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Only rednecks hunt with automatic weapons

New Maps
• Dragoon Caves (dragooncaves) by Furion [Medium-High] (connects via The_Keep)
- Beyond the bandit keep lies the hidden home of dreaded dragoons.
- A large winding map that's friendly to the graphics card, of about the same difficulty as The_Keep

• Idemark's Tower (idemarks_tower) by jon50559 [Medium-High] (disconnected*)
- The wilderness and ruins that surround the fallen tower of the fallen Apostle Idemark.
- Not so friendly to the graphics card, but very pretty. Some wilderness and ruins to explore.
- This map is currently disconnected, but to connect via Keledrosprelude2 and orc_for in the future.

• Orkat Forest (orc_for) by Sgt Rehab [Self Adjusting, Low-Very High] (disconnected*)
- This forest is infested with tribes of goblins and orcs. A stronghold of the Blackhand lies hidden within, where it is said that sinister plots are beginning to take shape.
- The map self adjusts, from, roughly, 15 to 40+, based on the strength of the players present, both in terms of the strength and types of monsters, experience, and in terms of treasure.
- Final boss is balanced to deal with four players the current tier, and which monster he is will vary with the strength of players present.
- BEWARE: The Goblin Pouncer, and the Hobgoblin Lightning Shaman. One will ride you like a pony while pounding the sides of your head, and the other will trap you in a lightning cage. If either of these things happens, you are dewmed, until another player saves you. So beware the snicker, and keep an eye out for the glowing fist.
- You gain 2000 dmg points for rescuing another player from a Lightning Shaman or Pouncer.
- This map is currently disconnected, but to connect via Thornlands and idemarks_tower in the future. (Pending real-world balance tests.)

Updated Maps
• The_Keep - Connected to Dragoon Caves, and fixed the dreaded chains of FPS dewm.
• Catacombs - Fixed an exploit or two, re-balanced for lower levels (min ~20), boosted treasure
(PS. If there's a texture missing from Lodagond-4 still, sorry, forgot to fix that... :\)

New Mapper Toys
• reqhp property on msmonster_xxx/ms_npc can now have a minimum and a maximum by adding a semi-colon and a second value. eg. "1000;3000" will cause the monster to spawn ONLY if the total HP of players present is ranged from 1000 to 3000.
• Monsters with reqhp property will no longer spawn later, should they suddenly qualify after more players join. (ie. their spawn is only checked once)
• Gold now multiplies with set_self_adj flag (at the same ratio that XP does)
• Additional Parameter: set_non_agro
- Will cause most creatures to remain calm until attacked. However, once attacked - by anything, they will go agro on any and all non-allied targets until slain, regardless of actual guilt. (Much like a real wounded animal, I suppose...)
• Additional Parameter: set_no_avg
- Self adjusting monsters (set_self_adj) with this parameter won't count their death against the global average. This is handy if you have a weak monster near the spawn who maybe slain before all the characters connect.
- (If you have developer on, you'll get a pop-up tracking your current average.)

Nerf Log
• The level cap has been raised from 40 to 45
• MP to Damage ratio doubled for Infernal Claws
• Shadowfire Blade Burst now repels
• Improved firewave on Shadadow Fire Blade/Infernal Claws
• Added what should be the last of the missing tomes

Bug Fixes and Other stuffs
• Fixed arrow/bolt stacking issues
• Fixed various inventory icons (be sure to report any that we missed)
• Fixed some issues with pouches of coins in chests (picking up with full hands, etc.)
• Fixed MSCave Zombie Archer attack range and "Zombie Zombie"
• Fixed some Pharaoh Lance Force Cage issues (somewhat)
• Fixed some boar issues
• Fixed mayor quest in Edana
• Fixed the ocean crossing cannon (*hopefully*)
• Fixed boars/firegiants and a few others lacking XP
• Fixed Jade/Emerald key for gay men
• Fixed ms_lildude using wrong gender
• Fixed chest skins on bloodrose
• Updated the Edana help sprites. They'll now auto-activate at anything under 100hp.
• ...and the usual 10,000 bug fixes and balancing tweaks I'm not bothering to write about.

Spoiler Section Begin

New Weapons:
• Fire Star [Req: Bluntarms/Fire: 20/20]
- A morning star forged with elemental fire
- Chance of Fire DOT (100% on full charge + stun). Burst of repelling fire when striking the ground fully charged.
- (p_model, inv icon, and viewmodel do not match up, we know...)

• Dragon Lance [Req: Polearms: 15]
- A lance forged with elemental fire
- Polearm Features: Charged_Thrust, Block, Backhand (blunt+stun), Charged_Throw
- Chance of Fire DOT (100% on power thrust).
- Charged throw projectile creates a burst of flame on impact, if thrown a fair distance.

• Steam Crossbow [Req: Archery: 35]
- A strange dwarven contraption, designed to fire multiple bolts
- Fires six crossbow bolts in rapid succession. Then takes a painfully long time to reload.
- You can "fire on the run" with this weapon (attacking with it will not slow you down).
- Beware that storing the weapon mid-reload may cause strange issues, but that you should be fine after reloading the weapon again. (In the more extreme situations, you may also need to change ammo type by tapping "4").
- Firing dwarven bolts very rapidly sometimes causes some not to register, but you can still fire them off fairly quickly without wasting any.
- First of the level 35 line

New Critters:
*deep breath*

• monsters/abomination_bone - Bone Abomination [Very High]
- A huge necromantic construct of miss-matched bones and dark magic in the form of some giant beast
- Meant to be one of a series, this one has a lightning field, blinding acidic breath, and an AOE stun attack. Beyond that, he attacks at two separate ranges for differing amounts of damage, and is just an all around tough bastard.
( orc_for/abomination_bone_sa - is the self adjusting Orc For variant, ranging in difficulty from High to Very High Boss [30-40+], but it cannot be used elsewhere without a also using orc_for/orc_summoner.)

• monsters/djinn_ogre_fire - Lesser Fire Djinn [Medium-High]
- Ogre variant of the Fire Djinn. No summons. Can create bursts of flame and shoot flames from his hands, plus Fire DOT, and the usual stunning headbutt.
( orc_for/djinn_ogre_fire_sa - is the self adjusting Orc For variant, ranging in difficulty from Medium to High Boss [25-30+], but it cannot be used elsewhere without a also using orc_for/orc_summoner.)

• monsters/boar2 - Greater Boar [Low]
- It's a big boar. Mind you, these are hostile by default, the ones on orc_for are flagged to be docile.
- orc_for/boar2 = self adjusting variant (though set_self_adj may work just about as well), their collision boxes had to be adjusted to deal with the trees.

