rebalance Atholo, some AI enhancement, dynamic step size (makes him fly a bit)
- Elemental Crystal Triggers re-write (now uses crystal model, affected by all valid spells)
- Flesh Eater Premature Pre-Death Bug
- Findlebind Chat bugs
- Standard rattlers are back to wildanimal faction so they don't eat boars (larger ones on the other hand...)
- Stone trap 'play everywhere' enhancement
- Better range capping on Venevus spells
= (he can still cast damn far, and through walls, but this is deliberate)
- Added Cheerleader Ryza to help deal with Atholo sploitz
- Treasure boost
• Thornlands has bloodrose transition
- Traditionalists may not wish to add Bloodrose to the custommap list due to this
- Also swapped Heras/Mscave transitions pending expansion + match world map
• Some AI changes
- Better awareness when a monster is swinging but still can't hit you
- Should no longer attack firewalls / poison clouds
• Map Nazi Fixes (partly MS.DLL change, eliminates case sensitivity issues for maps/transitions)
- Transitioning to and from gauntlet/boss maps should no longer be a problem
- If you crash on a gauntlet map, you should still be considered valid on rejoin, if you came from a valid map
- (Technically, you'll be considered valid so long as you don't touch a transition on another map)
• Skycastle Chest Fix #2329
- Once again, works fine for me, this all new method should *hopefully* be more dependable
- If the chests don't show up on your server, check the modified date on the BSP
- if it isn't recent, you have issues. Please contact so we can see why map is not updating
• Map Fix for Keledrosruins
- No more getting stuck around those library pillars
• Improved Keledros responsiveness while 'waiting for visitors'
- Also set it up so he doesn't go non-solid while faking death and get peeps stuck inside of him
- Keledros no longer uses death magic, instead, his spells have priority over players, in the event of spam flood
- Can we go one patch without having to fix Keledros?
• New bandit: monsters/bandit_mage
- Weakest of the bandit mages. This one casts Ice Shield on allies and throws fire-darts.
- May appear randomly in Keledrosprelude2 or during Helena raids (or with use of monsters/bandit random gen)
• Fixed rock-throwing goblins throwing fire darts
• Revamped Lightning Storm
- Lightning Storm is now a sustained spell that slowly drains mana
- It will reposition itself where you are looking whenever you fire, it will damage anything its beams strike
- XP passing is improved, but still not perfect
• Enhanced the hud based health feedback
- show_health 1 is still not a real cvar, as I didn't want to mess with the client.dll until next month (prefer "B" patches to be server side, if at all possible)
- Color coded bars included in feedback. Can also be used if you get the 'colorless' hud bug (new version of the scrolling negative)
- Gives feedback while resting + alert on full heal.

- Your character may turn transparent, or even invisible, on your client, when dawning new armor. Other players may see you as "animated Armor" - death fixes
= ( This is due to me playing with possible armor fixes )
- Bandit mage sometimes goes BD


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Feb 28, 2008
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Re: List of changelogs


pic of the month - entitled: "Holy crap, I'm color coordinated!"

Most of this month's stuff is scripts for new maps. This bumped pretty much everything else over to next month.

New Stuffz (all in game)
• Envenomed Shortsword - Nice, poisoned sword for the low end folk. Used by Voldar's crew.
• Envenomed Battleaxe - Nice, poisoned axe for the low to mid range folk. Used by Voldar's crew.
• Deadly Envenomed Arrows - Next step up from the old poison arrows. This poison disorients players. Also used among Voldar's crew.
• Fire Lizard Armor - This vest provides 75% damage reduction vs. fire, v. light
• Pheonix Armor - This platemail armor feeds on fire, healing the owner
• Orion Bow - This bow fires large spheres of pure mana
• Novablade - Features various fire effects, if the owner has the appropriate skills, including volcano and flaming skull
• Some boss monsters now drop bags of gold so as to better spread the wealth among multiple players
• Boosted Salamander Vest, and renamed "Cobra Skin Vest", for Thothie forgot what planet he was on
- Cobra Skin vest offers 75% damage reduction from poison, and 75% chance of resisting poison effects (such as drunk)
• Summon Fangtooth Scroll
- Meaner, faster, poisonous rat for the mid-levelers
• Summon Undead Guardian Scroll
- Slow, but extraordinarily tough undead guardian with double shields to hold back the beasts

New Beasties
• ms_wicardoven/maldora - Fragment of Maldora
- Boss can handle small groups of Level 25-30 characters
- Summons images, minions, lesser rock storms (1 rock per player, up to 4), multiple lightning attacks, punch w/stun attack, dodge, erratic movement, protective repulsion shield (hoping to get Orochi to put a weapon in his hand).
- sets off the map trigger maldora_seal when ready to begin combat - use this to seal the room
- sets off the map trigger multilava every 20-40 seconds (intended for map trap)
- Maldora is immune to all magical attacks, although is still *somewhat* affected by holy weapons, and is affected normally by conventional weapons
- Spawns two orcs and has a conversation with them before beginning combat
• ms_wicardoven/maldora_image
- Summoned by the fragment, can *theoretically* be placed by themselves. 200hp, stun attacks, non-solid. No immunities. Silent. Goes down fairly easily
• monsters/maldora_minion_ice - nasty, fast moving skeletal maldora minion, elemental attacks
• monsters/maldora_minion_lightning - same thing, but different
• monsters/maldora_minion_fire - ditto
• monsters/maldora_minion_venom - xerox
• monsters/maldora_minion_random - one of the above four at random
- Each maldora minion above glows a color appropriate to its element and is extremely vulnerable to its opposing element, in addition to being immune to its own.
• dq/voldaraxer - Beefier version of the old dq/voldarwarrior, with an envenomed axe
• dq/voldararcher - On par with the monsters/orc_sniper, but has v. nasty poison arrows
• dq/voldararcher_turret - non-roaming version of same
• dq/voldarshaman - Voldar's Shaman's enchanted by Malodra (read: possessed by horrors)
• dq/voldar - severe beefing, lots of tricks (acid cloud, acid bolts, stun, eggs), still in the level 20-25 mini-boss range
- comes up as Orc Poisoner on maps where he is not featured (for generic deployment)
• monsters/bandit_elite - series of 1337 bandits, each with its own magic weapon and/or special abilities, similar to those of players.
=• monsters/bandit_elite_unarmed - bandit martial artist, with multiple kick attacks with stun and knockback
=• monsters/bandit_elite_sword - fast attacking bandit with a greater ice blade
=• monsters/bandit_elite_mace - dark maul wielding bandit with AOE stun attack
=• monsters/bandit_elite_dagger - boneblade weilding bandit with turbo-speed special attack
=• monsters/bandit_elite_axe - bandit wielding a large ornate axe with bull-rush attack
=• monsters/bandit_elite_archer - bandit archer with frost arrows and special multi-poison arrow attack
• monsters/bandit_boss - ye bandit boss series, levels 25-30, da big guys
- all bandit bosses appear as "Bandit Leader" outside of "The_Keep" (this can be undone as requested)
- all can use up to 3 healing potions, 3 elemental resistance potions, and 2 of 3 special potions
- all have special magical attacks and multiple kick attacks
- they also have a move they learned from playing too much Mortal Kombat (except Xaron, who needed quarters for laundry)
- this script randomly generates one of these six:
=• monsters/bandit_boss_dagger - Plevmus of the Hidden Knife
-- Armed with a flamelick, features flame burst, turbo attack, and leap attack.
=• monsters/bandit_boss_mace - Golgar the Hammer
-- Slow, but if you do get hit, you know it. AOE stun attacks, lots of hp.
=• monsters/bandit_boss_axe - Vultekh of the Runes
-- Rune axe, and makes proper use of it. Charge/leap stun attacks, lots of hp.
=• monsters/bandit_boss_sword - Kryoh of the Frozen Blade
-- Ice boy has blizzard and freezing sphere, in addition to what you'd expect him to have with the weapon on hand.
=• monsters/bandit_boss_archer - Xaron of the Orion Bow
-- Fires magical bolts of various types and sizes, also has a devastating scatter shot with random nasty arrows.
=• monsters/bandit_boss_nova - Demonicus of the Burning Blade
-- This flamer casts Flame Burst, Skull of Flame, Volcano, meteor, Firewall, and can parry attacks.
• monsters/fallen_armor
- This is actually an old script, but P|Barnum has officially abandoned his map project, thus this level 30'ish boss is now open to anyone who wants to use it. Large, rusty spartan-style, animated armor with dark sword, urdulian shield, and it's own model. Has no good counter for gang-bang, atm, but can easily be tossed in.
• monsters/fallen_armor_triggered
- This variant stays sitting until the event " enter_combat " is run on it via ms_npcscript.
• monsters/ice_troll_lobber
- Throws balls of ice that burst into massively damaging spikes, upon hitting the ground. Designed to soften up level 40+ characters
• monsters/ice_troll_turret
- Same thing, don't move

New Mapper Toys
• mstrig_music - event driven music
- This point entity functions like msarea_music, but plays music to all players when triggered.
- Target an mstrig_music with no songs listed to make the music fade.
- mstrig_music will be ignored by players standing in msarea_music brushes (side effect of how they work)
And... OLD mapper toys!...
• game_text
- Now goes through MSC pop-up system. Text color, etc, cannot be set.
• ambient_generic
- At long last, the return of ambient generic.
- Use only for looping ambient sounds, as it is server CPU intensive compared to env_message!
- Sometimes "sticks" to a player if triggered - avoid the 'starts silent' flag to prevent this.
- Players will note a some new sounds in existing maps due to the restoration of this entity.

BugZ Squashed + Odder stuffz
• No longer will you question your character's sexual preference based on the color of his sleaves (thank Belmont)
• Fixed one sploit so insanely heinous I refuse to even name it. ;)
• Hopefully fixed elemental damage type multipliers stacking with each application.
• Resistance items (such as the Cobra Skin Vest) now give a %chance of resisting effects (such as drunk poison / freeze solid)
• Tickets for Bronze Helm and Nova Blade now available
• Scripts now have FN awareness and insphere functions
• Fixed bit where Keledros skele would crash when struck by too much damage. (Gave it some armor while I was there)
• Fenrin the Crest Keeper will not appear if you are not connected to FN
• Quazi-armor display fix attempt #13482:
- If you remove and replace your armor, it should appear correct to other players
- however, you will not be visible to yourself in third person
- You may use the console command 'vis' to remedy this, but your armor will suffer the old bug on other clients
• Wearable elemental resistance Items (such as helms / armor ) now apply their resistance without being re-equipped.
• By popular demand, level caps have been added to certain weapons

- AMX Changes -
(bumped to next month, yet again)

- MAP Updates -
• Keledrosprelude2: Transition to The Bandit's Keep
• Keledrosprelude2: Attempted to fix the monster clips near steal boar
- tempted not to, so entertaining to play toro-toro with him
• Challs: Transition to Wicard Oven
• Helena: Bandit/orc raid music triggers (mental note: killtarget msarea_music's on raid)

- Installer Changes -
• Updates to FN readme

...and the usual 10,000 minor changes I'm not bothering to list...

Show_Health 1: :( Unfortunately I was NOT able to make show_health 1 a Cvar, due to the fact that the scripts have no function to read client-side vars, and I've yet to figure out how to implement such a function. (Basically, you'd have to have the server force everyone to have the hud based health read-outs.)

Bumped to next month (in order of priority):
- Crow's skycastle2 scripts (almost done!)
- AMX vote re-write
- Helena NPC post invasion award (complicated, and likely made pointless by Helena2)
- Chain Lighting Aesthetics (bumped for second month in a row)
- Yet "more better" PVP awareness
- Shadahar revamp (bumped for fourth month in a row)
- Health Bars
- Implement new flight/swim AI
- Giant Bat re-write (officially being bumped for one year now)
- Mining System (didn't look as though Vomica was going to be done anytime soon)
- GvG map system
- Single Player Mode (adjust for single player + not on central server)

* Known bug: If you remove your armor, and replace it, you will be invisible in third person. Type 'vis' to remedy. If you do not type vis, your armor should appear correctly to other players.


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Feb 28, 2008
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Re: List of changelogs


pic of the month

Most of this month's stuff is scripts for new maps. This bumped pretty much everything else over to next month.

New Stuffz
• show_health - settings for show_health now save to character (Vista disease spreaders rejoice)
• summon_help - forgot your summon commands? Type this in chat or console to list them in console/combat hud
• Improved shields a bit
- Shields can now deflect most any incoming attack, even fire, poison spit, etc.
- They cannot, however, block the DOT from such effects
- (ie. shield may deflect a fire ball's impact but not the ambient burn damage.)
• Seperate gold tiles in chests (finally)
- When there are multiple players, pouches of gold now appear in groups inside chests (rather than just one huge wad)
- Like potions, they can stack, so ya might want to check the same chest again after taking one
- These do not add to your inventory, but add gold directly to your character
- You must have as double the hp as there is gold in the to pick it up (PL prevention)
- More players = more gold pouches per chest
- Only applied to a few chests now, soon to be everywhere
• Health bars!
- Health bars appear over players heads
- Health bars appear over monsters heads, with a special ring
- Monster health bars scale based on total monster total HP, like so:
hpbar_small.gif Orc Warrior = 60 total hp
hpbar_big.gif Djinn Ji'ax = 3000 total hp
- Known bug: sometimes monster healthbars pop up "inside" monsters due to improper or false height defines
- This bit also needs some aesthetic work
- I've made the system dymamic, so we could use a sprite with more frames (up to 100)
- health_bars 0 in console to disable player health bars (this setting saves to character)
- To disable monster health bars: put away the ring. ^_^
• New flight AI
- Bats move almost realistically, and if you thought Horrors were annoying before...
- Giant bat got a bit of of a "revamp" too (semi re-write)
• Ring of the Bloodstone (in game)
- Allows seeing health bars over the head of monsters when they are struck
- Result of an insanely complicated 13 step quest...

New Beasties
• monsters/uber_reaver - Ice Reaver Patriarch
- A gigantic ice reaver, enhanced by the magics of Maldora, level 40'ish mini-boss
- AOE stun, lightning attack, massive perpetual blizzard attack, quadruple freeze sphere attack, big ol bag of hp
• monsters/skeleton_crystal1
- Invulnerable escort for the uber_reaver, comes and goes
- Must be tied to the a repeatable monsterspawn named "summon_skels" with 1 life for proper function with uber_reaver
• monsters/troll_ice_lobber
- This troll lobber tosses giant snow boulders that break into fields of deadly ice spikes
- Good for juicing up level 40'ers
- Demon faction for easy placement (gets along with both undead and orcs)
• monsters/troll_ice_lobber_turret
- non-roaming variant of same
• monsters/sorc_chief1 - Runegahr, Shahaddar Orc Chieften (WIP)
- Semi-functional, but not quite ready for prime time. Can actually fight, but want a few more abilities.
- ATM he has various lightning attacks, a vampiric sword, and the ability to teleport
• monsters/sorc_telepoint1 (monsters/sorc_telepoint2,monsters/sorc_telepoint3,monsters/sorc_telepoint4)
- Places these on the map with Runegahr, or any other Shahaddar, and they will periodically teleport to them and/or their spawn point
- Creatures near teleport points will be catapulted away just before the orc arrives
- Multiply orcs can be used as each teleport point as a built in "cool down" time
• NPCs: "NPCs/james" and "NPCs/tao" for Dridge's upcoming map

New Mapper Toys
• Script error reporting - pop-ups tell ya when you spelled a script name wrong

BugZ Squashed + Odder stuffz
• Fixed bug where Maldora was vulnerable to demon blood and a few other magics
• Fixed Blacksmith "swinging at air" and similar range issues
• Fixed a bunch of anim errors
• Fixed some crashes involved with gold bags spawning
• Some more no free edict control
• Eight hours of "doing olypmix" brain death prevention (cross fingers)
- Also revamped the Ice Djinn a bit while I was at it, as he made a good test subject
• Better ***mod<->FN detection
• Fixed dibilitating poison immunities
- Also reduced poison time on g.poison arrows for mercy's sake
• Tweaks to the chain lightning effect (still uses wave effect though)
• Cut down on lag during black slime splits
• Drastically reduced lag caused by mass monster spawnage
• Fixed client-side health sprite corruption (possibly... maybe...)
• Improved ice wall responsiveness and agro trigger
• Improved poison cloud responsiveness
• Some improvement to the elemental resistance system
- Removing a resistant item for one element will no longer cancel the resistance of another
- Combining two items that resist the same element still causes wierdness though
• Fixed some more PVP issues
- including bit with the bone blade not working on players, I hope
• Guards no longer constantly turn to face players
- Wasn't a bug so much as an unintended feature, but it had potential issues
• Fixed bug where bandit archers (first three types) sometimes caused server crash
• Fixed bug where Voldar and Maldora would sometimes not start convos when players near by
• Watch yer step on Bloodrose, fall damage is on (by Foamy's request)
• Fixed up skele dead-by-holy fade effect
• Holy magics determine valid targets by vulnerability instead of race (new dll function)
- There were a few creatures who wern't vulnerable and should have been, this should fix that
• Lots, and lots, and lots of anti-cheat stuff
- This includes, most importantly, the fact that FN will no longer accept connections from older DLLs, as they are HIGHLY exploitable

- Anti-Whore(/ninja/pirate/cannibal/viking) -
• Switched gold bags to spawn by x#bags/player present
• Gold is split into multiple tiles base on players present*
• Gold multiplies based on #players presnet*
• Increased rewards for multiple players*
• Increased spawn chance of rares by # of players present*
• On some chests, if there more than a certain # of "worthy" players present, extra random items will appear
• "random bolts" chances increase based on # of players present
• Some rewards exclusive to multi-player games
• Chests can only be opened by the same player once every two seconds
• Some items require a player with certain attributes to appear in chests
- Meaning, if yer a nub, let the vets get the first pick, and maybe something better will be in there
• Artifiact Chests appear and determine most worthy players for some high end items
* = only some chests in some areas, to be applied to all chests in the future

- AMX Changes -
• AMX Map vote now activates when ANYONE presses [enter] on a transition
• AMXmodX adaptation pending...

- MAP Updates -
• The Keep
- Removed sounds from rotating doors to prevent crashes when they are jammed by monsters
- Caused fist bandit door to be more dependable (monster spawn there is spawnstart 0 = this is BAD)
- Addded future transition place holder to prevent sploit
• Wicard Oven
- Added monsterclip to prevent Voldar from vaulting over the gate where you can't get to him

- Installer Changes -

...and the usual 10,000 minor changes I'm not bothering to list...