• monsters/skeleton_spartaaa [Medium-High]
- Giant skeleton with greek style armor as seen in Catacombs (forgot to add it to the old changelog, me thinks). I *think* it'll come up with Geric's name, if you fail to give it a custom one.

• monsters/spider_webber - Constrictor Spider [Low-Medium]
- This is more or less the same as the snow spider, sans cold resistance, and white fur.

• monsters/troll_armored - Battle Troll [Medium-High]
- This is a heavily armored troll. Additionally, he can throw giant spiked metal balls that bounce around and explode.

• orc_for/bgoblin_archer_sa - Blood Goblin Needler [Self Adjusting, Low-High]
- Fire DOT. At the higher adjustment levels, arrows have an AOE burst effect.

• orc_for/goblin_archer_sa - Goblin Needler [Self Adjusting, Low-High]
- At the higher levels the arrow gain a knock-back effect.

• orc_for/goblin_pouncer_sa [Self Adjusting, Medium-High]
- This creature will periodically latch onto the back of opponents, rendering them helpless against him until either he or they die. He gives fair warning, at which time you can either dodge or get out of sight, and he'll need a few moments to "recharge" and try again. Summons make good decoys here, as he'll just as happily ride them.

• orc_for/goblin_sa - Goblin [Self Adjusting, Low-High]
- It's a goblin. It's also fairly dexterous, and good and navigating heights.

• orc_for/hgoblin_lshaman_sa - Hobgoblin Lightning Shaman [Self Adjusting, Medium-High]
- This dreaded would-be chieftain is too busy learning to harness the power of the storms to be bothered leading his people.
- Periodically, he can trap opponents in lightning cages, rendering them helpless until they die. However, if he can't see you, he can't trap you, and he'll need a bit of time to recharge.

• orc_for/orc_demonic_sa - Demonic Blackhand [Self Adjusting, Medium-High]
- This orc has made an evil deal, with something...
- Fire DOT, fire immune, and can periodically toss fire balls. Slightly holy vulnerable.

• orc_for/orc_flayer_sa - Orc Flayer [Self Adjusting, Low-High]
- Same as the old orc flayer - just a different range of adjustment than you'd get with the default set_self_adj addparam.

• orc_for/orc_fshaman_sa - Orc Fire Shaman [Self Adjusting, Low-High]
- Same thing...

• orc_for/orc_poisoner - Orc Poisoner [Self Adjusting, High-Very High]
- Same as the usual Orc Poisoner (eg. Voldor), but with a rather odd self-adjusting range. Note that the horrors he spawns do not self adjust, but they still provide good cover.

• orc_for/orc_pshaman_sa - Orc Venom Shaman [Self Adjusting, Medium-High]
- Same as the venom shamans on Wicard Oven, but self adjusting. (This script was never actually used, I don't think.)

• orc_for/orc_sniper_sa - Blackhand Elite Archer [Self Adjusting, Low-High]
- Higher levels have some knock back.

• orc_for/orc_summoner - Orc Summoner [N/A]
- This isn't a monster, it's just a special NPC script for dealing with summoning the final boss on orc_for. With the map's aid, he summons either an Ogre Fire Djinn or a Bone Abomination, then is promptly eaten by it (rather gruesomely, in the case of the Abomination).

• orc_for/orc_warrior_sa - Blackhand Warrior [Self Adjusting, Low-High]
- Self adjusting orc warrior. Has a better hit chance than the standard orc warrior.

• orc_for/sgoblin_sa - Shadow Goblin [Self Adjusting, Medium-High]
- No one's used the original Shadow Goblin script, so I'll refresh your memory: This goblin can vanish at will.
- At the lower levels of self-adjustment, he's renamed "Shadow Goblin Trainee". Trainees are not invulnerable while invisible, and leave trails of blood when wounded, allowing you to see where they are.

• orc_for/skeleton_archer_fire2 - Demonic Archer [Self Adjusting, Medium-High]
- Same as monsters/skeleton_archer_fire2, but tweaked to deal with lower level ranges.

• orc_for/vgoblin_archer_sa - Vile Goblin Needler [Self Adjusting, Low-High]
- Same as monsters/vgoblin_archer, but with a wider range of self-adjustment than set_self_adj could supply.

• furion/dragoons/dragoon - Dragoon (random) [Low-Medium]
- Dragoons are, more or less, the same as bandits, but they have random elemental DOT effects. They are usually also vulnerable to the opposing element that they use, suggesting that they are somehow infused with the element, rather than just using an elemental weapon. They are color-coded by element. You can set them in fixed versions as follows:
• furion/dragoons/random_archer - Dragoon Archer, random element
• furion/dragoons/random_axe - Dragoon Axeman, random element (+HP)
• furion/dragoons/random_mace - Dragoon Berserker, random element (+Stun)
• furion/dragoons/random_sword - Dragoon Swordsman, random element (faster atk speed)
• furion/dragoons/random_unarmed - Dragoon Brawler, random element
• furion/dragoons/random_mage - Dragoon Mage, random element (Casts deluxe Ice Shield - may also cast Blizzard, Poison Cloud, Fire Wall, or Lightning Storm, depending on element.)
• furion/dragoons/random_random - Same as furion/dragoons/dragoon >_>
• furion/dragoons/random_random_nm - Random Dragoon, Random Element, but never a mage
• furion/dragoons/fire_archer - Dragoon Archer, fire element
• furion/dragoons/fire_axe - Dragoon Axeman, fire element
• furion/dragoons/fire_mace - You get the idea...
• furion/dragoons/fire_mage - " "
• furion/dragoons/fire_random - " "
• furion/dragoons/fire_random_nm - " " (never a mage)
• furion/dragoons/fire_sword - " "
• furion/dragoons/fire_unarmed - " "
• furion/dragoons/ice_archer - Dragoon Archer, ice element
• furion/dragoons/ice_axe - You get the idea...
• furion/dragoons/ice_mace - " "
• furion/dragoons/ice_mage - " "
• furion/dragoons/ice_random - " "
• furion/dragoons/ice_random_nm - " " (never a mage)
• furion/dragoons/ice_sword - " "
• furion/dragoons/ice_unarmed - " "
• furion/dragoons/psn_archer- Dragoon Archer, poison DOT
• furion/dragoons/psn_axe - Again, you get the idea...
• furion/dragoons/psn_mace - " "
• furion/dragoons/psn_mage - " "
• furion/dragoons/psn_random - " "
• furion/dragoons/psn_random_nm - " "
• furion/dragoons/psn_sword - " "
• furion/dragoons/psn_unarmed - " " (never a mage)
• furion/dragoons/zap_archer - Dragoon Archer, lightning element
• furion/dragoons/zap_axe - And again...
• furion/dragoons/zap_mace - " "
• furion/dragoons/zap_mage - " "
• furion/dragoons/zap_random - " "
• furion/dragoons/zap_random_nm - " " (never a mage)
• furion/dragoons/zap_sword - " "
• furion/dragoons/zap_unarmed - " "
• There is also a random dagger-wielding Dragoon known as a "Rogue", but he can't be called up individually.

• furion/dragoons/dragoon_elite - Elite Dragoon (Random) [Medium]
- Similar to Elite bandits, these Dragoons have honed their skills to the point where they can create many of the same secondary effects that players can with their weapons, and then some. They also carry magical weapons with effects similar to those players are familiar with. In similar fashion to the lesser Dragoons, they are infused with an element and are vulnerable to its opposite. They are color-coded by element.
• furion/dragoons/e_rand_archer
- Elite Dragoon Archer, Random Element (can tri-shot arrows, periodically)
• furion/dragoons/e_rand_axe
- Elite Dragoon Axeman, Random Element (can jump and land for a stunning burst, periodically)
• furion/dragoons/e_rand_mace
- Elite Dragoon Berserker, Random Element (can hit the floor for a stunning burst, periodically)
• furion/dragoons/e_rand_rand - Same as furion/dragoons/dragoon_elite
• furion/dragoons/e_rand_spear
- Elite Dragoon Lancer, Random Element (periodic charge attack, increased attack range)
• furion/dragoons/e_rand_sword
- Elite Dragoon Lancer, Random Element (Can freeze opponents with Ice Blade)
• furion/dragoons/e_rand_unarmed
- Elite Dragoon Martial Artist, Random Element (Can stun with jump kick or sweeping kick)
Select specific weapon and specific element, as follows:
• furion/dragoons/e_fire_archer
• furion/dragoons/e_fire_axe
• furion/dragoons/e_fire_mace
• furion/dragoons/e_fire_rand
• furion/dragoons/e_fire_spear
• furion/dragoons/e_fire_sword
• furion/dragoons/e_fire_unarmed
• furion/dragoons/e_ice_archer
• furion/dragoons/e_ice_axe
• furion/dragoons/e_ice_mace
• furion/dragoons/e_ice_rand
• furion/dragoons/e_ice_spear
• furion/dragoons/e_ice_sword
• furion/dragoons/e_ice_unarmed
• furion/dragoons/e_psn_archer
• furion/dragoons/e_psn_axe
• furion/dragoons/e_psn_mace
• furion/dragoons/e_psn_rand
• furion/dragoons/e_psn_spear
• furion/dragoons/e_psn_sword
• furion/dragoons/e_psn_unarmed
• furion/dragoons/e_zap_archer
• furion/dragoons/e_zap_axe
• furion/dragoons/e_zap_mace
• furion/dragoons/e_zap_rand
• furion/dragoons/e_zap_spear
• furion/dragoons/e_zap_sword
• furion/dragoons/e_zap_unarmed
• There is also a random Bone-Blade wielding Dragoon known as a "Elite Dragoon Rogue", but he can't be called up individually. He can regen via the vampyric blade, and periodically do the fast-attack secondary smallarms effect.

• furion/dragoons/dragoon_boss - Demetricus the Dragoon Leader [High]
- Unlike the other Dragoons and the bandit bosses, this guy comes in only one flavor: Dragon Lance.
- Has all the abilities of a standard bandit boss (ie. potion madness), plus increased attack range, and a periodic burst o flame.

Spoiler Section End (okay, save maybe that screenshot, sorry. ^_^)


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Re: List of changelogs


Some assembly required...

New Maps

• Deralia Sewers (deraliasewers, NPC trans) [semi-self adjusting, Medium-Hard] - An extensive set of tunnels running beneath the human capital and to parts beyond.
- Deralia lost yet another construction crew down here recently. You can find your way here by asking around town.
- Features a "VHLT" lighting compile. (Although, as VHLT maybe affecting stability, we may undo this.)

Map Updates

• The Wall (the_wall, disconnected) [v.hard] - Has been broken up into The_Wall (disconnected) and The_Wall2 (gauntlet) for the sake of stability. It has also be re-lighted via VHLT.

• keledrosprelude2 [medium] - now has a transition to Idemarks_Tower, and visa versa.

• orc_for [self adjusting, easy-v.hard] - now connects via Thornlands, sitting between the classic map and Bloodrose. It now also connects properly to Idemarks_Tower. There are, however, no return transitions to orc_for from either Bloodrose or Idemarks, at the moment (they still return to Thornlands and Keledrosprelude2, accordingly.)

• dragooncaves [medium] - has been stripped and recompiled for stability... Unfortunately just after the release for this patch, it turns that it also now fails to load on DS servers. Will remedy...

• catacombs [self adjusting, medium to hard, disconnected] - Some re-balancing, and entity stripping for stability.

Other Changes
• The Galat Wondrous Chest has had its storage capacity increased more than three fold. (Anywhere from 60 to 100+ items.)
- Beware that a very stuffed chest may take some time to load when withdrawing items.
• Memorized tome spells will no longer cause slow down during preparation. (Thank Orochi!)
• Weakened the Goblin Pouncer, as folks seem to be having trouble rescuing other players from him.

• The Portuguese bucket has had a bit of a boost.
• Orc_For chests rendered a bit kinder to smaller parties, in some ways.

Bug Fixes
• Galat Wondrous Chest should no longer lock out other players when full. It will also not allow you to attempt to withdraw items when your inventory is full.
• Scrolls will not cast when inventory is full (to prevent their loss).
• Land based monsters can now attack players hiding in water.
• Added crash prevention for item/monster display names and descriptions being too long.
- You may see some names or descriptions being cropped off though.
• Dragonaxe flames should come out at roughly the right height (seems we changed the bone order on the player models at some point.)
• And the usual 10,000 bug fixes and minor changes I'm not bothering to list.

Spoiler Section Begin

New Items:
• Earth Breaker [35, bluntarms] - Massive Dark Damage hammer, can generate a damaging stun wave when striking the ground fully charged that also repels opponents.

• Helm of Venom - Provides 25% acid and poison resistance. The helm itself looks kinda neat, but sadly clashes with the rest of our equipment no end. Also, I'm kinda open for ideas as to something else to do with it. >_>

New Critters:

• monsters/abomination_venom - Venomous Bone Abomination [hard]
- This beastie is similar to the first incarnation of the Bone Abomination, but better for open spaces, featuring a charge attack, a poison burst, venom and fire breath, while lacking the lightning shield of his predecessor.