Bumped to next month (in order of priority):
- Crow's skycastle2 scripts (almost done! ><)
- Helena NPC post invasion award (complicated, and likely made pointless by Helena2)
- AMX vote re-write (now part of the AMXmodX project)
- Alter chain lighting to work more like, well, chain lightning
- Shadahar revamp (bumped for fifth month in a row)
- New Swim AI (really people, just put monster clips on the water, tis how HL1 monsters work)
- Mining System (doesn't look like Vomica wants to work on his map anymore :( )
- Single Player Mode (adjust for single player + not on central server)

* Known bug:
• If you remove your armor, and replace it, you will be invisible in third person.
- Type 'vis' to remedy. If you do not type vis, your armor should appear correctly to other players.
• Warning: Unable to open sound/npc/RND_SAYX.wav for transfer
- Server message, bug with how the "say" script command works in MSC, no worries


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Feb 28, 2008
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Re: List of changelogs


pic of the month

New Stuffz (in game)
• Leather Gauntlets- Gauntlets for N00bs, available in stores
• Serpent Gloves - These gauntlets have bite
• Demon Claws - These sinister gloves grow into demon scale clawed gauntlets that have two abilities:
- Soul Drain Attack: Red-bar charge attack converts all your remaining mana into HP damage
- Speed Attack: Right click for super-fast attacks (about as often as you can click), these do slightly less damage, cannot be charged, and drain 10 mana per attack.
• Blood Axe - This grotesque axe, bathed in the blood of demons and vampires, offers life draining magic to the wielder

New Beasties
- Bear God Series -
• monsters/bear_god_polar - Bear God of the Frozen Tundra
- Godzilla sized bear with perpetual blizzard
• monsters/bear_god_brown - Bear God of the Thundering Plains
- Godzilla sized bear with perpetual thunderstorm
• monsters/bear_god_black - Bear God of the Black Forest
- Godzilla sized bear that sprouts trees of dewm
• monsters/bear_god_random - One of the above four at random
• monsters/bear_guard1 - Bear Guardian
- Fast moving angry bear wants your picnic baskets

- Kharaztorant Cult Series-
• monsters/k_alcolyte_random - Kharaztorant Acolytes (also aliased under: monsters/k_alcolyte )
- An introductory member of the Kharaztorant cult, bent on doing the will of the mysterious ancient dragon Kharaztorant. Each has a ritual knife that he can throw or use in melee combat. This script spawns one of the following four flavors randomly:
• monsters/k_alcolyte_red - Red Robed Kharaztorant Acolyte
- The Fire Adept has a blade that can set you ablaze.
• monsters/k_alcolyte_green - Green Robed Kharaztorant Acolyte
- The Afliction Adept has a blade with long lasting poison. He throws it very frequently, and thus is the ranger of the acolyte types.
• monsters/k_alcolyte_blue - Blue Robed Kharaztorant Acolyte
- The Ice Adept has a blade that can freeze and slow opponents.
• monsters/k_alcolyte_gray - Gray Robed Kharaztorant Acolyte
- The Phsyical Adept has a mundane knife, but moves about more than the other Acolytes, can parry, and has some damage reduction.
• monsters/k_alcolyte_ambush - Kharaztorant Acolyte (ambush variant)
- This version of the random Kharaztorant Acolyte will stay crouched still until a player comes within 256 units and in his field of vision. He'll also attack if notices he has been spotted, or is damaged.
• monsters/k_alcolyte_blue_turret - Turret variant of blue robed Kharaztorant Acolyte
• monsters/k_alcolyte_green_turret - Turret variant of green robed Kharaztorant Acolyte (both turret variants stay crouched, do not move, and throw knives like mad - there are no turret variants for the other two robe types at the moment, didn't see much point.)
- Kharaztorant Spawn -
• monsters/k_larva - Kharaztorant Larva
- Those of the cult who fail to make it past the rank of Acolyte when given "The blessing of Kharaztorant" degenerate into these twisted larval demons. This is the first of several stages that, say the believers of Kharaztorant, will eventually lead to the return of their master.
• monsters/k_childre - Kharaztorant Childre
- This, much more terrifying beast, is what the Larva will grow into, given enough time. This fast moving armored bundle of claws can throw fireballs and turn invisible. The ethereal shift, while invisible, renders it partly invulnerable to magic. Thankfully, it apparently can't attack while invisible, but instead likes to creep up behind its unsuspecting opponent and rake with its gigantic claws while manifesting with a roar. Rumor also has it that Kharaztorant Childre can also fly short distances. It is believed the next stage beyond this is the dreaded Fire Lizard.
• (see Wiki Entry for more info on the Kharaztorant Cult) [Lanethan inspired & approved]

-other- (Little Frodo Requests)
• monsters/horror2 - Elder Horror
- Meaner, nastier, armored horror with spore cloud
• monsters/bludgeon1 - Standard bludgeon, sans insane holy multiplier and Rox0rz comment
• monsters/bludgeon2 - Bludgeon Warrior
- Meaner, nastier, bludgeon, same old craptastic model, brand new craptastic sounds! ;)

New Mapper Toys
• other/summon_point1 - summon point (to be expanded on)
- Use this and the fire djinn will spawn his Efreets at this point instead of on himself (and all the buginess that entails). Usually best to spawn it with the monster.
- Intend to expand this to work for all djinn, and some other creatures who summon stuff, and allow multiple points to be used for random locations

BugZ Squashed + Odder stuffz
• Tweaked Giant Bat AI to be a bit more responsive
• Gave dragon flies the new flight AI
• Various chest tweaks
• Updates for some chests
• Tweaks to new AI for better navigation, especially when using movement hack
• You should no longer see your own health bar in first person
• Chain Lightning, and other AOE targeting devices, should no longer prevent people nearby from using rejuvenate
• Chain Lightning should no longer appear to be casting from others in first person
• FN approved map filter when in FN mode

- AMX Changes -
(Was hoping for AMXmodX this month, apparently didn't happen.)

- MAP Updates -
• Sfor - slight tweakage
- added flesh eating dragon fly swarms here and there
- bats now ignore monster clips to help cut down on hiding inside thereof
• Mines
- fixed giant bat spawn location to play nice with the new flight AI
• WW2b
- Restored ambient_generic sounds (crickets, etc.)
- Removed return transitions to avoid invalidation
• Calruin2
- BS now responds to your arrival by a six second timer, rather than your approach
- Switched some looping env_messages to ambient_generic to lower entity count (less crashie)
• Few other minor updates in WW3d, Edana, and others

- Installer Changes -
• Added Demontemple to FN approved list (release should be within the next few days)
• Still need the name of J's map. Since I didn't get it before release, it will require a B patch.
• Crow's new map will require a B patch for other reasons.

...and the usual 10,000 minor changes I'm not bothering to list...

Bumped to next month (in order of priority):
- The last of Crow's skycastle2 scripts
- Helena NPC post invasion award (complicated, and likely made pointless by Helena2)
- AMX vote re-write (now part of the AMXmodX project)
- Alter chain lighting to work more like, well, chain lightning
- Shadahar revamp (bumped for fifth month in a row)
- New Swim AI (really people, just put monster clips on the water, tis how HL1 monsters work)
- Mining System (doesn't look like Vomica wants to work on his map anymore :( )
- Single Player Mode (adjust for single player + not on central server)

* Known bugs:
• If you remove your armor, and replace it, you will be invisible in third person.
- Type 'vis' to remedy. If you do not type vis, your armor should appear correctly to other players.
• Blood axe hits with its broadside in third person


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Feb 28, 2008
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Re: List of changelogs



New Stuffs
• new client cvar ms_xpdisplay
- Choose your poison:
ms_xpdisplay 0 (default)
ms_xpdisplay 1 (extended)
ms_xpdisplay 2 (Shurik3n's original)
ms_xpdisplay 3 (extended precent only)
ms_xpdisplay 4 (classic)
• Thunder Axe
- Nasty lightning enchanted battle axe – that you can throw!
• Greater Thunder Axe
- Too big to throw, but much nastier and spectacular.
• Lightning Rod
- This lightning enchanted blunt has a number of lightning abilities, provided you have the level to use them, even if you don't, it makes a fair mace.
- Abilities include a nasty thunderbolt, and the ability to repel all monsters nearby with less than twice your health.
• Dark Sword
- “Sword of Wounding” Up to six levels of charge at Sword 30, each multiplies the damage x2.
• Urdulian Shield
- Forged from the gates of a fallen temple, this is for the “meat shield” character who has no intention of moving out of the way.
- This shield offers incredible damage reduction, but is so unwieldy it slows the user to a crawl.

New Beasties
• monsters/wolf - pack wolf
• monsters/wolf_alpha - pack wolf leader (slightly stronger)
- pack wolves will stay near their pack wolf leader (they detect their leader 2 seconds after spawning)
- so long as the alpha wolf is alive, pack wolves will flee no further than his location
- alpha wolves fight to the death
- hostile to pretty much everything, save each other
- (These are low level wolves for thornlands)
• monsters/wolf_shadow - Shadow Wolf
- This, much meaner nastier wolf, is a lone wolf. Stunning howl and fire attacks. (Don't place with regular wolves: he'll eat them.)
• monsters/ogre_ice - Marogar Ogre
- Just in case your standard ogres weren't mean enough, this frosty variant features freezing claws and damage reduction.
- Demon factioned to play nice with undead
• monsters/ice_mage - Ice Mage
- Frozen masters of the icey art trained by Maldora himself.
• monsters/maldora_gminion_random - Maldora's Greater Minions
- These things seem downright invulnerable! Or are they? Come in four random elemental flavors:
- monsters/maldora_gminion_poison, monsters/maldora_gminion_ice, monsters/maldora_gminion_fire, monsters/maldora_gminion_lightning
• monsters/skeleton_lightning - Lightning Forged Skeleton
- Golden skeleton with a lightning wand and a bone to pick with you
• monsters/anim_archer_hard
- Random hard animated elemental archer, each glows and fires a nasty arrow of its element
- Individual variants include: monsters/anim_archer_hard_fire monsters/anim_archer_hard_lightning monsters/anim_archer_hard_ice monsters/anim_archer_hard_poison
- PS. These buggers can fly
• monsters/anim_warrior_hard_poison - Enchanted Armor of Venom
- added to the anim_warrior_hard lineup, which all now glow the appropriate elemental color
• monsters/elemental_air0 - Summoned Air Elemental
- Floats around, shoots lightning. Intended as backup for Djinn Ji'Azolt
• monsters/djinn_lightning - Djinn Ji'Azolt
- Ogre lightning djinn boss: lighting with push, stun, invisibility, temporary flight
- Unlike previous Djinn, this monster is dependent on the map for his backup
• monsters/horror_lightning - Electric Horror
- If clones dream of electric sheep, this must be what they have nightmare about? ;)
• monsters/shambler1 - Bog Creature
- Fugly, player sized, bog creature (pretty mean) by Shurik3n
• monsters/shambler2 - Shambler
- Larger, meaner, gooier, bog creature by Shurik3n
• monsters/fish_demon – Demon Fish
- A large red shark that smells your blood in the water (v. mean, horror flight AI)
- Remember, with fishies, you have to monster clip them into water, or they fly (working on ways around this)
• monsters/lightning_worm – Ethereal Vermicular
- This creature from dimensions beyond, brought forth by some twisted magics gone awry, is as strange as its name suggests
- The Vermicular will rise 256 units, and then circle in a 256 unit radius, hovering up and down -196/+128 units during its circling, it's max attack range is 2048 units (keep in mind with placement)
- The Ethereal Vermicular will ignore and pass through any and all obsticles in its flight path, including solids
• cleicert/fpriest - Ghostly Priest
- Mouthy NPC for Cleicert Temple. Fires "GiveCrystalOne" mid speech.
• lodagond/maldora_fragment - Fragment of Maldora
- This is a generic, attack on sight, no orc intro variant of Maldora, you'll probably run into in groups in Lodagond
• lodagond/maldora - Maldora
- Yes, the one, true, Maldora.
- This placeholder is fully deadly, and fully functional, but hope to add more tricks and intro/exit text later
• monsters/cold_lady - Cold Lady
- This ghostly apparition proves that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned
- Like the Vermicular, these pass through anything and everything. Unlike the Vermicular, they haunt their targets
- Cold Ladies will hunt any target within 4096 units of its spawn. It will circle 128 units from its spawn until it sees a target.
- These ladies are near impossible to solo without some sort of cold resistance, although for a group of players, they are only an annoyance... Provided there aren't a lot of these ghosts about.
- These are particularly CPU friendly, so feel free to add a swarm

- Shahaddar Orcs -
( After the death of Lor Malgorand, the founders of this Orc tribe took up residence in the abandoned lair of the sorcerer Shahaddar. Here they were able to obtain his powers, making them the most feared orcs in all of Daragoth. These are among the weakest of their warriors: )
• monsters/sorc_recruit - Shahaddar Novice
- This is the lowliest of the Shahaddar Tribe, yet he would strike fear in the hearts of all but the most powerful of the Blackhand.
• monsters/sorc_warrior_lesser - Shahaddar Warrior
- Carrying a Thunder Axe, this beast can usually be found leading small groups of recruits.
• monsters/sorc_shaman_lesser - Shahaddar Shaman Initiate
- A lightning elementalist with a shocking grip, this initiate has learned well from his masters.

- Bludgeons! -
(Someone get Little-G a napkin!)
• monsters/bludgeon_gaz1 – Bludgeon with a scythe he calls an axe, and he can throw it at j00
• monsters/bludgeon_gaz2 – Bludgeon with a big hammer
• monsters/bludgeon_gaz1_demon – Demon Bludgeon has additional armor and fire attacks, this is axe boy
• monsters/bludgeon_gaz2_demon – Demon Bludgeon, with hammah
- Currently all bludgeons are demon faction, so they won't fight with orcs, undead, or one another
- Bludgeons are all really mean (30+ minions) – the Demon Bludgeons border on insane mean (40+)
- Probably work out smaller and larger bludgeons down the line, and maybe shamans and the like
- Bludgeons have charge, can jump real well, and have multiple stun attacks

New Mapper Toys
• msarea_music changes:
- You may now define music in folders OTHER than music/ (eg. "media/Half-Life01.mp3") - only real advantage to this is that you can now use the music in the valve/media folder
• msmonster_XXX / ms_npc, new property: nplayers
- You can set a #player requirement for a monster or npc to appear
- If the monster does not spawn due to insufficient number of players, he does not count against the fireallperish, so the spawn shouldn't fail to fire as a result
- This also works with treasure ms_npc's (and MAYBE msworlditem_treasure)
• msmonster_XXX / ms_npc, new property: reqhp
- As above, but instead requires the health of all players on server combined to total this number or above before the npc will spawn
- can be combined with nplayers property, in which case both conditions must be met for the monster to spawn
• trigger_push
- Now has a "Players Only" flag (32) - this can be used to block players but not monsters
• Aliased entities: mstrig_push, ms_text
- These are trigger_push, and game_text to help with FGD conflicts, respectively
• Updated FGD
- Includes all the above, some new defaults, and has ms_npcscript included, removed some confusing misnamed ents (such as “multimanager” sans the underscore)
- Removed dated HL entires from ms1.4.fgd
- Added halflife.fgd to the dev folder to make it clearer you need to use both
- This custom halflife.fgd include MSC variants of: game_text, env_message, and trigger_push

BugZ Squashed + Odder stuffz
• Fixed bugs with new AI flee
• Party Chat / DMG Should now function (maybe) *
- Thank MiB!
• XP locked at 100% bugfix / Enhanced XP display *
- Thank Shurik3n!
• Revamp of all lower weapon tiers
- Thank Evaan!

- AMX Changes -
(None... Hummingbird, fail)

- MAP Updates -
• The_Keep
- Fixed last of buggy doors, we hope
• May have additional map updates later in the month in a separate package

- Installer Changes -

Bumped to next month (in order of priority):
- Helena NPC post invasion award (complicated, and likely made pointless by Helena2)
- AMX vote re-write (now part of the AMXmodX project)
- Alter chain lighting to work more like, well, chain lightning
- Shadahar revamp (bumped for fifth month in a row)
- New Swim AI (really people, just put monster clips on the water, tis how HL1 monsters work)
- Mining System (doesn't look like Vomica wants to work on his map anymore :( )
- Single Player Mode (adjust for single player + not on central server)

* Known bugs:
• If you remove your armor, and replace it, you will be invisible in third person.
- Type 'vis' to remedy. If you do not type vis, your armor should appear correctly to other players.
• Blood axe hits with its broadside in third person
- Never got Orochi to fix it
• Artifact Chests still give repeatedly to most powerful player around
- Didn't have time to fix


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Feb 28, 2008
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Re: List of changelogs


• Reduced Lightning Skeleton Lag (both in attack and scan)
• Reduced Air Elemental Lag
• Fixed maps monster ramping when they shouldn't
• Changed monster ramp to work by "Party Strength" (ie. total HP of players on server) rather than number of players
• Fixed bug where some monsters were ramping twice
• Chest give_chance fixes (not entirely tested)
• Artifact Chest Fixes
- In addition to no longer repeatedly giving items to the same guy the AC's now randomly sort their inventory
- So the most powerful guy does not always get the same item
• Re-Centered Air Elemental Model for smoother flight (also no longer immune to fire)
• Re-Centered anim_archer_hard model for smoother flight
- Fixed subsequent bit with flying archers getting into floors, and improved AI
• Hack to fix locked chests (if a chest does lock, give it a minute, it may fix itself)
• Improved chest's player counting
• Put Evaan's weapon restrictions at full strength
- Against my better judgement, but hey, you guys voted for it. ;)
- If you run into someone who has no weapons they can use, remind them that they can sell some weapons to downgrade
• monsters/bludgeon_gaz1_mini - Young Bludgeon
- Awww! They iz so kewt! Ow! They hurt!
- Special request for Little-G's/Frodo's new map
- Variants include: monsters/bludgeon_gaz2_mini monsters/bludgeon_gaz1_demon_mini monsters/bludgeon_gaz2_demon_mini
- (basically take any existing gaz bludgeon and stick _mini on the end)
• Added the missing bludgeon soundset

Mapper Toys
• other/kill_all_monsters - guess what this does when you spawn it
- Good for ridding a boss of his left over minions when he dies, without the usual bugs
• new msmonster_XXX/ms_npc entity property "title"
- Change a monsters name to whatever ya want
- May add abilities to change HP, Damage, Race, model, or pass params in future!
- FGD updated for this
• Fixed bug with "reqhp" feature (accidentally put in "hpreq")
• world map event: mstime_XX
- The event mstime_xx will fire every game world hour
- ( so mstime_17 goes off at dusk, mstime_20 at eve, and mstime_6 in the morning)
- In addition hour_counter will fire every game world hour
- (This makes weather/timer obsolete)


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Feb 28, 2008
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Re: List of changelogs



New Stuff (All in game)
• Lighting Arrows - Arrows enchanted with lightning
• Armor of Bravery - This armor negates death penalties and provides a fair amount of protection from death to boot (Thank Belmont)
• Gladiator Armor - Nearly the protection of Knights for half the weight Plate, plus nifty spikes to boot. (Thank Gaz!)
• Helm of the Dead - First person to figure out what this does gets a cookie! (Thank Cerix)

New Mapper Toys
• New msmonster_XXXX/ms_npc property: hpmulti
- Multiplies the monsters base HP by this amount (if > 1)
• New msmonster_XXXX/ms_npc property: dmgmulti
- Multiplies the monster DMG by this amount (if > 1)
- These two combined with title allow you to more or less make your own l337 monsters
- XP can be increased after FN approval
• monsters/sorc_intro
- Something for Crow, will PM with a map demonstrating its use.

BugZ Squashed + Odder stuffz
• More tweakage to the rampage and level requirement systems
• Weapons you don't make the level requirement can still be swung, but damage/tohit% is reduced
• Blood Axe realigned (Thank Shuriken/Orochi)
• Urdual Shield on proper joint (Thank Shuriken/Orochi)
• Wild and untested stab at the overflow bug by MiB.

New Supported Maps
• Ara - Use the Deralia boat to travel to the port town of Ara, which is having a slight orc invasion problem. (Mid level map by J): LINKY
• Chapel - Winding wilderness conceals a fallen temple of an unknown god. Very low level map, save for a hidden giant bat, but has enough secrets to keep the veterans exploring it for awhile too. (Chapel will eventually connect to Edana Sewers) LINKY

...and about 10,000 other minor fixes I'm not bothering to mention.

Shortest changelog, evah, for the biggest patch ever: 40MB! :oldshock: - We REALLY need an installer. :\


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Feb 28, 2008
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Re: List of changelogs



New Stuffs
• Hoarfrost Shard (req sword 20)
- Fires lances of ice that both freeze and slow opponents (10 mana)
- Creates circles of ice on right click (10 second delay, 30 mana)
- Has a chance of slowing anything it hits
• Kharaztorant Fire Blade (req smallarms 15, 17 to throw)
- Our first throwing knife!
- Magically returns after being thrown; and no, yer buddies can't steel it.