• monsters/shambler1 - Shambler [medium]
- Not new, per-say, but previously unused. This god-awful model has been reskinned, but there's really no hope for it. ^_^ Straight forward swamp monster, walks up and hits you, sometimes with considerable knock back. The last of the scripts created by our dear departed Shurik3n.

• monsters/shambler2 - Greater Shambler [hard]
- Bigger version of the same beastie, same author.

• monsters/swampeye - Swamp Eye [medium]
- This is a stationary, worm-like monster, best placed in shallow water, that raises up and blasts anything it sees with an eye beam. It can also swipe with its claws. Yes, the model is totally ripped - but sven stole it first so...

• monsters/demonwing_venom - Demonwing [medium]
- This is the venomous variant of the Demonwing, based on the Firebat Half-life model (fair game IMO, it being base engine material). When I say "variant", put it in finger-quotes, as there is no other version, at the moment. It flies about with a semi-aggressive pattern similar to the grav-fly horrors. It can spit projectiles, in addition to having a pretty mean bite and evasive tactics.
- Additional Parameters: set_no_ceiling_idle
- By default, the Demonwing starts stuck to the ceiling and will only come down when it hears or spots nearby prey. It will also return to the ceiling after slaying its victim, if it perceives no further threats. This prevents that behavior, which maybe useful if you have your Demonwing under a sky brush or such. (As he'd look odd sticking to the sky.)

• monsters/slime_green_large - Large Green Slime [medium]
- This big green slime can toss projectiles at multiple targets, and generates a poison cloud periodically, as well as when destroyed. Unlike its smaller cousins, this one beast is purely aggressive (Not really new, but the previous version failed to function.)

• monsters/slime_green_huge - Huge Green Slime [medium]
- Bigger, meaner variant of same thing with more rapid attacks.

• deraliasewers/mummy_warrior2b - Mummified Flame Guard [hard]
- This is a nerfed version of the standard Flame Guard for use as a final boss under the medium variant of Deraliasewers.

• other/keyhole_sewer - Sewer Maintenance Keyhole
- Not a monster, obviously, but here for reference. Needless to say, takes Sewer Maintenance Keys (item_key_sewer). Triggers "ustart" upon receipt.

Spoiler Section End

Ye Download (75.6MB):
MSC Official Downloads Page


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Feb 28, 2008
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Re: List of changelogs

Betapack SEP2011_11 - Never forget...

• Phlame's Fortress (phames) by Caluminium [Very Hard, Disconnected]
- A cabal of evil pyromancers has built up a lair in these caves.

• Tundra (tundra) by Joe! [Hard to Very Hard, from Oceancrossing or The Frozen Summit (ms_snow)]
- Brave hunters once traveled to these frozen lands seeking their fortunes, but alas, far too few have returned.

Updated Maps
• Cleicert (cleicert) by Dridje (recompile)
- Added some monster counters to make the various stages more reliable.
- (May have messed up the lighting in the process though.)
- Also tell the ghost priest to STFU for me, please....

• The Frozen Summit (ms_snow) by Avazool and P|Barnum
- Added/Enabled transitions to Tundra

• Deralia Sewers (deraliasewers) by Dridje
- Fixed bug where boss would not spawn from 2001 to 2500hp

New Stuff
• ms_reconnect_delay (cvar)
- You can now (somewhat) control the delay before you reconnect to the server after a map change. This defaults to 5, can be set as low as 2, or to, however high you want. What exactly 2, 5, and whatnot are in terms of time varies from machine to machine, and how much time you'll need to be "safe" varies from server to server. So this is kind of a "guess"/expert mode switch.

Nerf Log
• Steam Bow +50% damage
• Running The_Wall2 a second time, without first returning to The_Wall1, will result in Forsuth not spawning.
• Volcano Changes
- From a gameplay perspective, this is a bit of a mixed bag. Projectiles, and the volcano itself, now both do direct damage, in addition to DOT, though the DOT has been significantly reduced.
- However, the entire thing is now client side, in that there are no server projectiles, at all. Rather, the client reports where the fireballs land back to the server-player. This should make for a much less laggy beast, and help test this methodology for the spell system remake.
- This applies to both the standard volcano spell, and the weapon generated volcanos. It does not apply to NPC volcanos or volcano traps, which will take some more doing.
• Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the Ice Typhoon to consecutively freeze targets it should not.
• Fixed North Maul's first charge
• Fixed Axes' first charge
• Malodra Tomahwaks and Kruxus Neck Hunters are now reserved for player with the highest damage points when they spawn
Exploit Reporter's Club - Exploit reporters can receive special items and services from Sembelbin in Edana.
- List to be adjusted and expanded upon as we go.
- More on this drama in some other post, no doubt.

New Mapper Toys
• New Trigger Properties: reqhp, reqavghp, reqplayers, reqelsetarget
(in the FGD as: "Req. Total HP (min;max)" "Req. Avg HP (min;max)" "Req. #Players (min;max)" and "Req. Else Target")
- These options appear on most triggers, including trigger_once, trigger_multiple, and trigger_counter/ms_counter. They can be used to require a range of hit points or players before activation.
- By default, the setting indicates minimum hp/player requirement. Formatting can be used to restrict the range, eg. "100;500" indicating from 100 to 500. Floats can also be used (save on reqplayers, as you can't really have half-players.)
- reqelsetarget ("Req. Else Target") provides an option to fire an alternate target, if the trigger is touched, but, but the requirements are not met.
- These properties *may* work on some other trigger types that they are not attached to in the FGD, but you'd have to manually add them to find out. (No promises.)
- Triggers with these properties obey all the usual trigger laws. (Unlike the old scripted variant of this.)

• func_door "unblockable" flag
- Check this flag to prevent the usual exploit of a player suiciding to force a door to stay open. It'll crush him and keep right on going. Mind you, if the door does no damage, it'll just freeze the player inside of it - which might have its own uses.

• func_conveyor "toggle" flag
- func_conveyors with this flag will start and stop when triggered, instead of changing direction. Note that they will also start "off" by default.

• New Add Params
- setfx_sprite_in and setfx_sprite_inx
-- Causes the monster to fade in with a sprite and sound effect
-- The first requires that c-tele1.spr be located somewhere on the map, as it is not normally precached. The setfx_sprite_inx does not have this requirement. (Sry, h4x)
- set_fadein_delayed - Same as set_fade_in, but with longer invisible time, in case the monster spawns from a particularly high ceiling, and you want to mask the falling effect better.
- set_dosr - This is a short alias for the addparam "set_die_on_spawn_removed" - as there's a limit to how long the addparam string can be. Using either causes monster to die or delete/fade if it's spawn is removed via killtarget.

Bug Fixes and Other stuffs
• MASSIVE script optimization, partly due to a change in compile method.
- This patch's sc.dll is actually around a megabyte smaller than last patch's, despite having another three dozen lengthy scripts in it.
• As mentioned above: Fixed bug on Deraliasewers where boss would not spawn from 2001 and 2500hp
• As mentioned above: Fixed Cleicert spawn chains (hopefully)
• The Oceancrossing cannon now works proper (Hallelujah!)
• Fixed some potential bugger ups with indestructible Shadow Goblins (hopefully)
• Dragoon caves shouldn't have any load issues now
• And the usual 10,000 fixes and tweaks I'm not bothering to list.


New Weapons:
• Phlame's Staff (35+ Fire)
- This magic staff has an aim indicator, showing where the spell will land. (I should warn that this recticle is still a bit buggy - it will look odd on some surfaces, vanish in water, and sometimes be fooled by flying NPC's and large NPC's, as it'll "rub" against their collision boxes.)
- Primary Attack: Cause a burst of flames to errupt at the target point (no MP cost)
- First Charge [75MP]: Summons a Meteor from the sky, to blast a large area (aiming recticle must be under skybrush - this bit may bugger up on certain maps due to improper skybrush design - working on that).
- Second Charge [100MP]: Volcano (Fixed damage, ala. Novablade)
- Right Click [50MP/5sec]: Fancy fire burst burns and repells monsters with 2000hp or less (or up to 3x your maxhp, whichever is greater).
- At close range the weapon may switch to a melee attack, which is more damaging than the standard fire attack and has the same DOT.

• Ice Staff (25+ Ice)
- Primary Attack: An industrial strength ice bolt that does both direct damage and DOT
- Charge One: ???
- Charge Two: Ice Lance [30mp] (50% chance to freeze solid - similar to Hoarfrost Shard's, but affects monsters from 2000hp to 3x your max hp)
- Right Click: Ice Glide [2mp] - propels you rapidly forward on a sheet of ice (Ice may not render proper if you have r_decals disabled). You can only travel in the direction you started the ice slide in, and cannot jump, but you can still attack, and this is much faster than even the Raven Mace.
- Though we've added some "deceleration features" to help make this non-sploitie, don't be surprised if we wind up nerfing it.
- At close range the weapon may switch to a melee attack, which is more damaging than the standard ice bolt attack and has the same DOT.

New Critters:
• monsters/vine_fire - Lava Root [Medium]
- This flaming vine will grow out of the ground and slash at creatures it hears or that attack it.
- It's not worth much XP, as it is immobile, but if you set it up in a way where it can't be avoided, we can raise it. Best as a trap or escort.

• monsters/gbear_polar - Greater Polar Bear [Hard]
- New fancy model, and a few new tricks, including a brief freezing breath attack and a larger AOE stun.
- This bear can also swim (is aware when it hits water, and has a swim anim)
- external: ext_bear_swim - setup a trigger_multiple with this script event and a short delay near your monsterclip'ed water, and the bear will walk through said clips. Allowing you to let G.Polar Bears into the water, without drenching your other mobs.
- external: ext_bear_unswim - Put another trigger_multiple with this script event, further from your water, to restore normal monster clip behavior on the bear.
- (Remember to check the "Monsters" flags on your triggers)

• monsters/swamp_reaver - Vitriolic Reaver [Hard]
- This is a venom/acid variant of the Fire Reaver
- Fires guided poison bolts, acid bombs, and spews blinding acid from the appendage on its back.
- Note that the Fire Reaver (monster/fire_reaver) has also had some changes. It can now shoot meteors, and the laggy volcano projectiles have been replaced with a spewing fire aura that merely burns nearby targets.

• monsters/corrupted_reaver - Corrupted Reaver [Hard]
-- Some wizard wanted to find out what happened if you dipped a Fire Reaver in magical acid for awhile... And this is what he got. --
- This is a sort of hybrid of the Fire and Vitriolic Reavers, alternating between elemental attack types with a slightly stronger punch

• phlames/corrupted_reaver - Vitriox the Corrupted [Hard]
- This is a larger Corrupted reaver, made specially for Phlames. Note that the one there has been beefed up quite a bit. The only real difference, on the script side, however, is the model change to a larger variant. (As ext_scale was behaving even worse than usual with this model.)

-- Ice Guardians: Left over war machines from the Crystal Eon that often stood on the forefront of Felewyn's armies. --

• monsters/elemental_ice_guardian - Lesser Ice Guardian [Medium-Hard]
- Also debuting as: Lady of Nanuk, Sila's Lady in Waiting, and Sedna's Lady in Waiting
- This flying lady will beat you soundly with her frozen stick, but has no projectile attacks. She has frost DOT, and can do stunning bursts, when flying close enough to the ground.

• monsters/elemental_ice_guardian2 - Ice Guardian [Hard]
- Debuting as: Sila Nerrivik
- You can tell these apart from the lesser ones by the distinctive dress of perpetually falling ice sprites, and the wider range of tricks - including ice spikes and freezing circles. Unlike her younger sister, she's somewhat fire resistant, rather than vulnerable.
- Ice Guardians will try to stay in the back unless directly attacked, so they work best with escorts, such as the more aggressive Lesser Ice Guardian above.

• monsters/elemental_ice_guardian3 - Elder Ice Guardian [Very Hard]
- Debuting as: Sedna Nuliajuk
- Set apart by being not only twice the size of the other two guardians, but also wielding a staff sheathed in lightning.
- She has all the tricks of her two younger sisters and can, additionally, shock players, either by striking them, or by creating streams of lightning that reach out to strike all her foes. She can fire hails of ice spikes that have a chance of freezing targets solid. Like all elder elementals, she's immune to her opposing element (fire), and her staff renders her immune to lightning as well. As she also has blood made of ice, this leaves few magical options one can use against her effectively.
- PS. Sorry if I offended any Eskimos by stealing their ice god's names. ;]

• phlames/phlame - Phlame the Ever Burning [Very Hard]
- This boss is very dependant on map triggers and summons, so I strongly suggest not using him without access to the map source.

• phlames/phlame_bird - Phlame Transformed [Hard]
- This is the Demon Wing Phame transforms into twice during the battle. It *may* work as an independent monster, but I think it may need a tweak or two first. Unlike the other Demon Wing, this one will not start attached to the ceiling (would look odd with a bird this large anyways). If you really want to, however, the addparam stick_ceiling may force it to do so.