New Mapper Toys
• world_spawn properties (In Hammer: Map->Map Properties)
- maptitle: The name of your map that appears via pop-up 10 seconds after player joins (eg. "The Homlet of Edana")
- mapdesc: The title that appears below the description (eg. "This village grew around the temple of Urdual of the southern frontier")
- hpwarn: The minimum recommended HP a player can have before getting the "HP too low, you will get pwned" warning message
- weather: (Untested) Selects random weather from this list every ms-world hour. Entries seperated by semi-colons.
-- example weather types: clear;rain;storm;snow;fog_black;fog_white;fog_thick;fog_blue;fog_green;fog_red;fog_brown
-- (fog_black is a night effect, fog_thick is very thick white fog, fog_brown is thick swamp fog)
• other/idle_lure (untested)
- This is an invulnerable, non-solid, unmovable lure that calls on all idle monsters to move (walk) towards it every 10 seconds
- Monsters who target players will ignore the lure until they "calm down"
- "calming down" FYI, occurs around 10 seconds after not seeing, nor hearing, nor being struck by the player, nor hearing any of their allies in distress. Also just after slaying a player, if it sees no others about.
- you can trigger_relay killtarget this to end the effect (hopefully doesn't generate studio frame advance error)

- MAP Updates -
• Daragoth Remake (complete recompile!)
- Less lag, better FPS, quicker battles, and two new transitions (one to lowlands, one open)
• Lowlands
- Transition to Daragoth Underground River
• Skycastle (Replica Remake)
- Increased time between bear guardian spawns
- Fixed dated .res file
• Helena
- Nerfed bandit raids (multiple bandit_hard's are too difficult for the intended level range)
- Added a hack that *may* make shop keepers return home and offer discounts, as they should, following successful repulsion of bandit/orc raid

BugZ Squashed + Odder stuffz
• Moved Lighting Storm fx clientside
- Has some unintended affects on the aesthetics, but decided to keep
- Will attempt to make look like the old lstorm if enough peeps complain
- There is a 10 mana cost for moving the storm (more to cut down on beams, than to nerf it.)
• Removed null map events during monster spawns
- Should save some CPU during monster and map spawns
• Script fixes/adjustments for Lodagond-1
- Lots (delayed patch 2 days), mostly anti-crash/anti-wallhack

Near Future
This laid the groundwork for a lot of anti-cheat stuff (may have actually undone some cheats even VAC fails to detect). Needs more thorough testing before we make the dicey bits public, so more of that will be integrated next month.

Helena2 will also, hopefully, be ready by next month. It will have a mid-level dungeon integrated into it, in addition to more sophisticated orc raids, and the portal to old_helena.

Been working on the AMX some, in hopes to get us an official, verifiable, AMXmodX package. I'm thinking we MAY be able to move a lot of the AMX functions to the game itself, but I'm still uncertain.

I also intend at least two new items for Lodagond-1 chests, pending soon. (Nevermind those I need for the upcoming Lodagond-2)

I was going to add a new mega-hammah this month, but Little-G says Bludgeonland is nearly complete, so I kinda wanted to save the new huge bludgeon-bludgeon for that. (If it is not complete next month, however, we’ll add it to one of the Lodagonds.)

Also STILL need to add new, level dependant monsters, to all maps. This is time consuming, and something I can't do away from home. (Blarg, time for new laptop me thinks)

And yes, I realize the betapack is TOO EFFING HUGE (42mb), and we really, really need a new installer. I think we may wind up seperating some of the maps into a map pack to expidite this. It's just that the new installer should include a recompile of several vanilla maps, which means there'll be one last REALLY HUGE betapackage, and then we'll back to <5MB betapackages.


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Feb 28, 2008
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Re: List of changelogs


New Maps
• Helena
- Helena has been recompiled and re-optimized. It now contains two seperate cave mini-dungeons. May expand further, if the edicts play nice.
• Old Helena (30+)
- Find the wizard to send you back in time to this classic MS 1.35 map with some new MSC twists.
- Old Helena can ONLY be reached via the wizard in Helena
• Gertenheld_Cape by Dridje
- This low-level multi-quest lighthouse map can be reached from Deralia
(LostCaverns by Jon should be available soon, but I do not have the final version)

New Stuffs
• Light Crystals
- This quest item can be broken in an emergency. It will blind all nearby players, but also nearby monsters.
• Heavy Crossbow
- AKA. "Old Iron Sights" - load up steel or dwarven bolts and send em into oblivion, or setup with some blesseds and lay down the wrath of the divine
• Healing Circle
- A stationary magic circle that heals you and your allies so long as you remain within it
• Ice Dagger (Thank MiB & Sabre)
- A Dagger... of Ice. (aka. Litch Tongue) - Freezing burst on secondary charge attack
• Northmaul
- This mighty hammer of ice can be swiveled and thus the backside used to switch from elemental ice damage to vicious piercing damage
- This can be handy when dealing with sets of elemental gay rainbow armor and other mixed elemental sets where some may resist cold and others maybe vulnerable to it
- In addition the Northmaul can summon blizzards and waves of ice via the third and forth stage charges
• Potion of Stability
- Three minutes of immunity to both push and stun
- Give Thothie a heads up if ye find a monster that can push you under the influence of this potion
• Sembelbin now offers name changing services (thank MiB)
- Fees start at 100gp and increase exponentially with each use of the service (to prevent abuse).

New Monsters
• monsters/wolf_ice (untested) - Winter wolf
- Winter wolf minions (30+) with freezing howl and breath attacks
• monsters/wolf_ice_alpha (untested) - Winter Alpha Wolf
- Ice wolf boss (40+)
- Summons uber blizzard (800 radius) at monster location or at the location of other/summon_point1 - if the script is present
• monsters/zombie_zygol - Zygoli, The All Seeing (level 25+ boss)
- This giant zombie is invulnerable so long as at least four of the eyes he summons are present
- Zygoli summons these at a 64 unit radius from himself on spawn, each is 32x32, the zombie itself is about 200 units high, so this boss needs a lot of room to operate.
- Zygoli is weakened as each of these eyes is destroyed, becoming increasingly vulnerable to attack, but the zombie grows a new eye every two minutes
- The Eyes of Zygoli themselves have stunning lightning attacks and use hit and run tactics coupled with partial invisibility
- Zygoli also has a necro-energy beam that slowly drags you towards him
• monsters/orc_cata_winder - Orc Catapult Winder - this big guy winds up catapults
- First entry in "params" becomes the prefix for his events (see New Mapper Toys), this allows multiple catapults to be manned by multiple winders
- Fires <params>_fire every 7 seconds, unless interrupted.
- Fires <params>_wind 1 second later, and again, 3 seconds later, to toggle the catapult winding wheel
- Fires <params>_died on death
- Kicks players away from time to time, but otherwise concentrates on his job
• monsters/doom_plant1 - Doom Plant
- A placable version of the doom plant used by the Bear God of the Forbidden Forest
- Slowly grows to a new stage every 30 seconds. Has three stages: shrub, bush, and tree, each with increasing health and variety of attacks.

New Mapper Toys
• new msmonster_XXX property: params ("Additional Paramaters")
- Allows customizability of monster though params seperated by semi-colons
- for instance: "race_human;make_invulnerable;glow_white;make_jumper" would set an orc to spawn as human faction, invulnerable, white glowshell, and jump at high targets.
- Params also have uses for setting special options on some certain scripts
- Available Params Include:
>Race Options (converts monster faction):
beloved_race - ally to all
hated_race - hated by all
demon_race - plays well with orcs and undead
evil_race - similar
good_race - player friendly
hguard_race - player nuteral, but agro if attacked
orc_race - does not play nice with undead or wild animals
rogue_race - attacks everything but its own
undead_race - not fond of the living, but tends to ignore vermin and spiders

glow_custom - glow_custom the next param MUST be the custom color, formatted: (RRR,GGG,BBB)
make_ghost - causes an additive render - it may cause the monster to flicker out temporarily when struck by glowshell effects

>Strength, Armor variants
make_invulnerable - Prefixes name with "Invincible", gives white glow-shell
double_health - Prefixes name with "Strong"
quad_health - Prefixes name with "Very Strong"
fifty_armor - sets armor at 50%
eighty_armor - sets armor at 80%

go_roam - Makes a normally stationary NPC roam
no_roam - Wont wander until enemy heard or spotted
critical_npc - Initiate siege system and set this as a critical NPC to defend (see Siege map system, below)

>Enhance (more pending)


> There are also several monster-specific params I don't have time to go into just now. >_>

• other/web
- add the property "scriptname" with the value "other/web" to any func_wall_toggle entity with a targetname
- it will "web" any player that touches it, vanshing, and slowing them to a crawl for 10 seconds
- it will also make a sticky noise and give them the hud message "You have been webbed!"
- If someone wants a variant of this that also stops the player from attacking feel free to request
• Killtarget->msarea_monsterspawn bugs fixed
- You may now safely use trigger_relay->killtarget to remove an msarea_monsterspawn
- All the monsters tied to the spawn will fade away with it
• Siege map system (as used in old_helena)
- Giving (most) any NPC the param flag "critical_npc" activates the siege system, each NPC with this flag is critical
- (Some of the more primitive NPC's do not use the main NPC AI and thus cannot be used with this system, but most any with a store can be used.)
- When these AI's are struck or die, players will be notified. If they die from friendly fire, the offending player's name will be given.
- When siege mode is active, 1 in 3 non-human monsters ignore players in favor of NPC's, and will select a random critical NPC to hunt down.
• console command: fakehp <#>
- If not on FN, you can use this command to simulate #hp worth of players in the server to test your reqhp monster spawns

Map fixes
• The Keep
- Further efforts to ensure doors do not cause problems
• Calruin2
- Script based trigger system to replace the suddenly buggy multisource that's stopping the volcano
• Daragoth (recompile)
- Buggy ladders, buggy giant bats, buggy textures, hopefully all fixed
• Ara by J (recompile)
- Various efforts to further intensify and stabalize the Ara campaign

BugZ Squashed + Odder stuffz
• Fixed effects (eg. Poison, etc.) sticking on players post mortem (Thank MiB)
- This, however, includes beneficial effects, such as ice shield, protection, regeneration,etc.
- The cost of the affected potions have been reduced and the items made more plentiful
• Fixed some screwiness on the character selection screen (Thank MiB)
• Framework for new parry system
• Framework for new title system (Thank MiB)
• Function for changing names (Thank MiB)
• Function for altering weapon attacks (Thank MiB)
• Function for triggering weapon animations from the server side (Thank MiB)
• Ice Shield Reworked (untied from weapon reg)
- No more buggy casting
- No more "the mana returns" weirdness - it just never takes it to begin with
• XP Bug Fixes!!! ZOMG! (Thank MiB!)
- XP no longer fubars against resistance nor vulnerabilities
- XP now passes proper for most dodamage (ie. applyeffect damage, aka. DOT)
- Pretty much the only thing left to fix XP on is skeles that get back up repeatedly
• Boosted Orion bow into the anti-siege weapon it was meant to be
- Also manaballs no longer "burst" on collision with NPCs, and of course, XP passes proper
- Bugger still jams up during firing sometimes though, trick seems to be not to spam it too fast
• Crossbolts are now hitscan weapons
- Dwarven Crossbolts now also have AOE damage - but are less accurate than the others
- Crossbows now have their own limitless generic bolt
- Bugger has exposed some issues with civilian, guard, and bandit hitboxes, but otherwise seems to work well
• Fixed Crest of the Mushroom Kingdom crashing when placed in container (name was too long)
• Some higher-definition civlian models (Thank Orochi and Little-G)
• Temporarily nerfed the Pheonix Armor until we get the new parry system in (quit yer bitching!)
- I've increased the XP value of several bosses, and this makes it far too exploitable
- It currently returns MP instead of health, in addition to total immunity to fire
• Knife special attack now increases attack speed as well (as I *think* was originally intended)
- It's also been reduced to once every 40 seconds to avoid abuse through "chaining"
• After two years, the "WOrth" bug has finally been fixed! (Thank MiB)
- Wish I thought of looking in titles.txt :|

• And the usual 10,000 bug fixes I'm not bothering to mention


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Feb 28, 2008
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Re: List of changelogs


Almost a B patch this year, but we're fixin everything that broke in DEC2007a - and lots of other stuff that broke before that.

New Stuffs
• Internal Map Vote System
- Type votemap in chat or console.
- No more fuxing with buggy AMX/X builds
- ATM, you can vote for any map, save those that are in gauntlet series, within mazes, or otherwise hidden
- more restrictive map voting options will be available via server vars in the future
- You can only vote for FN approved maps
- Uses AMX delayed reconnect map crash fix, and crashed.cfg updating
- AMX votemap plugin is included, and has been modded to play nice with it
- Nice clean list of maps not connected to the world displays in console for ease of reference
• Wipe individual spells (Thank MIB!)
- You can go visit Torwhodoc, and for his usual exuberant charge, he can wipe specific spells from your list.
- Eventually the Potion of Forgetfulness will work this same way (and likely take over the job.)

Bug Fixes, and Such
• Fixed: Bug where all players are required to touch proper transition on gauntlet maps (should only require 1)
• Fixed: Monsters cropping up invulnerable
• Fixed: Ice shield only being able to cast once
• Fixed: Lightning storm/Chain Lightning not working
• Fixed: Orionbow god-like
• Fixed: Dorfgan not giving rewards on old_helena
• Fixed: Helena->Keledrosprelude transition goes to Keledrosprelude1
• Fixed: Bug with monsters not responding proper to Siege Map mode
• Fixed: Novablade Volcano not sustaining
• Fixed: Bugged lodagond chests
• Fixed: Fixed bug with Semblin's name-change script taking every subsequent chat line as a new name change
- If ye got nailed by this bug, give me a heads up, I maybe able to fix ye.
- Also fixed a limitation where Semblin couldn't tell who was talking to him
- If someone else says "Penis" while yer telling him yer new name, he will kindly tell them to STFU
• Fixed: Bolt bundles have no gravity
• Fixed: J-M shall no longer receive 0's
• Fixed: Poison reports giving funky messages
• Fixed: Ice Lance, and Kaz Fire Knife "arching"
• Some efforts to reduce edicts


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Feb 28, 2008
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Re: List of changelogs

You MUST remove adminvote.amx from your msc/addons/amx/config/plugins.ini or bad things will happen!

- We’re still allowing AMX for now, as we’ve yet to add some new features to the MSC replacement (such as MOTD) – but the current vote systems are not compatible with AMX nor MODX installs

Also setup your admins.txt and the new cvars as desired; described below:



New Server Cvars
msvote_farm_all_day 0 - Allow voting for the map the players are on
msvote_map_type "all" - (all|root) - allow voting for all maps (save hidden/gauntlet/maze) or restrict to only root towns
msvote_map_enable 1 - allow voting for maps
msvote_kick_enable 1 - allow votekick from chat
msvote_ban_enable 1 - allow voteban from chat
msvote_ban_time 60 - time to ban person voted banned (0 = permanent)
msvote_pvp_enable 1 - allow vote for pvp (pvp mode will engage/end 10/60 seconds after vote)
ms_chatlog 1 - log chat and various server events to monthly chat log
ms_admin_contact "[none given]" - Place e-mail contact here, it will appear to kicked/banned players or when players type 'contact' in console
ms_ban_to_cfg 1 - Write permanent bans to server.cfg/listenserver.cfg so they stay permanent
- if this is set 0, the bans will only be written to ms_bans.cfg, which you can add to your server config via "exec ms_bans.cfg"

Server reset system:
ms_timelimit 0 - (Old cvar, modified) changes map to Edana this many minutes after the last player leaves, if server is still empty (also writes crashed.cfg)
ms_reset_if_empty 0 - If set to 1, instead of switching to Edana, write edana to the crashed.cfg and restart (quit) the server. (Helps keep server fresh)

Admin System
Add steam ID's to msc/admins.txt to setup your admins
Loopback IP always has admin access
• admin_help - list commands (more or less shows this text:)
• admin_listbans - list permanent bans
• admin_unban - <steamid|playername> - removes ban line from .cfgs and banlist
• admin_ban - <playername|steamid|#statusidx> [minutes] [reason]
• admin_kick - <playername|steamid|#statusidx> [reason]
• admin_map - changelevel (any map)
• admin_say - "yourmessage" speech infomsg through the Game Master – use "quotes"
• admin_vote "option1;option2;option3" "Vote,Title "Vote,Description"
- general vote, use "quotes", use semi-colons (;) to separate options
• admin_votemap - Votemap (any map)

Note: “playername” can be partial. #statusidx, refers to the # reported on the left when you type “status” in console.

Extended admin commands:
• admin_cvar <variable> <setting>
- Only admins.txt with “cvar” or “rcon” after their Steam ID admins.txt have access to this command
• admin_rcon "<commands>" (use quotes)
- Only admins.txt with “rcon” after their Steam ID in admins.txt have access to this command

Player Initiate Votes
• Ye Votemap system has been enhanced
• votekick <playername|steamid|#statusidx>
- in console or chat (although you’ll have to toggle off the console to actually vote)
• voteban <playername|steamid|#statusidx>
- in console or chat ( " " )
- Duration for player initiated votebans is determined by msvote_ban_time
• votepvp
- Toggles PVP mode (untested)
- Should work in the same map, has a countdown timer.
- Does not change the ms_pklevel cvar, so it will reset after map change.

Map Changes
• Mscave (recompile)
- Optimized map spawn sequences, added new Shaddarh spawn sequence and place holders for his new hide-and-seek game.
- Added hpreq monsters and more treasure to go with them.
- Added new transitions (one placeholder, one for sewerrride)
• Helena (recompile)
- Fixed a few v.minor glitches
- Added transition to Demontemple
- Some edict reduction efforts
• Old Helena
- Active monster reduction efforts
- Spawn counter fixes
- Monsters should just keep spawning forever, and you’ll be cued for a new wave when a bunch of orcs mysteriously “vanish”
• Demontemple
- Connected to Helena
- Placeholder for hidden Kharaztorant Title quest
• Daragoth (recompile)
- Fixed bug where trolls couldn’t see you in huts (although now they have no qualms about punching you straight through them – but hey, they’re hay).
- Fixed bug where some monsters couldn’t climb the lip of the entrance to the huts
- Fixed bug where goblins and keeper couldn’t see you if you ducked in the water
- Fixed all buggy textures in Daragoth.wad (think most all of them were there)
- Few other minor changes
• Chapel (recompile)
- Fixed sploits involving waterfall
- Fixed church sequence not running through and tweaked it up a bit
- New treasure layout
- Added some new hidden areas (thanks CSS!)
• Gertenheld_Cape
- Re-added original music sound track
• ms_wicardoven (recompile)
- All new, virtually sprite free, entity reduced lighting system (should help with edicts)
- Some aesthetic changes
• calruin2 (recompile)
- All new, virtually sprite free, entity reduced lighting system (should help with edicts)
- Some aesthetic changes

New Beasties
• monsters/wolf_ice (now works, thank MiB)- Winter wolf
- Winter wolf minions (30+) with freezing howl
• monsters/wolf_ice_alpha (now works, thank MiB) - Winter Alpha Wolf
- Ice wolf boss (40+)
- Summons uber blizzard (800 radius) at monster location or at the location of other/summon_point1 - if the script is present
- Also casts ice shield

New Mapper Toys
• Additional monster param: start_running
- Monster will spawn using it’s running animation, and be fully “cycled up”
- (Useful when you know the monster is going to spawn right next to the player or needs to run forward a bit to immediately join a battle)

Bug Fixes, and Such
• Some projectiles having more gravity that they should
• Ice Shield taking mana even with target shielded
• Toned town the votemap graphic spam (reports to combat hud instead of popups)
- Ditto on the party leave/join
• Animated armors resistances
• Massive changes in XP on bosses in certain situations
• Potions of stability crashing server (cross fingers)
• Lesser ice shield not being so lesser
• Demon claws give martial arts XP for speed and soul drain attacks, and will not play anim when out of mana
- Also no more "No target", thing - if ye miss, ye miss
• Some reduction of lag when choosing a character
• Various efforts to fix crashes via scripts on both Helena’s
• Some edict reduction attempts (<- We need to get serious about this!)
• New lightning system means lights stay bright in the dark
- PS. No, that is NOT the new lighting system you’ve been seeing on the ultra-beta server, it requires this client patch to get the full effect
- We may need to tweak this some yet ^_^
• Potion of Forgetfulness now lets you forget individual spells
- It's no longer Torwhodoc's job (or he forgot it was) - ya gotta find/purchase the pot
- Fixed a bug where certain spells could not be forgotten
• Fixed some potential issues with the gauntlet system
• HP/MAXHP now appears on Scoreboard and Serverinfo screens (Thank Shuriken!)
• Yet moar anti-cheat security (Thank MIB!)
• More robust FN communication potential (experimental, Thank MiB!)