• monsters/fw_alcolyte - Phlame Acolyte [Medium]
- These operate pretty much identically to the Khaz fire acolytes. Different model and soundset, and slight tweak in that their blade projectiles do piercing damage, in addition to fire DOT.

• monsters/fw_elder - Phlame Elder [Hard]
- Similar to the Khaz fire elder, this guy graduated Phlame's training program, and alternates between guided fire balls and guided venom bolts. He also wields an envenomed knife.

• monsters/boar_lava3 [Medium] - Great Lava Boar
- This huge magically forged boar leaves a trail of flames as he charges down opponents.

• monsters/scorpion7_fire [Hard] - Blistering Scorpion
- This is a huge metallic flaming scorpion. Nuff said.
- Though I should also mention that there have been several minor tweaks on all the giant scorpions.

Generic Spoilers
• Beware, that on Tundra, to get any unique item, you must defeat Nanuk (and his protectorates), put the dwarves to rest, and unlock the hut. Which order you complete these tasks in, however, in unimportant, only that you complete all three.


Ye Download (98.6MB):


Active Adventurer
The True Followers of the Lost
Blades of Urdual
Alpha Tester
Feb 28, 2008
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Re: List of changelogs

"Boo! ... Whaddya mean it's too late for Halloween?"

New Map
• Bloodshrine by Joe! (Very Hard, Disconnected)
- Yet more ancient ruins to explore... But what's this, a surprise?

Updated Maps
• The_Wall2 - Once he hits the staircase, Forsuth will follow you, even if he has to cheat to do it.
• Aleyesu - Various sploit fixes, post-boss spawn teleporter, and various optimizations
• gertenheld_cave - Various fixes

New Stuff

• Status Icons (With Timer Bars)
- We've finally dared to implement these. In order to assure they are not causing any new issues, we're currently implementing just two: Ice Shield and Stun - most of the other effects are visually indicated (either in the event hud, or otherwise), or last until death, so these two seemed the most critical.
- They can be disabled with the client cvar: ms_status_icons 0

liblist.gam is now included with the betapack installer - this provides a default client edict count of 1500, to help keep modified -num_edict servers in sync with clients.

Nerf Log
• Heavy Crossbow Reload Time reduced 25% (now 3 seconds)
• Steam Crossbow Reload Time reduced by half (now 5.8 seconds)
• Volcano no longer provides fire DOT for all weapons (oops)
• Lots and lots of various exploit and cheat fixes

New Mapper Toys
• test_scripts/player_externals and test_scripts/game_master
- These two test scripts can be used to add additional externals or systems to the game_master or players accordingly
- Remember, any trigger script event prefixed with "gm_" is called against the game_mater, rather than the character that crosses it. Also remember, that only triggers with the "Monsters" spawnflag checked affect NPCs other than the game_master.

Other Stuff
• Fire Staff aimer now ignores NPC collision boxes for easier aiming - but the aimer will also go through solid map entities - such as func_walls - though the spell itself will not
• Fixed various chests/bank issues (including reports when inventory full)
• Some fixes and optimizations for Maldora
• Cleaned up pet teleport system a bit (less likely to go into walls)
• If you die, your pet will automatically "egg" - preventing him from following you into a pit
• Teleporters now select from destinations sequentially, instead of randomly, reducing likelihood of players getting stuck in one another, so long as there are multiple destinations provided.
• Fixed BoU crest ^_^
• Lots of misc optimizations
• The usual 100,000 minor tweaks and changes I'm not bothering to list

Mind you, we've not fixed every reported exploit, even among those we can fix, but we got most of the recently reported ones. Those of you who reported exploits can collect your rewards from Sembelbin at any time. (Jeeze, so many in that list now - gonna have to make it an array, instead of a token set).


New Items
• Lance of Affliction (Req. Polearms: 35+, Affliction: 30)
- Abilities: Charged_Thrust, Block, Push, Backhand, Power Throw
- The Lance of Affliction does heavy Acid damage coupled with Poison DOT effects.
- Throwing the lance, and landing it at sufficient angle, causes the projectile to emit a spiral of poisonous gas, for fifteen seconds. This gas does 75% of your affliction skill per second for 5/seconds.
- It is also capable of emitting a poison burst with a large radius.

• Potion of Swift Blade
- Increases speed of primary melee attacks by 50%
- (This does not affect bows, spells, or secondary charged attacks)
- Lasts until death.

• Lesser Potion of Swift Blade
- As the Potion of Swift Blade, but increase is 25%
- Note that the effects of these potions do not stack! (Indeed, drinking one will cancel the effects of the other.)

New Beasties / Scripts
• monsters/burning_one - Burning One [very hard]
- Whipped this up in a bit of a hurry - works, more or less, like the Cold One / Hollow One, except has a golden mask and is fire themed.

• monsters/lumbering_dead - Lumbering Dead [hard]
- Big hulking skeleton. Can jump. Multiple slashing attacks. Throws skullcrabs (see below). If two or more skullcrabs are already deployed, it will instead toss gobs of acid at distant targets (favoring hugs, if possible).
- Note that the Lumbering Dead on Bloodshrine have an XP reduction, as they spawn infinitely. (Actual default value is 1000xp)

• monsters/skullcrab - Skull Crab [medium]
- This operates, more or less, identically to the Half-Life Head Crab - save that it'll crawl over and bite you for a few moments before flying off.

• monsters/shadowform_boss - Ancient Shadowform [very hard]
- This is a stationary boss made up of a dark cloud with whips of electricity dancing throughout its mass. It'll strike opponents within 700 units with either lightning or dark energy (alternating randomly).
- If an enemy nears within 384 units, it will manifest its eye. It is only vulnerable when its eye is manifest - and even then, only to Holy or Dark energy. Once manifested, it will attempt to seal a single enemy in a magic shell, slowly damaging him, and neutralizing him, for 15 seconds. It will then de-manifest 5 seconds later, and be once again rendered invulnerable, making solo'ing difficult.
- Since it isn't vulnerable unless a target is in attack range, it doesn't require some of the usual exploitation prevention seen with other bosses, however, as it is also stationary, it will require some sort of permanent escort.
- Externals: gm_bloodshrine_boss_fx - triggers with this script event update the monster's client fx (through the game master). As the cloud FX only update every 30 seconds, it is recommend to have such a trigger near entrance(s) leading to the monster - though there is always a field of lightning, helping to indicate the monster's position. (This system will not work if there is more than one ancient shadowform present.)

• monsters/snake_gcobra_metal [medium]
- Giant Cobra, made of metal. As per usual with the metal subtype critters, has major damage reduction, with a slight vulnerability to holy magics and a severe vulnerability to lightning.
- Note that the one debuting on Bloodshrine has very high multipliers, the metal cobra's stats are actually identical to the regular giant cobra's, save for the damage reduction and vulnerabilities.

• joe/bartifact [n/a] - A Bloodshrine Artifact
- Special script for opening the Bloodshrine entrance.

• bloodshrine/sorc_warrior_friendly
• bloodshrine/sorc_warrior2_friendly
• bloodshrine/sorc_shaman_friendly
- Special scripts for the friendly Sorcs on Bloodshrine

Additional Bloodshrine Notes:
• A group of friendly Shadahar orcs will aid you towards the end of the map, if you have a Blood Drinker as proof of your aiding Chief Runegahr. If you lack such proof, however, they will be hostile.
• The allied orcs are MUCH stronger than your average Shadahar warriors.
• (Bug) Don't let the shaman wander off the cliff in the room with the large crystal. Unlike the warriors, he cannot jump - you'll have a very hard time getting him back out.
• The allied orcs will usually attempt to follow the nearest player at a respectful distance, but they are quite large. If they accidentally "trap" you, merely push up against them - they should move aside.
• The Shaman has banishing magics, and thus, unlike the warriors, he can affect Shadow Forms.
• Successfully completing the map will result in minor rewards from the warriors, should they survive. The Shaman, additionally, can increase a skill of your choice by 5,000-10,000xp (+25% per player present). He will do this once for every player in the top 75% damage point tier.
• The orcs will NOT reward you, if you did not let them fight. They will feel that witnessing their humiliation, as they sat by helpless during a battle, was reward enough for you. They must have each done a fair amount of damage, and have each been damaged by the final boss.


Ye Download Link


Active Adventurer
The True Followers of the Lost
Blades of Urdual
Alpha Tester
Feb 28, 2008
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Re: List of changelogs

"Will the dark staff find you worthy... or wanting?"

New Maps
• Hunderswamp North [hunderswamp_north] by Sgt Rehab (Very Hard, Connects to the_wall)
- This remote untamed swamp contains many beasts of legend

• Phobia Fortress [phobia] by Callum (Hard, event transition from Foutpost)
- Failing at the Forgotten Outpost, our heroes are captured by the Blackhand and locked up in Graznux's Phobia Fortress... It seems some bandits are here to rescue their own imprisoned allies, but aren't too interested in sorting friend from foe.
- Note: Any transition from Foutpost to Edana will put you in Phobia (this hack saves some size on the betapack - not needing to edit Foutpost and all). I still question the wisdom of this, however, as Phobia is a hell of a lot harder than Foutpost.

Updated Maps
• Phlames - Minor fixes and texture changes, more detail textures, now connects to sfor
- Also fixed a bug that might result in Phlames the Everburning teleporting inside players
• The_Wall - Various exploit fixes and optimizations, connection to Hunderswamp_North
• Sfor - Connection to Phlames
• Bloodshrine - Various exploit fixes. Also fixed bug where the orc escorts were being a bit snobbish about who they would reward
• Catacombs - Various exploit fixes and a glitch or two.

New Stuff

• Donator Halo's
- Those of you with the guts (and access to paypal) to donate to keeping the web page alive (such as it is), and provided Steam ID's, receive angelic halos.
- These have no affect on the game. You can toggle them by typing /halo in chat or console. The toggle status should stick between connections. These Halos have no affect on game play, and are just "hats" for show.
- Donators who provided preferred character slots, also have one-time access to the Exploiters Reward system, see Sembelbin (Master Urdualian priest of Edana) for details.
- Halo's will be present on all your characters (and the toggle is stored on each individually). The extra reward goes to your preferred character slot.
- Planning to come up with more donator rewards in the future. Said future rewards will be passed out retroactively.
- Halo should stick, even if placed within a solid. But please report any Haibane Renmei incidents should they fall off.

• Dodge (Thank MiB!)
- From Martial Arts Proficiency level 10, you can dodge side to side. From level 15 onward, you can dodge backwards.
- Double tapping in the appropriate direction will cause the player to make this short-leap dodge. Pressing +speed while pressing the appropriate direction key will have the same effect.
- If this gets to be too disorienting, you can set the client cvar ms_doubletapdodge to 0. Holding the +speed will still apply the appropriate directional leap. Though learning to use the double tap system will make the ability easier to access.
- Holding the +speed button and forward will cause you to break into a jog, as if you had double tapped the forward key (regardless of Martial Arts skill). Double tapping the forward key still breaks into a job, regardless of the ms_doubletapdodge setting.
- Each leap direction has an independent three second cool down, and requires a certain amount of Stamina. You cannot dodge in any situation where you cannot move, jump, attack, are ducking, or cannot access your inventory, nor, in some cases, while transformed.
- BEWARE THAT +speed IS NOT BOUND IN THE DEFAULT INSTALL - You can bind it with the following console command:
bind shift +speed
- You can also replace shift with a key of your choosing. This will be the default bind come the next full installer.

• Autocharge (Thank MiB!)
- By default, weapons will charge so long as you hold the mouse button, meaning it is no longer required to double click. If you prefer the old system, you can return to it with the client cvar ms_autocharge 0. However, you will likely find that autocharge is preferable with the new dual wield system, and the incremental charge systems described below.

• Dual Wield (Thank MiB!)
- You may now attack with both weapons at once, making our dual wield system actually useful beyond mere aesthetics and shields.
- A damage penalty applies, however. Attacking with two weapons incurs a 40% damage penalty.
- If both the weapons match, or one of the weapons is light (smallarm), the dual wield damage penalty is reduced to 30%.
- Dual wield damage penalty does not apply to empty hands, magic spells, shields, or two handed weapons.

• Incremental Charge Attacks (Thank MiB!)
- On weapons where the second charge provides double damage, a partially charged attack will still increase damage from 125% to 175%. (125% to 275% for two-handed Axes.)

• Moar Quick Slots (Thank MiB!)
- You can now have as many as 24 quick slots. Simply bind keys accordingly:
- eg. bind F11 "+quickslot 11"
- I meant to provide an alias to "alt shift" your quick slots in extras.cfg, but kinda forgot... Here's an example configuration:
- Alter the binds as desired

• DOT and Elemental Resistance Changes: Elemental resistance no longer affects DOT apply chances. This is true for both players and monsters. It still affects secondary effects. So, while successfully resisting Frost Damage removes the slow effect, the target still takes damage over time - though that damage is still reduced by the target's resistance value. (Which still means no affect at all, if the target is completely immune to the element.)