And the usually 100,000 changes I’m not bothering to list (actually, more like 200,000 this time.)


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Feb 28, 2008
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Re: List of changelogs

• admins.txt reads proper
- You can use comments, but best that they not be on the same line as the Steam ID
• All admin commands seem to be working proper
• Votekick/voteban seems to be working proper
- both require 3 players present, and that more than half the voters vote yes
- fixed bit where canceled or failed votes would prevent future voting
• votepvp seems to be working proper
- this ones hard to test, but the function reports proper, and the vote goes off right
• Strobe effect on connect has been axed
• Players are now disconnected during map changes (ala amx)
- stops memory deallocation errors
• Potion of stability fixed
- It still may not due to client difference - but it at least shouldn't crash the server
• FN recognition of pvp_canyons
- If ye have canyons_pvp, you'll have to rename it - the pvp_xxx prefix lets the system know to set pvp
• Fire shaman optimizations / anti-crash
• admin_gag command to mute players
- this does not appear in admin_help, and may not always work
• ms_reset_if_empty
- This now simply kills the server 60 seconds after the first person leaves, ignoring the ms_timelimit, for simplicity
- (still writes edana to the crashed.cfg first, so you don't get stuck with your server coming back on a gauntlet map)
• Toned down the orion bow fx
- may not work for clients without the patch
• Moved more damage point tracking to the player
- GM will only attempt to restore damage points, rather than track them independently
• Some stabs at the monster gibbing bug
- No promises, this is very hard to reproduce

Mappper toys
• brush scriptname: other/burn_1000
- Add the element "scriptname" with the property "other/burn_1000" to any trigger brush and it will burn anyone who touches it for 1000hp/second via fire effect
- Player will see the targetname of the trigger when they are burned as if attacked, typical uses would be: "Some|Hot Lava", "A|Fire", "Dragon's breath"
- This is useful if you have a lava area or similar trap that you want fire resistant people to be able to pass (ie. isn't at the bottom of a pit)
- Only physics excuse I have is that "phoenix armor fails if you are completely submerged in lava because it is not hermetically sealed". ;)
- Spawnflags have no affect on this scripts functionality - it'll always burn everything (if ye need that changed, I can make customized variants)
- (this actually dates back to FEB2007a - just forgot to mention it)
• brush scriptname: other/trigger_if_evil
- Add the element "scriptname" with the property "other/trigger_if_evil" to any trigger brush
- This will cause the trigger to fire it's target property whenever any non-human (or non-hguard) creature touches it
- Only fires once (variants can be made), like other/burn_1000 all spawnflags are ignored
- This is how the bandits and orcs break the storefronts on helena (again, another oldie I forgot to catalog - dates to DEC2007a)
• brush scriptname: other/totalhp_trigger
- Yet another scriptname for use with trigger_ entities - this one designed to fire an event if the max hp on the server is at a certain amount when a player touches it
- Set targetname to determine the range, format is minhp;maxhp. eg. 1000;2000 - fires target if total hp on server is between 1000 and 2000.
- this one is untested
• ms_npc: other/spawn_point
- Place this on your map and the game will randomly teleport players to one of these ms_npc's when they spawn
- Place them on the ground as you would any other npc (players actually spawn 38 units above them to compensate for the "middle measurement" thing)
- max limit on these is 71 - but I've not tested beyond 14 yet (maybe issues with how they count up)


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Feb 28, 2008
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Re: List of changelogs



New Stuffz
• console/chat command: listpoints
- List damage points of all players present in order from most to least
- Figure this maybe more useful than /roll when fighting over treasure
• Bludgeon Hammer
- The most redundantly named blunt evah, has the soul of its original owner sealed within
- Right-click to tap into its powah for the bludgeon demon rage (req prof: 20)
- One hand for them, two hands for you, the weapon has four charges per map run at twenty seconds each. Use them wisely as "retry" will not restore them

New Monsters
• monsters/eagle
- Nasty lil bugger flies all over the place, attacks from above, probably suitable for 200-400hp range, lest you use them in groups, wildanimal faction
- additional parameter: start_perched- use this and the eagle will stay perched and idle until someone comes within 384 units and in its field of vision, or it is attacked
- Variants in order from weakest to meanest (est. level 300-800hp, all demon faction):
- monsters/eagle_plague - disease spreading, some knock back
- monsters/eagle_demon - fire effects, some knock back
- monsters/eagle_ice - ice effects, some knock back
- monsters/eagle_stone - damage reduct, lots of knock back
- monsters/eagle_metal - heavy damage reduct, lots of knock back, stun attacks
• monsters/fire_reaver
- Level 40+ miniboss
- This walking volcano packs a wallop and has guided explosive balls o' fire to boot

Mappper toys
• Lures now accept critical_npc param, and use the hpmulti property
• additional parameters: make_sleeper and make_deep_sleeper
- Works on most skeletons, make_sleeper skeletons play dead until someone comes near
- make_deep_sleeper require ms_npcscript event skeleton_wakeup_call or spawning of monsters/skels_wakeup to arise from slumber
- stone skeletons act like statues instead of sleeping on their faces
- see skeleton_wakeup_call in previous changelog entries for further usage
• additional parameter: make_fade_in
- Makes monster fade in on spawn - good for a less jarring spawn effect, when you have to spawn the monster near the player
• other/trigger_burn - trigger brush scriptname
- Same as other/burn_1000, but you can determine the exact damage by setting the target property (eg. target 100 for 100dmg/sec)

Map Updates
• Lodagond-1 (Recompile)
- Edict optimization, new boss chamber (easier in some ways, harder in others), and several minor tweaks, plus a link to Lodagond-2
• Chapel (ripent)
- Fixed light sequence
• Calruin2 (hlcsg/ripent)
- Fixed bit with bats getting stuck in rotating chains
• mscaves (Recompile)
- Fixed bit where Fire Reaver would spawn regardless of HP present (req. 3000hp)
- Also gave him some headroom

Bug Fixes, and Such
• Fixed unselectable character with scroll bars bug (Thank Shurik3n!)
• Fixed "that annoying seizure-when-crouching-on-entities bug" (Thank MiB!)
• System for altering viewmodel skins/submodelbody/render in place (Bow down and worship Shurik3n!)
• Slight improvements to the fish AI
• Demonclaws: Soul Fist attack no longer drain on miss, nor when striking a player outside of PVP
- They also drain a max of 50% mana, but do x3 damage, instead of x2
• Fixed some issues with scriptname brush trigger: other/totalhp_trigger
- This trigger goes off only once now, and responds proper
- If it is touched by someone not meeting the HP req's, it'll still remove itself
• Massive edict improvements for lodagond/maldora and lodagond/maldora_fragment
• Fixed Alpha Winter Wolf Boss using wrong skin / glow colors
• Fixed some bugs with some projectile throwers (stone skeletons, ice lobbers)
• monsters/ice_mage - Will now use monsters/sorc_telepointX, if present, to get closer to an opponent (see monsters/sorc_chief1 entry)
• Some edict optimization on the scroll system
• Edict optimization on some lightning throwing monsters
• Support for Lodagond-2, 3, and 4
• Support for Gertenheld_Forest
• New Elemental resistance system
- Resistances stack, even those for the same element, and across potions, armors, weapons, items, etc.
- If you resist an elemental effect, that resistance carries over against subsequent attacks of the same element for 10 seconds


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Feb 28, 2008
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Re: List of changelogs



Squashin' moar bugs!

• Support for Aleyesu
- Aleyesu connects through Bloodrose
• Elemental Resistance System
• Support for Gert. Forest and Lodagond
• Banking of various items
- but be careful not to go to a MAR2008a server with your new tickets!
• Potion of Stability
- Now provides protection against all stun attacks, all drunk attacks, and all push attacks (saved for map brushes)
• Monster->Look error spam / lag / revenge of the chatbug thingie (Thank MiB!)
• Adds some FER spiders to the caves in Calruin2
• Optimizes lightning effects on Lightning Djinn, Venevus, and Air elementals
• More dependable, better optimized AOE effects (blizzard/lstorm)
• PVP vote fixed
- sadly had to do away with team-based PVP in the process
• Fixed reward system on Gert. Forest
• New boss regeneration system [WIP]
- Bosses no longer regain health for killing individual players
- Bosses regenerate health every minute (1%-10%)
- Bosses regenerate health if they slay every player on the server (25%-100%)
- Exceptions for soul-sucking bosses: Ice Queen, Calrian, etc.
- Bosses more likely to avoid attacks or who rely on health alone have lower regen/recover rates
• Reduced time dead bodies linger based on monster maxhp
- Hopefully cut down on edicts on swarm maps
• More effort to reduce monster gibbing
- Also to make sure they fire their triggers/report deaths even if they do gib
- This MAY help with msarea_monsterspawn's fireallperish's older bugs, not sure

New monsters:
• monsters/scorpion4 – meaner, but slower, giant scorpion
• monsters/scorpion5 – Gigantic venomous scorpion, lumbering beastie with some push back and heavy poison (more to come)
• monsters/wizard_normal – Generic variant of Keledros, goes straight into combat, you provide drops (use wizard_died trigger to respond to death event, post ‘reanimation’)
• monsters/wizard_strong – Generic variant of Venevus, goes straight into combat, normal death sequence, you provide drops
• monsters/snake_lord – Generic variant of Slithar, goes straight into combat, does not summon skeletons, you provide drops
• monsters/elemental_air1 - Air Elemental - tad stronger than the summoned variant, and has great bawls o' lightning
• monsters/elemental_air2 - Greater Air Elemental - multiple guided great balls of lightning, prototype "true-chain" lightning, tornados - what more could an evil wizard ask for?
• monsters/elemental_fire2 - Greater Fire Elemental - The burning! THE BURNING!
• monsters/troll_stone - Troll made of stone (Troll Guardian, as seen in WW3d - rename at will)
• monsters/ogre_stone - Stone Ogre - actually been around awhile, just forgot to mention it (if you've had a lot of folks in MSCave, ye may have seen one already)
- Unlike the troll_stone, he's a level 30+ beastie

...and the usual 10,000 changes I'm not bothering to list.


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Feb 28, 2008
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Re: List of changelogs


New Stuffs:
• The Wolve's Bane
- A special light silver shortsword enchanted with wolvesbane
- Double damage vs. wolves
• Blood Drinker
- Is now in game. Sword uses basically the same script Runeghar's uses, so expect similar targeting/wallh4x behavior.
- You can use your fists while the sword is dancing (can't kick, but will work on that).
- Right click to make the sword return sooner.
- Level Requirements - base: 30, x2_dmg_stab: 32, throw: 34
[Would have added Fire Tomahawk and Dark Bone Blade, but model consolidation is not complete - Shard of Felewyn is complete, but not in game, yet]

Map Changes
• Sfor has been expanded on
- Didn't want to make nightmare_sfor without doing something for the mid-level folk too, so there's a whole new wing on Sfor, just for them
- Undamael area also available for examination (you can play with him, but the quest is not complete, he cannot be defeated - note the mirror damage)
- This was a rush job, I hope to come back and polish it later
• B_Castle is now connected to Sfor
- There are also two new open transitions in Sfor

New Map Support For Soon TBR's:
• Ocean Crossing
• Smuggler's Cove
• Verath
• Nightmare Sfor

New Beasties:
• monsters/fire_spider_spitting - Fire Spider
- Big shiny red spider, shoots bolts of fire
• monsters/fire_spider_turret
- Ditto, but doesn't move
• monsters/fire_spider_mini - Fire spider hatchling
- Only has 10hp but is guaranteed to be the most annoying beast since the Horror
- Latches onto your body or face at random locations, biting, and hindering your movement - must be "scraped off"
• monsters/fire_reaver_mini- Fire Reaver Hatchling
- A small fire reaver whose little volcano isn't old enough to be active, but it still has a taste for burning flesh.
• monsters/slime_green - Lesser green slime
- Bugger's hit and run projectile tactics make him hard to catch, he may yet chew on your poisoned corpse

Mapper Toys:
• other/cannon_manned
- This cannon can be aimed in a 45 degree arc and fires a single 1000hp cannon ball every 30 seconds
• other/cannon_manned_fixed
- This cannon cannot be aimed and requires it be loaded with item_cannon_ball before fireing
• other/trigger_poison
- Brush scriptname poisons players that touch it. Targetname becomes the name of the attacker, target: <dmg>;<time>;[no_monsters]
• other/trigger_burn
- Convention alias for burn_1000, adjustable, same params as trigger_poison
• other/trigger_web
- Convention alias for web, no params, just targets itself.
• other/undamael_hurt, other/undamael_break, other/undamael_pitedge
- These are for Undamael operations - see Undamael documentation [pending]

• All corpses now fade properly, and within 20 seconds, instead of two minutes
- Should save a mess load of edicts in swarm situations, such as old_helena
• Some viewmodel consolidation (bows, 2h swords, shields, potions)
- Should also free up some edicts
- Also optimized them a bit to save some epoly's
• Fixed map sploit where dmgmulti would sometimes work when set to less than 1
• Fixed client 255 msg bug
- Or at least got it to the point where I can't duplicate it anymore. >_>

...and the usual 100,000 changes I'm not bothering to list.


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Feb 28, 2008
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Re: List of changelogs


• New chat/console command: /stuck
- Use this if you get stuck at a spawn, it'll move you to another spawn point (if any exist)
- Only works within 128 units of initial spawn
• Fixed treasure sploit in mscave
- Hence the mandatoryness
• Fixed boss damage resistances
• Altered AI and movement type on sharks for smoother swimming
- They will also TRY to stay in the water, if placed without a monsterclip, but the monsterclip is still recommended
- Placing a monsters/fish_shark outside of water will result in brain death - don't do it. ;)
• Switched Arti-Chests to offer one random duplicate to players who already have all items
• Fixed some issues with Blood Drinker [some of which is client side]
• Moar CPU optimization on the newer AI and anti-stuck function
• Oceancrossing can be reached through Captain Charon at Deralia's port
• Oceancrossing: fixed bit where players sometimes spawned in middle of boat
• Fixed bug with mscvote_map_type "root"
• Fixed bug where transitions didn't take you to proper spawn points
- via mega-h4x, so may need testing


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Feb 28, 2008
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Re: List of changelogs



New Stuffs
• Felewyn Shard 1-5
- Base level req 30 giant holy sword of dewm
- Right click and the blade will glow for holy damage (instead of slash)
- Increases passive regen rate (doubly so in holy mode)
- At level 34 offers divine shield for 10 seconds (no mana cost, repeatable every 20 seconds)
- Divine shield blocks 90% of all incoming damage, stacks with all shield types, but slows the user, and makes unable to attack
- If Felewyn shard is in holy mode, Divine Shield will also repel any attackers with less than twice the player's maxhp
- Gather all five shards between five players to form Voltron *cough* I mean, for future Felewyn Blade quest...
• Fire Tomahawk - throwable axe o' flame
• Ice Tomahawk - throwable axe o' ice
• Lightning Tomahawk - throwable axe o' lightning
• Venemous Tomahawk - throwable axe o' poison
• Dark Tomahawk - throwable axe o' darkness
- Hint on the Tomahawks: you can't get BD and a Tomahawk on the same run
• TRAINABLE PETS! (very beta)
- First available pet will be a wolf. For more info on pets, see below.

New Map Support / Map Fixes
• Map support for Islesofdread1 by J (connects via oceancrossing)
• Support for Isleofdread2 and Dridje (connects via islesofdread1)
- Thanks to the delay in the betapack release, Isles of Dread 2 is fully ready and downloadable seperately: HERE
• Support for Aluhandra2 by Rickler (connects through Aleyesu)
- Similarly, Aluhandra2 is available: HERE
• Reduced-sized recompile of Old_Helena (consistancy for servers still crashing)
• Reduced the size of sfor in betapack by changing build method on tunnels
- Also updated with the five wizards, so you can actually do the undamael quest proper now
- nm_sfor is STILL pending (sorry...)
• Recompile of Ara
- I'm not sure what's actually changed here. >_>
• Recompile of Oceancrossing
- Fixed boats from turning / intersecting
- Added a goblins boarding from a raft for the lower levels when traveling to deralia.
• Recompile of Aleyesu
- Re-Optimized monsters numbers
- Fixed issues with Keledros spawning
• Recompile of Smugglers Cove
- Fixed a chest from being exploited.

- 80% of the betapack size is now maps as, it just makes it grow too fast
- I will include ripent/-onlyents patches, however, as they are tiny

New Beasties
• monsters/scorpion6 - Dread Scorpion
- First of the 'really fooking huge' scorpion series (needs a lot of room to operate at 196x196 base size) (30+ miniboss)
- Strong poison, AOE stun + knockabout
• monsters/eagle_giant_thunder - Thunderbird
- Really big bird with various thunder/lightning/tornado attacks (30+ Miniboss, 0 to 60 in 5.7 seconds, 6 MPG highway)
• monsters/sorc_juggernaut - Shahaddar Juggernaut
- Really, really big orc, with a really, really big axe (35+ miniboss), these form the backbone of the Shahaddar Armies
• monsters/sorc_brawler - Shahaddar Thunderfist
- The Shahaddar answer to the blackhand’s brawler can teleport short distances
• monsters/sorc_guard - Shahaddar Guard
- Next step up from recruit
• monsters/sorc_warrior - Shahaddar Warrior
- A slightly stronger Shahaddar Warrior with thunderaxe
• monsters/gloam1 - The standard, jumpy, flesh eating, tropical/swamp/wetlands gloam (level 30 minion, or 25 mini-boss)
• monsters/gloam_ether - Ethereal variant (level 30+ mini-boss)
- See the wiki for more info on Gloams.

• Fixed some crashes with the newer AI optimizations
• Consolidated axes (frees some edicts)
• Switched up how the Felewyn Ring works a bit (still need a quest for it)
• Framework for Status Icons and books in place (Thank Drigien!)
• Another possible mscave sploit
• Updated MS Tutor sprites
• Fixed bit where ice shielding NPC's would ice shield things they shouldn't
• Fixed some weirdness with blooddrinker and of future thrown weapons
- Downside to this fix is that it also means that you can no longer draw inventory while sitting :(
- It also means you cannot use fists while blood drinker is dancing :( x2
- Hopefully put an end to vanishing thrown weapons though :)

Known issues:
• 1h axes viewmodels sometimes have odd effects in the off hand
- Also true of some other consolidated models in some situations
• 2h axe viewmodel swing anim sweeps wrong direction
• Tomahawks do not use proper skin in third person (cept for fire)



Go me for figuring how to merge the giant rat and wolf models. ;)

Go Shurik3n for determining that character overflow is caused by inventory size, rather than file size.

Thus I thought we might take a stab at trainable pets.

To get a pet, you’ll need a "charm" of the appropriate type. Some pet types may need to be weakened before the charm can be used on them, and some charms may require a certain SC level. (Neither of these things is a factor with wolves)

At the moment the only pet type is the wolf (non-alpha) type.

Few differences between pets and summons:
• Pets gain experience over time, and become more powerful.
- They slowly gain experience for the damage they do. Be aware that the power of the opponent isn’t a factor.
• Pets follow you from map to map and never expire
- They retain their experience between maps, just like you do
• Pets will teleport to you if they get separated by more than a short distance
- Unless you tell them to "stay" and guard a specific area
- You'll want to use this to avoid getting your pet into dangerous areas or lost to hazards
• Pets slowly regenerate health when not attacking or being attacked (10% health/15 seconds)
• Pets cannot be harmed by players
- This includes PVP, but they can’t harm players either, so it shouldn’t be an issue
• If your pet dies, it is gone
- You’ll have to go get another one and start training all over again.
• You'll be alerted if your pet comes under attack while you are away from it, or if it is low on health
• You can only have one major pet at a time
- You can abandon your major pet in favor of another through menu interaction, but once you abandon a pet, you cannot charm it again.

Other than all that, pets work basically like summons, they respond to summon commands, and count against your summon count.

When not training your pet, it is advisable to have it guard a safe place, so it doesn’t get killed. I’ll have to come up with a way to “store” pets (probably in the same crystals you use to charm them), but at the moment, I’ve no system to deal with this.

I should warn that, once you have a wolf charm, Gert forest is probably not the best place to pick up a wolf, despite being an obvious locale. Reason being is that there are so many wolves in Gert forest, and they’ll all turn on the one you charm. Wherever you charm your wolf, be sure to get him out of harms way fast. Trained wolves are quite a bit stronger than their wild counterparts, but they aren’t invulnerable.

If this all works well, I’ll try to get more wolves and other types of pets in over time, plus it opens up some other possibilities. I’m still worried about this somehow corrupting characters, as the pet data is saved with yours, but thus far it seems to be behaving. Use at your own risk.

Pet resurrection charms and a naming system are also pending.

PS. Be especially careful with your pet in SFOR! (Use the stay/follow command!)


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Feb 28, 2008
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Re: List of changelogs


• You can now store your pets safely out of the way by unsummoning them (F11 menu, or click on the pet)
• Pets level up a bit more like players now
- Pets require the creature they kill has at least 10% of their XP
- So you can only level up on rats so long before you must move on to boars, etc.
• Pets anti-suicide system
- Pets teleport to player if they fall. They also stick to the player a bit better than they used to, and have slightly improved navigation
• Support for Isle by CSS
• Open support for future maps
• Several training sploits patched up (both for pets and people)
• XP multipliers on Lodagond are nixed, and the better treasure shifted to the end.
• Parry is capped at 40
- This should cut down on parry whoring, and serve as a go-between step for removal of the stat
- This will also allow very high level characters to alter their title, pending title system
• ...and the usual 100,000 changes I'm not bothering to list


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Feb 28, 2008
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Re: List of changelogs



Thuldahr says, "Kneel before the majesty of JAN2010!"

New stuff:
• Enhanced Day/Night transition system
• 8 Tome limit removed. Theoretically, you can learn any number of spells. Spells may start to cause overflows if you learn too many, though. They are less dangerous than items, but better safe than sorry.
• New Galat's Wondrous Chest of Storage (see below)
• New individual inventoried chests (see below)
• You can access inventory while sitting again! (Yay!)
• Typing 'day' 'dusk' 'night' or 'clearsky' now only affects YOUR client
- It does not affect the global time of day, and your TOD effects will be locked in the mode you select until map change or you use settime.
• New voice acting by SquareSoftKnight!
- Go visit your favorite actor in MSCave for your first piece of entertainment!
- The words don't quite match up, and he's still a bit out of sync, but that's why we call it ACTING! (will fix)
- (We've actually got quite a bit more of this stuff, but didn't want to delay the patch further sorting it out.)

Know Your Chests

• Standard Chest
- In most cases...
- Increases inventory with number of players
- Increases quality of items with number of players
- If both strong and weak players are on the map, chest may "hide" certain items until the stronger players get a look at them (in order to get first pick).


• Artifact Chest
- Appears, floats, and magically gives items to players
- Player with the most Damage Points (listpoints in chat) gets first pick, the second the next, and so on.
- The number of players directly affects the chest's chance to dish out a particular item.


• Individualized Chest
- Has a separate inventory it displays to each player
- Each player has his own reward based on his own strength and damage points
- Increases yield with the number of players present
- Increases quality of items with the number of player present
- May offer one or more bonus items based on player's Damage Points.


• Galat's Wondrous Chest of Storage
- The latest in magical banking technology allows you to store your items in a magical chest, which can then be summoned anywhere in the world, via a (very expensive) magic scroll.
- Once summoned, the chest can be accessed by all players present. It contains a separate inventory for each player.
- Each Galat outlet has a Wondrous Chest of Storage, and its usage at such outlets is free of charge. The local Galat representative can also sell you the aforementioned Wondrous Scroll, which summons the chest anywhere you and your friends may happen to be at the time.
- At the moment, the Galat chest holds about a dozen items (will vary by script name). If the chest proves faithful, it may be expanded to two or three dozen.
- Galat's Wondrous Chest of Storage cannot store packs, sheaths, multi-use potions, or ammo, and will not allow you to screw yourself by attempting to do so.
- Ask your local Galat representative for more details!
(Tech info: Depositing items in a Galat chests shift your items from inventory data to quest data, making overflows less likely.)

Cheater Tracking
• All player stats are now tracked in server logs.
• Cheaters, are recorded in server logs, and reported to all connecting players, after they are kicked from the server, for several days. (Hosts can simply search their chat log for "CHEATER" for more detailed information on individual cheaters.)
• There are two types of cheaters:
• Type I: Any player with a stat significantly above the level cap, or with any illegal item, will be kicked from the server, logged, and reported and ridiculed to all clients connecting to the server in question for days.
• Type II: Any cheater attempting to use console exploits will be kicked, logged, and reported and ridiculed until the server resets. Console exploits used by clients will no longer crash the server in the process.
• If you see a cheater report, please post the supplied ID on the FN forums for expedient removal. Their character will be examined and dealt with accordingly.

Bugs n' Stuff:
• Voldar now spawns proper on ms_wicardoven
• Fixed some possible map voting issues
• Armor Bug #1 fixed. No longer shall you stick through your armor.
• Armor Bug #2 fixed. No longer shall your gladiator armor appear as Orochi's jacket.
• Armor/Gear Bug #4 fixed. All of your worn gear will appear when you spawn. You won't have to re-equip anything to make it visible. (What was #3?)
• "Sticky Client Variables" (Tomes, Gold, Player kills) should be fixed.
• Putting a bow away while a bow is on your back causes the bow to be put into the "best" pack. The same is true of all other worn items.
• Fixed various sticky weather bugs
• Store prices over 32k now register correctly
• Reduced lag caused by Rain/Storm weather
- (Makes Storm more of a trickle, but no more ent floods in Thornlands.)
• Attempts to fix Lightning Storm strangeness
• You are not diseased… It's worse… You're poisoned! (Message fix)
• Some optimizations and various bug fixes for both the new and old AI systems.
• Some optimizations and various bug fixes for the NPC anti-stuck system.
• Various efforts to cut down on server crashes.
• Msg '91' error should be no more
• Vote bugs fixed (cross fingers)
• Felewyn light script simplified and should behave now - although it no longer glows when not worn.
• Everything should be ticket'able (likely only useful if you fill your Galat chest, at this point.)
- Note you can put tickets in the Galat chest, but tickets have longer script names than most things, so it is likely wiser to turn them in first, then put the item in question inside.
• Fixed bug where some randomized NPC's would not accept title ("Change name to") property from msmonster_xxx/ms_npc. (Thank Replica for bug report.)
• You can't sit while stunned or otherwise unable to attack. (Boo!)
- Alternative fix method for disappearing thrown stuff, but as a result, you can once again access your inventory while sitting, so not so bad.
• Parry over global skill limit report taken care of.
• Fixed TOD effects appearing on some underground maps, despite being flagged
• About a billion other less exciting bug fixes... Hopefully with minimal generation of "new and more interesting bugs".

Balance (aka. Nerflog 2.0)
• Bows react to non-proficiency with erratic firing and damage reduction
• Armor has min strength requirements, or owner will be slowed
- Gold Armor: STR 25
- Venomed Plate: STR 25
- Phoenix Armor: STR 40
- Armor of Bravery: STR 40
- Fire Aura: STR 30
- Acid Plate: STR 30
- All others: 0
- (Yes, I realize logic fails, as Gold is heavier than any other, but this is more anti-twinkage, and the Gold Armor's shear weight already covers that fairly well)
- The alternative to the two things above is Twinker Gnomes - so be thankful. ^_^
• Damage and DOT increases for Lightning Storm, Volcano, and Blizzard
• Greater Ice Blade has a chance of doing slow-freeze DOT on normal strikes
• Some strategic guards and allies flagged as invulnerable to player damage (eg. Foutpost)
• You can no longer sell things for higher than you bought them. Someone didn't understand math between scripts and code when basic functions were written. A cap has been placed so any shops we missed will still work properly.
• Tomes no longer have a chance of spell failure.
• Various helm/stun/elemental resistance exploits fixed.
• All charms upgraded to next type, and type I added to global list
• Much updated treasure and global list shuffling
• New global random magic arrow and bolt list
• Level cap @ 40 (probably soon to be 50, depending on release of: The Wall, Derwintwater, and Sorc_Villa)

Fuznet Changes
• Various security updates. One that you may notice right away is that FN will be monitoring for differences in maps. Make sure your maps are fully updated. This also means we will be able to release maps without having to release patches.
• When disconnected from FN, you will have an indicator in the upper left of your screen, thusly:
<- The mystic MSC symbol of "Screwed"
- It will vanish when the connection to FN is restored.

New Maps
• Thanatos (thanatos) by J (Hard, connected via Sfor)
- Stories tell of an elder earth elemental that lives atop this mountain, where the Loreldians once met in council.
• Kharaztorant Fotress (kfortress) by AmIAnnoyingNow (Hard, Disconnected)
- A more elaborate, and more dangerous, dwelling of the Kharaztorant dragon cult.
• Gertenheld Caves (gertenheld_cave) by Dridje (Hard, Disconnected)
- Ancient tribes of goblins from the Age of Blood lie hidden within these darkened caves.
• Shahaddar Palace (shad_palace) by Rickler (Very Hard, connected via aluhandra2)
- Once the palace of a great wizard, now the home of the mightiest tribe of Orcs in the land, the Shahaddar, who have been seduced by and imbued with its immense power.
• Nashalrath (nashalrath) - By J, Little Frodo, and Little G (Hard, Disconnected)
- An ancient holding of The Lost that, unlike its occupants, survived The War of Fate, is now haunted by the ancient spirits of the bludgeon slaves and elementals that once served under its roof.
- (That's my take on it at least, TBH, I've no idea what's going on here.)
- This is the "demo" version of the final map, which despite utterly breaking all lore consistency, is actually quite fun to play. It maybe less so if/when we switch it up for Torkies though, so enjoy while you can.
- Little-G can give you the story behind the final map.

Recompiled/Rebuilt maps:
• Ara (Medium, NPC Transition) - Minor alterations by J
• b_castle (Medium, via Sfor) - Minor alterations and fixes by P|Barnum
• Chapel (Low, via Edanasewers) - Minor revisions, plus a path to Isle by CSS
• Isle (Low, via Chapel) - Various bug fixes plus connection to Chapel by CSS
• Gertenheld_Cape (Low, via NPC in Deralia) - Various mods and re-texturing by Dridje
• Gertenheld_Forest (Low, via Gert. Cape) - Various mods, optimizations, and re-texturing by Dridje
• Isleofdread1 (Medium, via NPC in OC) - Much expanded with greater rewards by J
• Isleofdread2 (Hard, via Islesofdread1) - Complete remake and expansion of ye old Isleofdread2 by J-M v2.5.5
- If your client or server cannot handle the map, you can still play the old version under isleofdread2_old (Disconnected)

Updated maps:
• Aleyesu (Medium-Hard)
- Hopefully fixed Potential bug where doors would vanish (recompile)
- Added minotaurs to maze ;)
- Updated treasure
• WW3d (Medium, Gauntlet) - Moar spawns

• All updated maps are included in this update in full BSP form, so if you've had trouble with the map-patching process in the past, it should not be an issue... This time.

By popular demand, masking spoilers... :D

New Items:
• The Neck Hunter (Smallarms 30/32)
- This wickedly thorned dagger casts projections of itself at nearby targets.
- Secondary ability causes the projection to explode on impact for massive damage
• Dragon Axe (Axe 20/22, Fire 20)
- While wielding this, you can right click, and BREATH F*CKING FIRE! ;] Dragon Breath effect sets enemies on fire, and repels most opponents. It also drains manna rather rapidly.
• Venom Plate (STR 30, affliction 20)
- Enchanted plate offers 50% basic protection, 50% poison resistance, and poisons those who strike you
• Acid Plate (STR 30, affliction 20)
- Enchanted plate offers 40% basic protection, 50% poison resistance, 80% acid resistance, and generates a passive poisonous cloud that poisons all nearby enemies.
• Fire Aura (STR 30, fire 20)
- Enchanted plate offers 40% basic protection, 30% fire resistance, 25% cold resistance, and burns nearby enemies with a circle of flame.
• Phoenix Bow (Archery 30)
- This anti-siege weapon creates a burst of flame that increases in size and power the further the arrow lands from the player
• Frost Bow (Archery 25)
- Provides 75% frost resistance 10 seconds after being drawn.
- Freezes/slows opponents on strike (via limitless pre-generated magic arrows, freeze costs mana, but slowing cold causes no drain)

Two new charms
(hp/dmg ranges are based on pet's XP)
• Pet Shadow Wolf Charm
- hp 500-3000, dmg 15-80, immune fire, 25% damage resist, stun/burn howl
• Pet Winter Wolf Charm
- hp 1000-4000, dmg 30-125, immune cold, 50% damage resist, freezing howl (upgrades to 50% freeze solid howl @ 3000hp)
(Note that you can only have 1 wolf pet at a time.)

New Monsters:
Goblins - Surviving experiments of Lor Mal that didn't quite make it into the war.

Blood Goblins: Nasty, agile, fast moving goblins with a burning thirst for blood:
• monsters/bgoblin (25) - Blood Goblin Fodder comes in three very acrobatic varieties
• monsters/bgoblin_skirmisher (25) - Blood Goblin Skirmisher: V. Fast and agile skirmisher with a burning saber
• monsters/bgoblin_guard (30) - Blood Goblin Guard: Beefier, although not as agile, comes in 2 varieties, one with a flaming axe
• monsters/bgoblin_shaman (30) - Blood Goblin Evoker: Fire galore: balls, walls, and elementals. Dies to reveal the greater fire elemental trapped within.
• monsters/bgoblin_chief (30) - Blood Goblin Chieftain: bigger hobgoblin with a big fiery axe, fire breath, stun attacks, armor, and all the agility of the wee ones.

Vile Goblins: Venomous beasts of similar bent to their Blood Goblin brethren:
• monsters/vgoblin (25) - Vile Goblin Fodder: three flavors, slightly weaker than the Blood's fodder, but annoying in their own way
• monsters/vgoblin_archer (25) - Vile Goblin Needler: rains down tiny poisoned arrows
• monsters/vgoblin_guard (30) - Vile Goblin Guard: Slower moving and tougher in their leather armor, they wield deadly poisoned blades
• monsters/vgoblin_shaman (30) - Vile Goblin Poisoner: Summons bad things, has a nasty smoking habit coupled with a poisonous blast, possessed by an elder horror
• monsters/vgoblin_chief (35) - Vile Goblin Chieftain: Speaks softly, but carries a big stick - studded with cursed skulls, which launch forth to chew your face off!

Some Blood Goblins can periodically throw Greek fire, while some Vile Goblins can toss poisonous bile at you. Such goblins keep these unstable materials stored in a quiver on their backs.

Other Goblins
• monsters/hobgoblin (20) - A goblin, all growed up
• monsters/hobgoblin_archer (20) - A goblin, all growed up, with a bow and jagged arrows
• monsters/hobgoblin_berserker (25) - A goblin, all growed up, and on crack
- Hobgoblins don't jump around as much as their tinier counterparts - but they can easily leap at targets perched above them, if need be. (More lore info available when wiki is resurrected.)
• monsters/sgoblin (25) - Shadow goblins - these annoying little buggers vanish at will

Older goblins use the new model but demonstrate same old behavior (although hit range was a bit nerfed.)

New Kharaztorant Culists
• monsters/k_larva_black (30) - Black Kharaztorant Larva
- About double the strength of the red larva, more affliction oriented, cold resistant
- Pukes up blinding poison all over nearby opponents
• monsters/k_childre_black (35) - Black Kharaztorant Childre
- About double the strength of red childre, more affliction oriented, cold resistant
- Fires spore clouds and has a repelling poisonous burst attack
• monsters/k_childre_boss (35) - Black Kharaztorant Hierophant (aka. Kruxus the Corrupting Shadow)
- Elder black childre, much stronger, capable of raining down storms of poison spores, much improved ethereal shift.
- Requires a fair amount of headroom for optimum functionality.

• monsters/k_elder (25)
- Elder Kharaztorant Cultists with nasty, although specialized, powers
- Comes in fire, lightning, poison, and cold variants
- These monsters are designed to keep a single player in check, but not be as much of a threat to a group of players. They tend to focus one player to the exclusion of all others, then use cheap magic effects to inhibit his movement and/or pin him in place.
- Suggest avoiding using more than one lightning variant in the same location, as the tempent spam would be heavy. Also beware that lightning variants may send players flying upward into places you do not want them to be able to reach.
- To define variants, use the "Additional Parameters" (params) property:
- " type_fire ", " type_poison ", " type_cold ", or " type_lightning ", accordingly

• monsters/k_hollow_one (35)
- This is the apex of Kharaztorant evolution, should they avoid mutating into one sort of beast or another. The Hollow Ones have access to a massive array of spells and abilities.
- Give these guys some head room, as they can fly.
- You cannot have more than one alive at the same time due to the way the client effects are designed. (Use dmgmulti or hpmulti, if ye must)
- They are intensive tempent users, but designed to hold their own against small groups of players without escort.
- Offensive abilities include... (in order of deployment)
? Spawn Corpse Light
- Corpse light's are ethereal beings that slowly drain mana from targets until they die
- They appear as very slow moving translucent blue flames
- They are absolutely indestructible, although they do expire over time, or when their target dies
- (These beasts are entirely client side and inclusive to the Hollow One's script, so they cannot be produced individually. The Hollow One may maintain up to 8 at any given time - although with the expire time and frequency he deploys them, one is unlikely to see more than 4.)
? Guided Fire Ball - slow moving, client side AOE fire ball
? Guided Ice Ball - slow moving, client side AOE ice ball
? Fire Breath* (duckable) - Breaths fire in a 360 arc
? Ice Spiral - Raises ice spikes from the ground in an outward moving spiral
? Poison Breath* (duckable) - Blinding poison, in a 360 arc
? Magic Cage (projectile) - Immobilizes (although does not paralyze) a single target for 30 seconds.
? * Skips these parts of his cycle while in flight
- Defensive abilities include...
? Static Field - approaching too close to the Hollow One will result in a repulsive shock
(Trick is to get close enough to do melee damage, but not so close as to get zapped.)
? Shadow Shift - The Hollow One will occasionally dodge blows by teleporting short distances ( He will not do this while using either of the next two defensive abilities: )
? Mirror Image - The Hollow One can vanish and create multiple decoy images of himself.
? Flight - The Hollow One can choose to fly through the air and rain death down on opponents from above.
- Forms a pattern of sprites in the vague image of a dragon on death


• monsters/mummy_fodder [25] - Crypt Fiend
- Basic, slow moving mummy. May rise up from the dead again, much like the skeletons do, but he's a bit less obvious about it.
- Beware that, like skeletons, mummies that get up again will trigger any fireallperish events when they die the first time. So if you have a gauntlet going, some mummies left behind may get up again to join the battle in the next section.

• monsters/mummy_slave [30] - Mummified Slave
- Slightly faster, slightly stronger. If you get too close, it may bite your head off. Like the Crypt Fiend, these have a habit of not staying down. (It's just these two actually, all the following are 1 shot wonders.)

• monsters/mummy_cursed [30] - Cursed Crypt Fiend
- This crypt fiend has a red glowing aura around it that prevents players from getting near, and a stretchy-arm Dhalsim style attack that reaches just beyond it. This forces players, more or less, to take out the beast with projectile weaponry. It is recommend that you avoid using more than one of these per encounter (maybe two, in a very large room). Additionally, these guys will periodically puke up blinding bile.

• monsters/mummy_warrior1 [30] - Mummified Slave Driver
- Faster, tougher, and armed with a random weapon, these guys will run up to you and give you the beat down.

• monsters/mummy_warrior1b [30] - Mummified Swordsman
- Similar to the Slave Driver, but a bit meaner, faster, and with a two prong sword

• monsters/mummy_warrior1c [30] - Mummified Legionnaire
- As above, but this time with a spear he can throw

• monsters/mummy_cleric [35] - Mummified High Priest
- These monsters will attempt to stay at the back of the battle lines and heal other mummies. They will not heal other types of undead or allies. While this guy lives, other mummies will be neigh impossible to kill.
- Do not use more than one Mummified High Priest per encounter. While they will not heal themselves, they will heal one another, and it'd take quite a gang bang to take down two of them healing one another.
- Note also that High Priests can heal other mummies as far away as 1024 units - and ignore walls when they do. While it is possible to have a cleric healing mummies from a separate chamber, I wouldn't recommend it, as it is not exactly intuitive.

• monsters/mummy_ice [35] - Mummified Ice Lord
- Has a blue glowing aura that will freeze anyone who gets near, and freezing ice breath that'll harm and slow players at a fair distance. If a player is frozen within their aura, the mummy will attempt to bite his head off before he escapes (not that there's much hope of this, even with strong cold resistance.)

• monsters/mummy_necro [35] - Mummified Necromonger
- This necromancer has a really weird looking aura that damages anyone nearby for about the same rate of damage as the golden skeleton's Circle of Death.
- Additionally, he can summon a number wraiths equal to the number of players on the server (minimum 2). For a description of these, see entry for monsters/wraith.

• monsters/mummy_warrior2 [40] - Mummified Warrior
- Similar to the Slave Drivers but with cleaner bandages, and much stronger.

• monsters/mummy_warrior2b [40] - Mummified Flameguard
- As the Warrior, but with a magic flaming sword. Also, unlike all the other mummies, this one is flame resistant and cold vulnerable.

• monsters/mummy_warrior2c [40] - Mummified Warlord
- He works similarly to the Legionnaire, but he's a LOT stronger, and his pike is magical. It's a bit easier to dodge, but if he hits you with it, you're frozen in place inside a magical cage for at least 10 seconds. You can still attack while inside this cage - but this guy will easily out reach you with his pike and poke you to death very quickly. This makes him neigh impossible to solo, but a gang bang of like level characters should be able to do him in, as he can only freeze one player every 20 seconds or so, and, like most monsters, tends to retaliate on the nearest opponent.

• monsters/mummy_storm_pharaoh [40] - Pharaoh of Storms
- This royal bastard has a lightning shield that prevents attackers from getting near, a big pike to poke players with, and lightning breath and beams with which to bring the pain to those out of reach.

Note that all the breath weapons and auras work through walls (it'd be rough on the server to combine them with a traceline - and neigh impossible in the pharaoh's case.)

Mummy Additional Parameters:
Mummies all share two optional additional parameters you can add via the property of the same name in their msmonster_xxx:
• spawn_squatting
- Mummies with this parameter will spawn in a sort of meditative squatting position. They will not attack until players come near, and within their FOV - or they are attacked. When they slay all the players around, they'll resume squatting, a few seconds later, near where the last player fell.
• spawn_eating
- Mummies with this parameter will spawn eating off the floor, as if ravaging a fallen corpse. Feel free to add a corpse and blood decals if you wish. They will not be disturbed from their meal unless a player gets VERY close (from the front) or strikes them. Once they've killed a player, if there are no more around, they will resume their munching activities on the resulting corpse.

I don't recommend using spawn_squatting or spawn_eating on any mummy with an aura (ie. mummy_cursed / mummy_ice) as it may cause odd visual effects. These parameters are likely best used with fodder, slave, and warrior types. It could also be used as a "trap" in a lower level dungeon - ie. a mummy you have to sneak past - although if the first player who encounters it manages to live long enough to drag it to where it's blocking a corridor, it could be the end of the line for him and any like-leveled friends.

Mummies using spawn_squatting or spawn_eating will not respond unless the described conditions are met - even if their allies nearby are in combat. This behavior maybe altered on request.

You can force a squatting or munching mummy to rise on que by using the ms_npcscript event "mummy_getup_now".

You can force ALL mummies on the map, squatting or eating, to get up at once by spawning an NPC with the scriptname: monsters/mummies_getup. This NPC is temporary, so you can use it for subsequent groups of mummies (for instance, in multiple rooms). An example usage of this would be to have all the squatting mummies get up when a player nears a sacred object.

• setup_mummy_mace, setup_mummy_axe, setup_mummy_sword
- Any one of these additional params can be used on lesser warrior types (monsters/mummy_warrior1 and monsters/mummy_warrior2) to force a particular weapon, rather than choosing one at random.
- Mace wielding mummies have a chance of stunning enemies.
- Axe wielding mummies have a bit more HP.
- Sword wielding mummies are a bit weaker, but hit harder.

• set_no_fake_death
- Makes mummies that might get up again after death, not do so.

Skeletal Archers:
• monsters/skeleton_archer1 [20]
- Roughly Calruin'd leveled basic skeleton archer.
- Skeleton may fake death (a bit subtler than the default skeleton's method).
• monsters/skeleton_archer2 [25]
- Bit meaner, along the power of an Orc Sniper.
- Skeleton may fake death (a bit subtler than the default skeleton's method).
• monsters/skeleton_archer3 [30]
- Nastier armored archer, arrows have some knock-back.
- All the following archers also have arrows with knock-back of varying degrees.
• monsters/skeleton_archer_fire1 [25] - Magic fire arrows.
• monsters/skeleton_archer_fire2 [35] - AOE Magic fire arrows.
• monsters/skeleton_archer_ice1 [25] - Magic ice arrows.
• monsters/skeleton_archer_ice2 [35] - AOE Magic ice arrows (Freezes solid on direct hit)
• monsters/skeleton_archer_lightning1 [25] - Magic lightning arrows.
• monsters/skeleton_archer_lightning2 [35] - AOE Magic lightning arrows.
• monsters/skeleton_archer_poison1 [25] - Nasty poisoned arrows.
• monsters/skeleton_archer_poison2 [38] - AOE Magic poisoned arrows.
• monsters/skeleton_archer_stone1 [30] - Statue of a skeleton with a bow.
• monsters/skeleton_archer_stone2 [40] - Nastier version of the same thing.

Additional Parameters for Skeleton Archers:
• set_turret - Don't move and don't chase targets.
• set_no_fake_death - Don't get up again after death.
• set_rebirths - Get back up the following token times (eg. "set_rebirths;10")
• make_sleeper.
- Spawn playing dead until a player comes near (invulnerable while sleeping)
- Stone skeletons will attempt to look like statues instead.
• make_sitter - Spawn sitting until a player comes near and in FOV (or attacks).
• make_deep_sleeper
- Spawn playing dead and do not get up until receives event skeleton_wake_up or the NPC monsters/skels_wakeup is spawned.
• Skeleton archers are affected by monsters/skels_wakeup, monsters/skels_sleep, monsters/skells_deep_sleep, and monsters/skels_normal scripts in the same way normal skeletons are (see MAR2008a changelog).
• REMINDER: You can combine additional parameters by separating them with semi-colons. For example: "make_sitter;set_rebirths;5;set_turret" (sans-quotes) would make a skeleton archer spawn sitting, fake death 5 times, and act as a turret.

Undead Orcs:
Zombie Orcs have a messload of HP, but move and attack very slowly...
• monsters/zorc_warrior1 [25]
• monsters/zorc_warrior2 [30]
• monsters/zorc_warrior3 [33]
• monsters/zorc_archer1 [30] - Pulls so strong the arrows have some knock-back.
• monsters/zorc_archer2 [35] - Both archers accept the additional parameter "set_turret".

More of the Shahaddar Army
• monsters/djinn_lightning_lesser [35] - Lesser Lightning Djinn
- A lightnng Djinn ogre, similar to the Cleicert Boss (no summons)
• monsters/djinn_lightning_lesser_alt [38] - Lesser Lightning Djinn
- Alternate behavioral model of same, but better at operating with allies (no summons)
• monsters/djinn_lightning_troll [35] - Shahaddar Lightning Djinn
- Troll-based Lightning Djinn - throws AOE lighting balls summons guided lightning spheres
• monsters/sorc_shaman_elder [30] - Elder Shahaddar Lightning Shaman
- Nastier variant of the ye old dreaded lightning tosser
(Thuldahr still pending)

Torkalath Elves
• monsters/telf_warrior_bow [35] - Torkalath Shadowarcher
- Fires spiraling elemental mists from her magical bow
• monsters/telf_warrior_esword [35] - Torkalath Blademistress
- Angry gal with a Torkalath Not-so-Short Sword
• monsters/telf_warrior_fmace_dshield [35] - Torkalath Warrior
- Torkalath elven warriorsess with a fire mace and shield
• monsters/telf_warrior_idagger [40] - Torkalath Frostmistress
- Female Torkalath elf with a Lich Tongue
• monsters/telf_warrior_laxe [40] - Torkalath Slasher
- Female Torkalath elf with a unique lightning axe
• monsters/telf_warrior_pdagger [30] - Torkalath Assassin
- Female Torkalath elf with a poisoned throwing knife
- All Torkalath warrior types are 50% resistant to all elements
• monsters/telf_wizard_xbow [30] - Torkalath Apprentice
- This male Torkalath Sorcerer in training relies on his heavy cross bow and explosive bolts
(Torkalath Novice and Necromancer still pending...)

• monsters/snake_gcobra (20) - Has been updated for full functionality. The beast also now has a blinding poison gas spray, and his XP has been updated accordingly.
• monsters/scorpion5_stone(25) - Stone Scorpion (Big)
• monsters/scorpion6_stone(30) - Obsidian Scorpion (Huge)
• minibosses/titan & monsters/elemental_earth3 (35 - Boss) - The Titan: This huge boss requires 1150+ units of headroom, and the players must be trapped near where he spawns, as all his summons and treasure drops appear within a 512 unit circle of this placement.
• monsters/snake_cobra_boss (35 - Boss) - The Gargantuan Cobra: This mythic beast requires 250 units of headroom and is over 300 units wide. Comes in _turret variant, which doesn't move, but spits at anything it sees, and bites a breaths at what is in reach.
• mscave/shadahar2 (25 - Boss) - This new version of the remains of Shadahar only functions on mscave, and requires support scripts ( mscave/shad_teleX )
• nashalrath/kayrath (35 - Boss) - Big ugly tenticle plant-like mini-boss for Nashalrath

• monsters/lost_soul (15) - Think Doom.
• traps/splodie_skull (15) - A skull that drops down, bounces about, and 'splodes a few seconds later, poisoning all around.
- Best deployed as a trap due to it's limited life span and lack of homing instinct.

• monsters/wraith [20] - Wraith
- This creature is immune to all but holy weapons, and dark magic. He's also *slightly* vulnerable to lightning.
- He can float through walls and chase you just about anywhere.
- When near you, he'll hit you with a beam that drains your mana. If he drains all your mana - you die.
- He'll also teleport around if you get too close to him. This looks like an effort to dodge blows - but it's actually an effort not to get players stuck inside him. We would have liked to make him no-clip, so you could simply walk through him, but then you wouldn't be able to hit him with traceline damage or projectiles.
- Generally, they will not hunt for players more than 1024 units away from the spot where they are summoned/spawned - but they will chase them any distance, once they lock on. When they have no target, they'll roam a fair distance around their spawn point. They can also attack enemy NPC's (eg. pets) for hitpoint damage.

• monsters/cold_one [35]
- A nasty frozen necromancer mini-boss that decays throughout the battle

• monsters/guardian_iron [35-40] - Iron Guardian
- Huge and slow lightning golem with a huge sword and nasty attacks
• monsters/guardian_iron_charger - (Utility)
- If you spawn this before the Iron Guardian, it will serve as his recharge point
- Without a recharge point, the Iron Guardian never runs out of charge, and is thus a lot more dangerous

• monsters/bludgeon_gaz1_corrupt [30] - Corrupted Bludgeon
• monsters/bludgeon_gaz1_corrupt_mini [30] - Young Corrupted Bludgeon
- Affliction enchanted variants of the demon bludgeon.

Misc NPCs
• tutorial/prisoner - Kyra NPC for Tutorial Map
• tutorial/rat [1] - Hostile rat for Tutorial Map
• tutorial/slave - Tutorial Slave for Tutorial Map
• tutorial/slavemaster - Special weak bandit script for Tutorial Map (no XP)

New Mapper Toys
• weather/vapors - This ms_npc can be placed on your map to make a pulsing cloud of fog or mist, with a color and size of your choosing, with the additional option of damaging players
- Requires "params" (Additional Properties) property be set in tokens. Format is: <(RRR,GGG,BBB)>;<radius>;[type:fire|cold|poison];[dmg/sec] - explained in detail:
? (RRR,GGG,BBB) - the color (same format you use to make lights in Hammer, figure it out)
? (radius) - Up to 1024 units - although sizes above 512 are not recommended.
? [type:fire|cold|poison] (optional) required for damaging clouds only
? [dmg/sec] damage delt to players per second, keep low, as it will cause XP loss if they die to it.
- Note also that these clouds damage only players, not NPCs
- example: "(0,255,0);128" - 12 foot wide bright green cloud (sans quotes, mind ye)
- example: "(255,0,0);64;fire;10" - 5 foot wide bright red cloud that causes 10/sec fire damage
- Weather vapors can be removed with an ms_npcscript event "npc_suicide"
- Don't go crazy with these - they eat tempents. Best to have them spawn with some nearby monster, and vanish along with him via ms_npcscript.

New Entities:
• ms_monsterspawn
- This is the same as msarea_monsterspawn, except it works as a point entity without Hammer flipping out.
- Yes, now you can add monster spawns with only_ents compiles, and without adding more brushes to your map.
- This entity, obviously, lacks the "spawn within box" option. (Although if you manually set it, monsters will spawn directly at the entity's location.)
• ms_counter
- Same concept, except with trigger_counter

• New FGD's not only provide access to the new entities above, as well as a various bug fixes, but also offer a global "note" property for all entities, where you can enter information about each individual entity (very handy for multi-mapper projects and complicated entity chains). Remember not to put quotes (") in this, or any other entity property though, or the map will fail to compile.

New Dev Command:
- devcmd tospawn [spawn_name] (eg. devcmd tospawn from_mscave)
- If you have access to the alpha dev commands, you can use this to teleport to a random ms_player_spawn, or any random ms_player_spawn with a message property matching the [spawn_name] you enter. Very handy for testing maps with multiple transition points.

New trigger scripts:
- triggers/glow_block - Stick this "scriptname" property on a trigger_multi and any player who crosses it will have their glow snuffed out. They'll be unable to use glow again until they cross another trigger brush with the script "triggers/glow_unblock" (or the map changes).
- triggers/trigger_zap - This does direct lightning damage to the target. This is not an applyeffect - meaning if the target is not entirely immune to lighting, it will still take some damage, rather than having a %chance to resist the effect. Targetname is the name to use in the damage report (eg. "An|electrified floor"). Target is the amount of HP damage to do each time the brush is touched. This brush will also affect monsters.

Old trigger scripts
- The following trigger scripts have been aliased here. We shall mention them for sake of review:
• triggers/totalhp_trigger - Trigger "target" if total server hp in range.
- "targetname" represents the HP range. Format: "minhp;maxhp"
- eg. targetname "1000" would fire target if the total hp of players on the server equal or greater than 1000
- eg. targetname "250;500" would fire target if the total hp of players was between 250 and 500
• triggers/trigger_avghp - same as above, but works by average hp, instead of total
• triggers/trigger_burn - Resistible fire damage on touch
- "targetname" property shows the name to displayed on evthud, eg. "some|hot lava"
- "target" can be used to redefine the amount fire damage (default is 1000, if not defined)
• triggers/trigger_cannon
- Triggers if a cannonball flies through the brush (map specific trick for ocean_crossing)
• triggers/trigger_if_evil
- Fires target only if touched by a non-human allied NPC (non-dwarf, non-elf, non-hguard)
• triggers/trigger_poison
- As trigger_burn, but does poison damage.
- You can vary the time poison lasts by adding a semi-colon and time, following the damage.
- eg. target "10;60" - would do 10pts damage/sec for 60 seconds.
• triggers/trigger_web
- Intended for use with func_wall_toggle, paralyzes players who touch it for 10 seconds, and fires the targetname (with the intent of removing the wall - so it should target itself)
• triggers/undamael_break
- Fires "target" event when touched by Undamael, once. (ie. sfor/msc_undamael)
• triggers/undamael_hurt
- Acts as lava. If Undamael is present, anything that dies in this lava adds to Undmael's HP.
• triggers/undamael_pitedge
- When touched by Undamael, it tells him that he's reached the edge of his pit, and should float back towards his spawn point for a bit (due to the complex way in which Undamael is handled, he cannot be blocked by monsterclips - or even walls for that matter, so these are the only way to contain him.)

New Global Additional Parameters:
All monster scripts accept these as Additional Parameters.
• ext_reduct_xp;<ratio>
- If you have monster you feel is in an unusually exploitable situation, you can use this add param to reduce its experience value by the inputted ratio. eg. "ext_reduct_xp;0.25" = 25% XP value. You cannot use values greater than 1 to increase XP value - but we can handle that for you with special scripts if we feel your monster is in a situation that makes him more difficult to defeat than usual and/or is being used as an end-of-map boss.
• ext_no_drops
- Useful for the same situations that ext_reduct_xp is, this is used to prevent the monster from dropping gold or items. A *few* monsters, however, will still drop their items due to having older scripting conventions. These can be dealt with on an individual basis, script side, if need be.


Known Issues:
• Under the new Day/Night fx system, the map starts at night (always has I guess) - but with the fade-in sequence this is particularly jarring (lest, the server time is already night). Not sure what to do about this. It also makes the birds chirp in twice as the map switches to day for the first time, for some odd reason.
• clearsky doesn't stop some server-side effects (lightning may continue if you use it during storm). (But hey, at least those who enjoy the rain can do so without you :p.)
• Blinding poison attack lags like hell when it first loads

Download ye epically sized update: 168MB

(If you downloaded the patch recently, clear your net caches, as file is under the same name as the last patch (msc_beta_package.exe). If it comes down under 160MB, it ain't the right patch.)

I've only updated the download page, I'm in the process of updating the other pages.
I also need to make rounds under a JUN2008 install and clear people from the servers before FN goes down for them.


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Re: List of changelogs



Patch of the chix0rz, to be sure.

New Stuffs

• Female player model.
- That's right, you can now be chix0rz!
- Note that chix0r model seems to tremble a bit when in leather armor (just too much sexy for the engine to handle I guess), and may have a few other oddities.
• Bag of Holding now eliminates all weight put into it, and can hold anything the heavy backpack can
• Arrows and bolts automatically stack by type
• Noob shops give advice and have been simplified
- The only containers available are Big Sacks, Weapon Straps, and Backpacks. Their prices have been greatly reduced.
- If you desire the older superfluous weapon sheaths, you can still get them in Gatecity.
• Noob shops will warn/prevent purchasing of items beyond your level.
- Should save some early investment pains for the newbies, will also give advice on more appropriate weapons.
• Some items restricted by damage points.
- Some items that fall into the game world will be reserved for the player with the most damage points.
• More voice acting by Squaresoft.
• DOT damages now stack!
- Hopefully without increasing the number of server crashes, we'll see... :\
- Note this is only true of differing DOT effects: Fire+Fire does not stack, while Fire+Ice does.

New Maps
• The Wall by Skillasaur (40+)
- This ancient line elven fortresses stood as the last line of defense against Lor Malgoriand's armies during the Age of Blood.
- The depopulated elven empire no longer has the forces to maintain them, however, and they have since been taken over by the undead.
- Torkalath elves have fled their pursuers and now hide within. Can you capture their leaders, or will you merely add to the bastions of undead that rule there?
- See spoiler section for various advice on dealing with The Wall.
- (What, only one new map!?) - Sorry guys, but for once we have more new items than new maps, if that makes you feel any better.

Map Updates
• Islesofdread1 by J
- Fixed various monster counters.
• Isle by CSS
- Fixed the music trigger
• MScave by %WTF%
- Various minor bugs
• Shad_Palace by Rickler
- Various bugs and exploits (recompile)

Mapper Toys
• Fixed some bugs in the FGD
• env_model now has Scale option
- Note that this does not preview in the hammer editor, nor does it affect collision boxes
• Few new props (candles, lights, corpses, mountains, stalagmites/tites)
• set_npc_turret additional param
- Semi-universal param for setting a monster into turret mode
• base trigger property: scriptevent
- Calls a specific script event against player or monster when touched
- Unlike script triggers, this obeys the rule of the trigger touched (flag, delay, etc.)
- Code side HP/requirements system for triggers still pending
• set_stepsize additional param
- Following param destermines new monster step size, eg. "set_stepsize;64"
- Useful for dealing with some monster navigation bugs
• set_no_step_adj additional param
- Causes monster not to adjust step size based on height
- Also useful for dealing with some monster navigation bugs
• set_summon_circle additional param
- Causes monster to manifest in a summoning circle on spawn
• set_fade_in additional param
- Causes monster to fade in on spawn
• npcatk_attack_till_spotted additional param
- Causes monster to play its attack animation until struck or spotting enemy
- Useful for making a monster look as though it was hacking away at something until it notices players
- (May not work on all monsters)
• ext_scale additional param
- Scales monster models (up or down) and their collision boxes
- Subsequent param deternines amount to scale, eg. "ext_scale;1.5"
- Increases attack reach on most monsters, but may cause issues, especially if extreme numbers are used (2.0 seems to be about the safe max limit for most)
• ext_no_player_damage additional param
- Renders monster immune to player damage (good for critical NPC's you don't want to be slayable by players.)

Scripter Toys
• Various additions to base_chat
- callevent bchat_auto_mouth_move <duration>
-- Keeps NPC's mouth moving for X seconds, for use with a sentence
-- chat_loop will do this automatically based on local chat delay
- CHAT_DELAY_STEPX <seconds>
-- Allows override of chat delay on sentence-by-sentence basis
- CHAT_SOUNDX <string>
-- Plays sound at chat step X - beware you must precache any sounds used by this function!
- CHAT_EVENTX <event_name>
-- Calls script event at step X
- callevent bchat_close_mouth
-- Forces NPC's mouth closed
- Various base_chat bugs defeated
• Arrays.
- We now have a limited array system, see ms.stx "array.create" for details.
• callclitemevent <item_id>
- Calls a client event on a specific item that only affects the wielder (allows changing of viewmodels and such from the server side).
• hud.addimgicon <player> <icon> <name> <x> <y> <width> <height> <duration>
- Various fixes to this function. Note that TGA images must of hex-even multiples or they may distort. (256x256, or 512x512, etc.)
• Fixed various bugs with NPC_RETURN_HOME function
- Setting this to 1 will cause the NPC to return to home position and angles after kill, provided they are unmolested and see no new targets.
- This setting is retained unless manually reset.
- Note that NPC's returning home do not use the full navigation AI, as they are in idle mode, so it maybe difficult for them to find their way back, if it is a long ways back or the return path is fraught with obstacles.
• monsters/base_jumper #include
- Provides fairly accurate monster-jump to opponent, ala the sorcs and elves.
- NPC_JUMPER must be set 1. See script for further documentation.

Bug Fixes / Optimizations
• Fixed persistent fog
- The "clearsky" command should now remove fog and screen tint affects as well - however, it may also be affecting all players (really just need to redo the weather sys, tis a whole bag of chaos as it is written now.)
• Shields unconsolidated
- Should reduce the appearance of the viewmodel scramble bug.
- You'll still get hit with it when pulling potions and the like, however.
• Lag reduction for lightning shield effect
• XP multipliers for various secondary effects (speed, demon blood)
• Tomahawks and Lightning Axes should do more dependable DOT and XP on throws.
- Damage also increased.
• Fixed shop prices for skins
• Reduced lag caused by rapid hp/mp changes
• Various issues with the Frost Bow
• Voting for HLDM maps has been blocked
• Took a stab at some issues with crossbow bolts
• Various chest bugs (including one not appearing on Thanatos)
• Hopefully the last of the fire elemental bugs
• Thuldhar and Undamael XP
• Leadfoot potions now prevent being stunned
• Potential issues with the view model distance fix
• Various fixes for Fire Aura and Acid Plate armors
• Made eagles play nicer with monsterclips on Thanatos
• Hopefully beat the Iron Guardian into submission (cuz if not, I'm gonna re-write the bastard from scratch. ><)
• Blinding poison, and a few other cleffect bugs from JAN2010b fixed.
• Winter wolf pets >3000hp not freezing targets with howl.
• Synced/re-wrote Derallin's (mscave actor) speech to better Squaresoft's acting.
- Also added some new speech to Slinker, also via Squaresoft.
• Fixed some, but probably not all, of the individualized chest bugs.
• Some more anti-DOS attack measures for FN.
• Various fixed exploits and bugs, aka. the usual 10,000 changes too numerous to list.

Known Issues
• Submodels sometimes scramble on char selection screen
• Ice shield, etc. still seems to mess up the third person character display.
• "clearsky" may affect other clients (mentioned above)
• When first creating a female character, it will appear as male on the char selection screen.
• Female model trembles in leather armor (mentioned above).
• It is really hard to get Forsuth to follow you up the spiral staircase on The_Wall
- If it gets harder with multiple players, may just "eff it" and rig him to teleport to the top.
- Note: Due to forum outage, there have been NO multi-player tests for The_Wall, expect mucho bugs.
• Some players may not be able to delete their chars. (Meantime, make delete requests in FN rollback request section.)


New Items
• Ethereal Dagger [30]
- Bypasses most all monster armor
• Torkalath Ice Bow [30]
- Fires a spiral of freezing cold
• Torkalath Fire Bow [30]
- Fires a spiral of flames
• Torkalath Lightning Bow [30]
- Fires a spiral of ball lightning
• Torkalath Chaos Bow [30]
- Fires random elemental spirals
• Axe of Balance [25]
- This ornate axe favors accuracy over damage

New Beasties
• monsters/skeleton_ice2_hammer - Frost Hammer [40]
- First of the next tier of ice skeletons
- This large ice skeleton wields two hammers and has a nasty speed attack
• monsters/lost_soul_ice - Lost Soul [25]
- Ice variant of the Lost Soul.
- (Aggressive flight model, freezing attacks, explodes on death.)
• traps/splodie_skull_ice [25]
- Ice variant of the splodie skull (bounces randomly for about 20 secs, then explodes)
• monsters/telf_wizard_novice [40]
- Summons a sphere of floating death that he can guide through walls
- Has repulsive shield attacks

• the_wall/forsuth - Forsuth the Frosty, for The Wall
- Extended escort mission character
• the_wall/elf_wizard_guard - Seeker Velend Varon
• the_wall/elf_warrior_guard1 - One of Velend's escorts
• the_wall/elf_warrior_guard2 - Velend's other escort
• the_wall/telf_necro - Ihotor, Torkie Necromancer of Dewm [40+]
- Current XP value assumes extensive escort
• the_wall/telf_leader1 - Azura - Industrial Strength Torkie [40+]
• the_wall/telf_leader2 - Ulectrath " " [40+]
• the_wall/telf_leader3 - Ivicta " " [40+]

Advice for The Wall
• This map be neigh impossible to solo once you hit the Torkie elves. Bring dependable allies, and resistance potions.
• You can use the Seekers to aid in your initial battles, working into the wall, but it is risky. If Velend dies, you won't get any rewards from him. They stand about a 50% chance of defeating the opening wave on their own, but about a 90% chance, if they are first ice shielded.
• Forsuth is tough, but not invulnerable. He must survive to the end of the map for you to receive additional rewards from him.
• It is VERY difficult to get Forsuth to follow you up the staircase. Bring him up slowly, and if he runs back down the stairs, follow him quickly. He'll always follow the last player who +use'd him. Making noise (eg. by attacking) may also cause him to face you.
• To get the final reward from Forsuth, you must have already defeated all three Torkalath leaders and Ihotor. (Only likely to be an issue if you've entered the map from The Frost Caverns, The Bleak, or The Wall East spawns.)
• Beware that Wraiths can only be attacked with Holy Weapons, and will kill Forsuth, or your pets, quite quickly. Remember they drain MP, not health, but will still slay you if you run out of MP.
• Forsuth and Velend have so much HP, it'll take a team to heal them. Forsuth has passive regen, but it's not very fast.
• Ihotor is likely to have one player completely immobilized at any given time, however, he'll likely focus most of his attention on this player. Use this opportunity to attack him, but also have a player free to keep his army of undead in check.
• Keep an eye out for the red sprites that make up Ihotor's barrier. When they are present, they'll repel and damage nearby attackers.
• The flying skulls near The Cold One are worth little to no XP, but cannot follow you past the fog barrier into his domain. They are there to prevent you from exploiting him from the top, and will vanish during The Cold One's final stage.
• Getting bounced around by Torkie Apprentices' crossbows is very annoying. Have a potion of leadfoot on hand, or try to break their fire up by bringing multiple players into the mix.
• Velend's rewards are chosen randomly, and some are not real great. He'll give one random reward for each Torkie head retrieved, and an additional, fixed list of rewards, for all players, for Ihotor's head.
• Forsuth, as indicated, offers an additional random reward to the player with the most damage points, provided you can escort him to the end of the map.
• Map is of epic length, and heavy on the ents. Try not to crash it before the end! :/


Ye Download:
Your one-and-only source for MSC Downloads!


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Re: List of changelogs



Bug squashing 101

This patch is mostly dedicated to squashing bugs that cropped up in MAR2010, so not much in the way of new stuff here, but hopefully this should put an end to several headaches:

Fixed Bugs
• Fixed various spell casting / purchasing limitations.
• Fixed various ammo stacking issues.
• Fixed Olof being even crazier than usual (re-wrote script from ground up)
• Fixed folks not being able to delete their characters (hopefully)
• Fixed "body parts vanishing" and "transexual" issues caused by glowshells and the like
• Fixed CL effect on Torkalath bows
• If Forsuth is stuck in the elevator on The_Wall, he will eventually teleport to the top
• Various other attempts to make Forsuth more dependable.
- PS. Suggest using the *inside* pillar when getting Forsuth to travel up the spiral.
• Some optimization for NPC death sequences (still not killed pfn_Think bug though)
• Fixed various bugs with individualized treasure chests (hopefully - under new system).
• Fixed Bludgeon's stunning with DOT at a distance.
• Fixed some flaws with the vote system hanging (hopefully).
• Fixed some bugs related to the new Steam UI.
• Fixed various "script duplication" bugs causing various strange errors (though we've not tracked them all down yet).
• Fixed various potential base_chat related bugs.
• Fixed bug with the Felewyn ring quest.
• Fixed some poison/spore cloud related bugs.
• Fixed some magic circles being subject to push attacks.
• Fixed some bugs with Captain Ron and a few other vendors.
• Fixed the ****ing Iron Guardian. (Hopefully)
• Fixed Ethereal dagger secondary attack not bypassing armor.
• Holdan Returns!
• Generated Tickets for various neglected items.
• Various FGD updates.
- func_plat now has a flag you can check to cause the elevator to adjust 16 units down after reaching its top, in an effort to prevent players getting stuck - this doesn't seem to really help, however. Need to come up with a better solution. :\
• Fixed some 10,000 other minor bugs that I'm not going to bother to list...

New Stuffs
• /stuck will now adjust you 8 units up, if there is head room and you are not within /stuck range of a spawn, in case you get stuck on an elevator/platform. This is allowed once every 5 seconds.

New Map
• Umulak Necropolis by Dridje (40+, Disconnected)
- A very attractive Egyptian theme map with many mummies and a few puzzles

Map Updates
• The Wall by Skillasaur (40+, Disconnected)
- Some rebalancing, optimization, and various fixes (some of which may not be 100%, but we shall hope.)
- Fixed unbreakable wall, gibbing ice reaver, etc. Improved general treasure layout, XP, etc.
• Islesofdread1 by J (25-30)
- Some changes to monster spawn layout and fixings of some potentially broken monster spawn chains.
• Thanatos (30-35)
- Fixed issues with some skeleton archer spawns.
• Calruin2 (25)
- Stripped most of the sprites from the map to allow for more dependable loading.
• Aleyesu (25-30)
- (Re-)Fixed monster spawn chains.

• Increased Torkalath bow damage (also fixed CL effect as noted)
• Raised Torkalath elves XP
• XP reduction for infinite spawn minions in Lodagond no longer apply to other minions
• Fixed leveling sploit on Phoenix Bow


New Items
• Bear Claws [MA30, SC20]
- These powerful high-carb claws can turn the user into a huge bear with a right click.
- While in bear form, the player will inflict massive damage, and be immune to most push and stun effects
- While in bear form the player's manna will slowly drain until depleted, causing him to revert to human form. 30 manna is required to activate bear form, although no manna is actually drained by the transformation itself.

New Beasties
• monsters/beetle_horned [25] - Horned Beetle
- This "small" beetle (about 3 feet across) can fly for short distances, leap attack, and bash players about with its horn.
• monsters/beetle_horned_giant [30] - Giant Horned Beetle
- Can't fly, nor do the short leap attacks of its smaller cousins, but this 8+ foot beast has multiple AOE and stun attacks, and can dish it out as well as take it better than the wee ones.
• monsters/beetle_venom [30] - Venomsack Beetle
- Farts to fly around, explodes into a cloud of nasty gas.
• monsters/beetle_venom_giant [35] - Giant Venomsack
- Giant version of same, minus flight, plus poison aura, plus AOE stun slam, plus breath of eye-watering gas.
• monsters/beetle_fire [35] - Fire Beetle
- Spits fire, explodes.
• monsters/beetle_fire [40] - Giant Fire Beetle
- As above, but meaner, larger, and flightless. AOE stun slam attack. Spits fire at multiple targets.

- Scarabs crawl around slowly, then leap at and latch onto enemies, immobilizing them, while chewing their way inside to the juicy bits.
- Once sated, the Scarab will fall off and run away, to burn off some calories, before making another run.
- Each scarab latched onto a target multiplies the damage of all scarabs attached to said target. (So, individually, not very threatening - but in a group, very deadly).
- Scarabs only have partial AI's, to allow swarms to be easier on servers. This means they will ignore most additional parameters (but should accept npc_suicide, name changes, and dmg/hpmultis).
- They are very small, and thus very difficult to hit.
• monsters/scarab_fire [20*] - Golden Scarab
- Burns, in addition to the usual synergistic chew damage.
• monsters/scarab_fire [20*] - Jade Scarab
- Poisons, in addition to the usual synergistic chew damage.
- * Level estimates are for individual scarabs. A swarm of 10 or so should suffice for level 40.



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Re: List of changelogs



Nothing worse than lazy devs...

Looooooong overdue patch doesn't contain as nearly enough changes to justify the delay, but a lot of what we've done is to prepare for subsequent patches, and thus is not immediately visible. Still... There is some fairly sweeping stuff here...

HOSTING NOTES: Starting an HLDS or listenserver with the -num_edicts flag may lead to crashes on some maps. Also, BOTH the Full Installer and the Patch will replace your listlib.gam file, which will remove any metamod you are using until you edit it again.

New Stuff

Bloom - The poor man's HDR. Yes, we now have our own internal bloom mod that should not trip VAC. It needs some work though, as it is downright blinding on several maps.
- Under the full installer and config, you should be able to tap "B" to toggle it.
- (Otherwise, the bind is "toggle_bloom" if you have the extras.cfg executed in your userconfig.cfg)
- ms_bloom_level 0 should also remove it (default level is 4)
- You can also access it in Advanced Game Options.

Polearms - That's right, a whole new weapon array.
- Specific Polearms are in the spoiler section below, however, we figure folks need to at least know how to use them, so here's the basics...
- All Polearms do the most damage when you strike an opponent at the maximum possible range. So with polearms, the trick to dealing the most damage is to keep your opponent at bay.
- Charged_Thrust - Polearms with this ability will do double damage on the first charge level.
- Block - Polearms with the Block ability have it activated by holding right click. Blocking will reduce damage and the chance to be stunned by creatures attacking from in front of you.
- Spin_Block - On some polearms, entering block while backpedaling will initiate a Spin Block a few seconds later. Spin Block reduces damage even further than normal block, and can deflect most projectiles. Spin Block can only be maintained for so long, and using it repeatedly reduces the length at which it can be sustained.
- Push - Polearms with this ability can push opponents away by using Block+Forward. This does no damage, but places opponents in a better position to be attacked, or allows the wielder to escape from a tricky situation.
- Backhand - When backpedaling and holding the +use button, polearms with this ability will thrust with the butt-end of the weapon. This may stun or repel a single opponent who is very near the player, or offer an alternative damage type. This is useful when pinned by a single fast opponent or surprised by an otherwise damage resistant one.
- Swipe - Polearms with this ability will swipe, instead of stab, if you attack while strafing. This usually does less damage, but the damage is consistent, regardless of distance. In some cases this may also offer an alternative damage type.
- Throwing - Some polearms can be thrown by holding then releasing right click. The longer you hold the right click in preparing the throw, the further the spear will go and the more damage it will do. Creatures that are too close, however, will receive less damage from such a throw.
- Charged_Throw - Polearms with this ability can be thrown at a specific charge level. Unlike a normal throwing spear, the amount of damage they do and the distance the projectile will travel is fixed.
- Polearms are complicated, and also do not train HP very well, as such, they are not recommended as a starter weapon - though they are available on the starter weapon selection screen.

New Parry System
- Your Parry Value is equal to your skill with your equipped weapon.
- If you have two different weapons, then each skill is added to your total Parry Value.
- Shields multiply the Parry Value by x1.5-x3.0, depending on the type.
- Double handed weapons also gain a x1.25 multiplier.
- This will likely be more fine-tuned by weapon or weapon type down the road.
- Parry no longer affects any stats, but various other stats have been raised to compensate (and then some).

• The console command 'clearsky' now only affects your client. The sky will remain clear, until you change maps or use setweather (which also now only affects your client).

• The Galat Storage chest now has about three times the capacity!

• New sexy female leathers. ;)

New Map
• Shadahar Village (sorc_villa) by Rickler
- The villa watched over by Shadahar Palace offers many opportunities to friends and foes alike.

Map Updates
• Thanatos - some changes to the "bird madness".
• The_Wall - various stabs at various bugs, optimization, stability, and blockage issues.
• Umulak - various exploits and optimization flaws addressed.

Mapper Toys
• ms_dev_mode 1
- Setting this in your server.cfg or listenserver.cfg will allow you to make your own scripts for testing with!
- While in dev mode you cannot save your character, nor will dev mode work on FN.
- Place your test scripts in the test_scripts folder, and reference them in your monster scripts with test_scripts/<scriptname> (sans the .script extension)
- Once basic testing is complete, you can submit your custom scripts to the team for use with your map.
- Documentation package for scripts pending!

• New Additional Parameters (some of these are aliases of old ones)
• setfx_spawn_sound - Monster will have a magical sound effect on spawn.
• setfx_summon_circle - Monster will appear in a summon circle on spawn.
• setfx_fade_in - Monster will fade in on spawn.
• setfx_tele_in - On spawn, the monster will teleport and fade in with a sprite and sound effect similar to Sorcs.
• set_no_player_damage - Monster will not take damage from players.
• set_die_on_spawn_removed - Monster will suicide (or fade) if its monsterspawn is removed via killtarget.
• set_no_roam - Monster will not roam from its initial placement until it spots a target.
• set_roam - Forces a monster that doesn't normally wander about to do so.
• Again, these addparams may not function on some creatures (mostly those without the full AI.)

• Entity Changes
- Deleting an ms_monsterspawn or msarea_monsterspawn will no longer automatically kill the creatures tied to it, unless the "set_die_on_spawn_removed" addparam is used.
- mstrig_weather - has a new option to lock the weather to a particular state (preventing access to 'clearsky' 'setweather' etc.)
- Prefixing scriptevent with "gm_" on a trigger_once or trigger_multiple will cause the event to be called against the Game Master instead of the player/monster crossing the trigger.

Bug Fixes/Other Changes
• New armor/player model system should put an end to various model scramble issues.
• Most swords should parry proper on right-click now.
• Artifact Chests require that you be in the top 75% of damage points to qualify.
• Damage points should restore properly on reconnect (within 1k).
• This is now MSC v1.2 (just to screw up your favorites list!) :D
• 'listresist' command now includes your "Darkness Level"
- It is increased by using dark energy weapons/attacks, and decreases over time.
- This currently has no effect, and is just for statistical gathering purposes.
• Optimized much of the debug overlay, reducing server CPU overhead by 5%-30%
• Some weather effects (snow/rain tint) will no longer follow you underground (or will fade out shortly after going underground or indoors, and return upon entering open sky again).
• Massive weather effect optimization (whole new system).

• Massive sprite/model consolidation
• Fixed allies running from fear effects that cannot damage them
• Large slimes now pass dmgmulti/hpmulti to offspring
• Fixed Bearclaw related crash
• Fixed Lodagond-4 horror crashes
• Fixed Graxnux double strike bug
• Fixed Skeleton archer AOE issues
• Fixed various Freeze Solid issues
• Fixed various chest/reward bugs
• Fixed Khaz Childre perpetual retreat bug
• Fixed Northmaul Charge System
• Various Projectile/Hitbox issues
• Issues with weather/vapors (see changelog for usage)
• Fixed "Potion of Protection from Spiders" bugs
• Fixed Mummy Hitbox bug
• All broken {Transparent textures should now be fixed (those in wads, at least)
• Fixed Corpse light Bugs
• Revamped newer boar model
• And the usual 100,000 other fixes and minor balance tweaks that I'm not going to list here...

Nerf Log
• Your Death will wipe all your hits from any non-boss monsters still alive, as far as XP to be gained by their being slain is concerned. Armor/Bravery status has no affect on this penalty.
• Fixed monster-flee related bugs

Known Issues
- Starting an HLDS or listenserver with the -num_edicts flag may lead to crashes on some maps.
- The first time you select your character on the character selection screen he/she maybe partially invisible. (This will resolve after the first time you spawn in world.)
- The characters representing the male/female options on the new character gender selection screen are invisible, as new characters will be, before spawning in the world for the first time (to be fixed).
- Weak skeletons struck by the Holy Lance projectile may get up again (once) - this is due to the fact that you've done so much damage, above and beyond their max, that they die before they can register the Rebuke Undead effect.
- Monsters are invulnerable for 2 seconds after spawn (to prevent gibbing issues).
- Using changelevel instead of votemap or admin_map may cause various visual issues.

Spoiler Section Begin

Sorc_Villa - Hostile - Achievement system

Shadahar Village, when hostile, is, essentially, one long run of never-ending pain. If you manage to survive this pain, however, you will be able to acquire unique bragging rights, known as Achievement Medals.

After killing ten creatures, the "Shadahar Village Challenge" begins. At that point, all players who are on the server are locked into the challenge - more players can join to help, but they can't gain achievements unless they were there in the beginning.
From the point where the challenge begins, you'll be given a medal of Tin status. For every fifty enemies your team kills, consecutively, your medal will be upgraded. However, your team must slay more enemies than you have on any other visit to Shadahar Village each time you play, in order to upgrade your medal. (Meaning, if you enter with a Silver medal, said medal will remain Silver, until the team slays 160 creatures or more.)

Left clicking while the medal is in your hand will project a large image with fan-fair and generate a server-wide message informing all of your mighty achievement. (Beware, if this turns into a troll item, however, I'm going to limit its usage to 3 times per map.)

If you lose your medal (for whatever reason), simply visit Shadahar Village (in hostile mode). Initiate the challenge by slaying 10 creatures, and your medal will be returned to you. It will have the same achievement level as your old one.

You cannot transfer medals to other players. You *can* drop them, but only their original owners can pick them up.

There are seven Shadahar Village Challenge achievement levels:

Tin - 10 kills
Bronze - 60 kills
Silver - 110 kills
Gold - 160 kills
Platinum - 210 kills
Diamond - 260 kills
Loreldian - 310 kills or more

(Note that creatures summoned by enemies [eg. shaman generated horrors/elementals] do not add to the kill count.)

Completing the Shadahar Village Challenge requires some strategy (in addition to some luck, in terms of the server holding on for its dear life). Each area of Shadahar provides a limited number of enemies, so your best bet is to find a defensible locale, without going too deep into the village, and setting up there. Kill everything nearby until the spawns slow down too much to keep the party "fed", then move onto the next location, deeper in, until the village is clear or the challenge is complete.

Getting blinded is a major hazard with all the electricity flying about, so a good defensible position should have a "haven" which you can easily fall back to. You'll have to pay attention to what direction you are from said haven, so you can navigate back to it, blindly, if need be. If one spell caster dedicates himself to maintaining a healing circle, the sound of it makes a good beacon, in addition to providing a place where the blinded warrior can heal.

It would be wise to explore the village in its non-hostile state, in order to learn the layout, and determine defensible positions, while not under the threat of constant attack.

New Items/Weapons:
• Unholy Blade (Req: 30+ Swordsmanship)
- This corrupted variant of the Felewyn Shard does huge amounts of Dark damage and provides Vampyric damage effects
- After holding block for a few moments, it generates a Dark Energy Shield that repels enemies and wreaths them in Dark energy flames for a time. (75MP to produce)
- It can also be thrown in a straight line for a hefty amount of damage

• Shadowfire Blade (Req: 30+ Swordsmanship)
- This enhancement of the Novablade does Dark Energy damage on strike and can produce various fire effects.
- After holding block for a few moments, it produces a ring of flame that repels and burns opponents.
- It also reduces all fire damage by 50% (75% while in parry), though it provides no additional resistance to fire magiks taking hold.

• Demon Bludgeon Hammer (Req: 30+ Bluntarms)
- This stronger variant of the Bludgeon Hammer does Dark damage and can produce a wave of fire when struck against the ground with a charge
- It also provides more and longer lasting Bludgeon Rage charges.

• The Skull Scythe (Req: 30+ Axe Handling, 34 to Throw)
- This nasty scythe does large amounts of Dark damage with fair accuracy and can be thrown in a wide arc for devastating damage, in addition to providing vampyric regeneration.

• Vorpal Tongue (Req: 30+ Smallarms)
- The layers of magic sewn into this weapon provide both fire and ice effects. Including fire DOT, and a freezing burst effect.

• Infernal Claws (Req: 30+ Martialarts)
- This enhancement of the Demon Claws features a fire wave attack and Fire DOT.

• Wintercleaver (Req: 30+ Axe Handling)
- A well balanced axe of elemental ice that can create freeze weaker opponents solid.
- (This one may need some rebalancing...)

...and the polearms...

• Quarterstaff - Your basic training polearm
- Abilities: Charged_Thrust, Swipe, Block, Spin_Block, Push, Backhand
- (All the Quarterstaff's attacks do Blunt damage)

• Spear (Req: Polearms 3)
- Abilities: Charged_Thrust, Throwing (Both Piercing)
- Fair amount of damage when thrown fully prepped at a fair distance

• Bardiche (Req: Polearms 6)
- Abilities: Charged_Thrust, Swipe, Block, Push, Backhand (Blunt)
- Save for the Backhand, this crescent bladed polearm does Slashing damage.

• Halberd (Req: Polearms 9)
- Abilities: Charged_Thrust (Pierce), Swipe (Slash), Block, Push, Backhand (Blunt)
- This dynamic weapon has quite a reach and offers a few options for dealing with various beasties.

• Trident (Req: Polearms 11)
- Abilities: Charged_Thrust, Block, Push, Charged_Throw
- This hefty forked spear can strike pretty hard, while still providing some defensive abilities. All attacks do piercing damage.

• Harpoon (Req: Polearms 15)
- Abilities: Charged_Thrust, Throwing (Both Piercing)
- This is the nastiest and heaviest of the throwing spears, really meant for whales.

• Elven Glaive (Req: Polearms 18)
- Abilities: Charged_Thrust (Slash), Swipe (Slash), Block, Push, Backhand (Blunt)
- Unlike most polearms, this is designed more for slashing small groups of monsters, rather than keeping individual opponents at bay.
- It has a heavy metal core, allowing it to heavily stun targets with the Backhand attack.

• Ice Typhoon (Req: Polearms 20)
- Abilities: Charged_Thrust (Ice), Block, Push, Backhand (Pierce), Charged_Throw
- First of the magical polearms, this one is tipped with elemental ice, that can slow opponents, or even freeze them, with multiple strikes.
- This magical polearm reduces all cold damage by 50%, but does not provide any additional resistance to such magiks.
- Opponents with less than 2k hp will be frozen solid if struck by this polearm four or more times consecutively.
- The third charge creates an arc of cold that freezes or slows opponents for 75MP.
- When thrown, the projectile will slow opponents with cold magic. It will also freeze opponents with less than 5x your MaxHP (or 3000hp, whichever is greater), costing a small amount of MP.

• Holy Lance (Req: Polearms 25)
- Abilities: Charged_Thrust (Holy), Block, Push, Backhand (Pierce), Charged_Throw
- This holy lance, often used by Felewyn Seekers, is the scourge of the undead.
- The charged throw will do additional Holy Damage (as a powerful Rebuke Undead spell).
- The final weapon charge will create a repulsive aura that will follow the user and repel undead for a time. (200MP)
- While protected by the influence of this aura, most attacks directed against the wielder by the undead or other unholy creatures will have their damage reduced by 50%.
- This is a holy weapon, and thus useless against many opponents, however, the Backhand attack does a fair amount of piercing damage and repels opponents, giving the wielder the opportunity to change weapons, if need be.
- This is currently the longest reached of all the Polearms.

• Stormpharaoh's Lance (Req: Polearms 30)
- Abilities: Charge_Thrust (Lightning), Block, Spin_Block, Push, Backhand, Charged_Throw
- Currently the penultimate of the Polearms line, this is a weapon commonly wielded by some of the most dreaded of undead creations.
- Charged_Thrust causes a bolt of lightning to strike out from the weapon, doing a fair amount of damage to opponents at a long distance (cost: 20MP). This is in addition to the usual double strike damage for creatures struck by the lance itself.
- The Spin_Block function forms a repelling static field, damaging and pushing away most opponents, though it is less effective against those resistant to lightning.
- The backhand function stuns opponents and does blunt damage, instead of electrical.
- The Charged_Throw will imprison most humanoid opponents inside a Cage of Force. This inhibits their movement, but not their ability to attack. The Cage of Force effect costs 100MP, but if mana is lacking, or the creature is too large to be trapped within the cage, the projectile will still do shock damage over time. (All such throws cost 10MP.)
- The weapon also has a chance to shock opponents with every attack.

...and moar pot...

• Venom Claw Potion / Greater Venom Claw Potion (Req: 20/27 Affliction)
- These potions provide poisonous and acidic auras (respectively), and cause nasty vampyric claws to burst forth from your hands that can inflict massive amounts of damage to your enemies, for a time.
- "Dropping" the claws cancels the effect.
- XP goes to Martial Arts and Affliction.

• Potion of Bravery
- After drinking a dose of this potion, you will take no penalty on your next death
- Additionally, boss flagged monsters that kill you will gain no defensive advantage from it
- The last effect stacks with Armor of Bravery
- Potion contains five doses

• Fire Brand Potion
- Increases all Fire damage by 50%, and adds Fire DOT to all your attacks.
- (If the attack already does fire DOT, it's a bit haphazard as to which will be applied first, however.)
- Like most potion effects, the effect will last until death or map change.
- Each potion contains three doses.

• Fire Aura Potion
- Creates a defensive aura of fire around the imbiber, and provides 50% cold resistance.
- This effect does not stack with the Fire Aura Armor effect. (And donning said armor will cancel the potion's aura effect).
- Each potion contains three doses.

• Poison Aura Potion
- Creates a defensive aura of poison around the imbiber, and provides 50% poison resistance.
- This effect does not stack with the Acid Plate Armor effect. (And donning said armor will cancel the potion's aura effect).
- Each potion contains three doses.

• Mana Fountain
- Causes the imbiber's mana pool to refresh at 25MP/second.
- Like most potion effects, the effect will last until death or map change.
- Each potion contains but one dose; use it wisely.

New Critters:
• monsters/slime_bomber [20+] - Plague Spreader by MiB (gets into your face then explodes). Untested.
• monsters/horror_lightning2 [25+] - Enraged Electrical Horror.
- Horror with alternate flight model for navigating turns, such as those in Sorc_Villa, better.
- Easily adapted for other variants.

Spoiler Section End


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Feb 28, 2008
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Re: List of changelogs



Cave Dentist - the latest MSC character class

New Stuff

• Darken Bloom (Simulated Auto-exposure fix)
- MSC will "nerf" it's bloom effect with a secondary filter layer that will vary in strength from map to map, and in some cases, from map area to map area.
- You can force this filter to a desired level by setting the cvar ms_bloom_darken to any number higher than 0. Setting it to -1 lets MSC manage the exposure itself.

• choosebloom command
- bind b "choosebloom"
- You can bind b to the choosebloom command, instead of bloom_toggle, allowing you to cycle through several levels of bloom and darkening, including the auto-setting and off. By default, this command now replaces "toggle_bloom", although it will not overwrite your current bind.
- (note that both ms_bloom_level and ms_bloom_darken cvars are affected by this, and should stick properly now.)

• votelock command
- Typing votelock at chat or console with three or more players initiates a vote to temporarily lock the server.
- Upon being locked, the server will gain a special password, and each client will have his password set to match.
- Typing votelock on a server that is already locked will return the current password (which you can give to someone who disconnected, and forgot to write it down, and is now hounding you over the Steam messenger.)
- The lock will end when the player who started the votelock leaves or the map changes.

• Changes to Ammo Stacking System
- Ammo will not stack until you open the container holding the items
- This prevents crashes from withdrawing items from chests and various exploits
- Beware, when drawing a lot of arrows/bolts from a chest, you may need to "shake" your quiver a few times to get all the stacks to form up, by opening and closing it, or you may hit the item limit sooner than expected.

New Maps
• CATacombs by Cat [25-40+]
- This necormancer's cache appears to be abandoned, but the cult's minions and creations live on inside
- Lots of self-adjusting monsters and triggers allow this map to adjust itself for a fairly wide range of power levels. The more players you have, and the more powerful they are, the meaner the creatures, and the better the treasure.

Map Updates
• Demontemple - moar spawns
• Lodagond-4 - various attempts to deal with various crash issues
• Helena - f*ck if I can remember. :\

Mapper Toys
• Full developer commands are now open to non-FN servers
- PM the dev staff for details
• Trigger scriptevent can now have parameters sent to them with parsing semi-colons (eg. trigger_burn;50)
- (When using "gm_" events, the first parameter is always the ID of the touching target)
- Remember that, unlike trigger scripts, trigger scriptevents obey touch rules, reset delays, and flags.

• New add params:
• set_poisonous - Creatures with this add param gain a green glow shell, and gives them 10% of their max hp poison DOT for 10 seconds with every attack that hits. (Best for creatures that only have a bite attack.)
• set_no_auto_activate - Normally, creatures that spawn near players automatically cycle up and attack - this overrides that behavior (useful in some situations). They'll still attack as normal, but won't interrupt their normal cycle up routine, so it'll be a bit slower.
• set_self_adj;[adjust down level]
- This will cause the monster to self-adjust upwards, multiplying damage and hitpoints, to deal with more powerful parties based on the total hp on the server. At the moment, there are six tiers, and the multipliers range from x1 to x5. (I'd go into details save for fear that folks would try to exploit them.)
- If the monster is already quite powerful, and a x5 multiplier would, for instance, go far above and beyond anything you could possibly want to throw at the players, you can "nerf" this effect, by following set_self_adj with a semicolon and a number 1-6 (eg. set_self_adj;3). This will cause the monster to adjust itself is if the players strength was several tiers lower, thus effectively capping it's self adjustment.
- When not on FN, you can simulate larger parties of powerful players, by using the "fakehp <xxx>" command. "fakehp 9999" will put all self-adjusting creatures at their maximum allowed tier. (This command will also affect any hpreq properties on msmonster/ms_npc entities.)

• New trigger script events:
• trig_damage;<name>;<dmg>;<dmg_type>
- Similar in behavior to the trigger/trigger_hurt scripts, except this obeys all trigger conventions (eg. "clients only" flag) and does immediate damage, instead of DOT. Beware, however, that death by such a trigger brings with it full death penalties.
- You can use the trigger's reset delay to simulate DOT.
- If the name has spaces in it, encase it 'in single quotes'. Double quotes cannot be used (your map won't compile.)
- examples:
- trig_damage;'Some green slime';10;poison
- trig_damage;'Some hot lava';50;fire
- trig_damage;FUUUUU;100;dark
• ext_darkenbloom;<level>
- This changes the darken bloom filter to the desired level. Very useful if you have maps with bright and dark areas. Find the preferred level using the ms_bloom_darken command.
- Note that the auto-exposure defaults to 1 for most maps, so you can actually brighten your map, by adding a trigger with a scriptvent "ext_darkenbloom;0" property. Note that this has no affect on players with boom disabled, or their ms_bloom_darken set to a level other than -1 (auto). It is also wise to make triggers with this client-only, to save on server resources when monsters cross them. (Has no effect on monsters.)
• ext_dmgpoint_bonus;<amt>
- You can use this to add a damage point bonus to a player that crosses the trigger (presumably a trigger_once).
- It is normally used for aiding events, but can also be employed as a map trigger, in case you want a race, or some such, or give a bonus to players who take a more dangerous route, or reward them for crossing hazards they may have otherwise avoided.

Bug Fixes/Other Changes
• Fixed: ms_bloom_level cvar not sticking
• Fixed: Pets deleting on completion of sorc_villa
• Fixed: eagles DOT doing push (fairly old lack-of-flag issue)
• Fixed: Pharaoh lance leaving creatures immune to stun afterwards
• Fixed: Still snowing in Edana after December. :\
• Fixed: When first created, new characters are invisible on char selection screen.
• Fixed: Both character models are invisible on the character selection screen.
• Fixed: Weather sticking between maps, if next map has no weather defined
• Fixed: Bearclaws crash
• Fixed: monsters/lost_soul_ice DOT
• Fixed: wrong item scriptnames / obsolete scriptnames in some chests
• Fixed: Various screwyness with Pharaoh Lance, Ice Typhoon, Holy Lance
• Fixed: Cannon on oceancrossing (I hope)
• Fixed: Various force cage issues
• Fixed: Necro note (also consolidated into 2hblunt view)
• Fixed: Captain Ron being as unholy as his namesake
• Fixed: Range issues on some creatures (eg. troll lobbers)
• Fixed: Various poison gas attack crashes (hopefully)
• Fixed: Spam being written out to client error log, causing instability
• Various re-balancing issues, centering mostly among the polearms and forge weapons
• The usual 10,000 bug fixes and balancing tweaks I'm not bothering to write about.

Spoiler Section Begin

New Items/Weapons:
• Morning Star [Req: Bluntarms: 10/15/20]
- Comes in three flavors: Rusty, Vanilla, and Fine
- Originally intended for Orc_For (and it'll still be there eventually), this weapon is provided as part of mapper clamor for a new low to mid level weapon.

• All spells have tomes now - though some can be a bit hard to find still

New Critters:
• monsters/shadow_form [30] - Shadow From (aka. Eldritch Vapor)
- This black mass of black shadow, a variant from of horror, fires lightning bolts and is immune to all but dark and holy weapons

• monsters/spider_snow [15] - Wooly Spider
- This poisonous spider can fire webs that will slow and eventually cocoon opponents.
- Opponents so cocooned will be unable to attack. They may require a pet or other player to rescue them.
- Players rescuing cocoon victims receive a 1000 damage point bonus for the assist.
- Webs slowly fall away over time, but cocoons are permanent until destroyed.
- Wooly Spider takes the following additional parameters:
- set_start_burrowed - begin burrowed under the ground, and pop up when attacked or when players get near (note, the model is under the ground, but not the actual monster).
- set_start_ceiling - Monster starts out crawling on the ceiling. (Do not combine with set_start_burrowed - will look quite odd, as I was too lazy to setup a borrow-in-from ceiling anim.)
- set_can_flip - The spider can periodically flip from the ground to the ceiling or visa versa - use only in a low-ceiling environment. (Works fine with set_start_ceiling)

Spoiler Section End

Ye Download (26.5MB):
MSC Official Downloads Page