Nerf Log
• Boss Flagged monsters provide up to x4 XP for additional players.
• Two-handed Axes now do 3x damage instead of double damage on second charge.
• Ice Staff now fires semi-guided ice bolts on second charge, instead of doing nothing.
• Finally nerfed those spiders on orc_for a bit (got sick of getting reports about them.)

New Mapper Toys
• All sprite/model/sound precaches appear in the log_msdll.log - helps mappers see their limits, though it does not track brush models nor media loaded by the engine. (Limits are: 256 models+sprites, 524 sounds).
• Additional Parameter: set_push_resist;<ratio>
- This adds or reduces a monsters effective weight, making it more or less vulnerable to being pushed. This does not affect trigger_push brushes or special scripted pushes with the "override" flag.
- Lower numbers mean more resistance, so a monster with " set_push_resist;0.25" moves 75% less when pushed.

Other Stuff

• Pet Changes
- Pets are on a new, more optimal system. Your current pet should be converted over to it.
- Pets feature improved navigation and teleportation systems.
- Using the "All Follow" chat command will cause your pets to teleport to you as well.
- Pets are now "egged" by default on map start. You can summon them via the player menu (default: F)
- You will also get a help pop-up reminding you have a pet at map start.

• Various improvements to the summon command and behavior system.

• Emotes are now on the Player Menu, as well as the old Act menu (default: F)
- This is intended to free up a key for +speed, should you already have something bound to Shift.

• Fixed (or at least mitigated) the inventory overflow corruption issue.
- Still can't allow more items until we reduce the overhead they cause though. :\

• Improved code side monster navigation quite a bit. (Blame MiB!)

• Improved the ice lance hit registry a bit.

r_dynamic 0 now disables MSC scripted glow lights as well. This only applies to lights activated after the cvar is set. (Should save some of you folks running on Intel GMA's and older legacy cards - just remember to set some light fog, if it's too dark to see.)

• Fixed bug where players couldn't push monsters while under the effect of a Leadfoot potion.

• Weighted Monsters - some monsters are now harder to push due to extra weight - reducing the distance they move when pushed. Currently, this only applies to the various Greater Bears, and a smattering of other monsters. If you see more monsters you feel should have this feature, feel free to make suggestions.

• Vanishing Steam Bow Madness - Your Steambow will be replaced by another script the first time you draw it - hopefully one less prone to mysterious vanishing. This means, however, that it will mysteriously vanish the first time you draw it, but the replacement should appear in your pack. (Doesn't apply to Steam bows acquired after the patch, which will already use the new script.)

• Moved the vast majority of the sound system to the client side to save on overhead.

• ...and the usual 100,000+ unlisted tweaks and fixes.


New Items
• Chromatic Vest
- This fabulous magical vest provides 40% base protection, and grants 100% resistance to a random element every 90 seconds.
- More accurate to say, this first element is random, while the next will come about in a cycle: fire, lightning, cold, poison.
- Known bug: If you die while this is equipped, the elemental resistance icon will be wiped from the corner of your screen. You'll likely retain the elemental resistance, however, and it will be restored when the vest hits the next element in the cycle.

• Dark Staff [Req. Affliction: 25,30,35]
- This is almost more of a tool for gathering manna than it is a weapon, however, the dark staff has a wide array of abilities.
- Primary Attack: Creates a weak sustained beam of dark energy that will drain the life force from enemies and convert it to manna. (The conversion rate is consistent regardless of the actual damage done.)
- Holding Right Click will cause you to stare into the eyes of the staff while it cycles up to various charges. Said charges are as follows:
- Bright Green: Lesser Circle of Death. Operates similar to the Circles of Death deployed by golden skeletons.
- Bright Red: Greater Circle of Death. This is a much larger version of the same circle.
- The staff can maintain one lesser and one greater circle of death at any given time.
- Bright Gold: Summon Lesser Wraith
- The lesser wraith will go about attacking monsters, converting the damage done into manna for its master.
- The wraith can travel through walls, is highly resistant to most physical and magical attacks, with the exception lightning and holy, to which it is highly vulnerable. The wraith's hit points are fixed at 1000. It also obeys most summon commands (it even has a summon menu, but due to the clipping, you'll have to +use on its "feet" to actually see it.)
- The staff can maintain one wraith at a time. The wraith will continue to do its duty, even if the staff is put away, though it will vanish after 5 minutes, or so, whether the staff is deployed or not.
- When not attacking the wraith will try to maintain a position just behind its master. If the wraith gets confused, and starts blocking your vision, simply jump, and the wraith will reposition itself.
- (Mappers note: The wraith will not initiate combat with any monster it doesn't think its master can reach [via traceline from the player's center to the monster's], so you don't have to worry *too* much about wraiths getting at otherwise inaccessible monsters, though such traces may pass straight through player clips).
- At each charge level, the staff creates a repulsive shield. The first of which is stronger than the subsequent ones, and also does a small amount of dark energy damage. You cannot move (nor be pushed) while the staff is charging, but you may release the charge at any time.

• Summon Bear Guardian (scroll and tome): Req. SC 20
- Provided you can find an area with enough room, you can use this spell to summon a very large bear. You can only summon one such bear at a time.
- Scaling system is a bit different than most summons, working by a ratio system. Here's the levels at some notable tiers:
-- @ SC 20: hp 2400, dmg/attack 80
-- @ SC 25: hp 3000, dmg/attack 100
-- @ SC 30: hp 3600, dmg/attack 120
- The actual attack dmg/attack varies as the monster does different amounts of damage based on whether it has room to do its standing attack animation (which is its strongest and fastest attack). The Bear Guardian also has some knock back and leaping charge abilities.
- Anti-Troll: Due to the shear size and health of this beast, it's fairly easy to block hallways with it. As such, if the bear is struck by a player at melee range, the bear will attempt to move out of the player's path. If the bear struck in the same fashion five times consecutively, by any player, it will be unsummoned, regardless of the amount of actual damage done.

• Lesser Leadfood Potion
- Reduces what the ACLU has forced us to call "involuntary velocity changes caused by militant natives" by 75%, and provides a flat 75% stun resistance to boot. The stun resistance does not change if the player changes helms while under this effect. (There shouldn't be any issues if you drink a regular leadfoot potion along with this, or visa versa, though doing so offers no additional effects.)
- Lasts until death or map change

New Beasties / Scripts

• monsters/borc - Feral Borsh (Very Hard)
- Yes, the old neon-green, tiger-skin loin cloth wearing orcs are back, sort of...
- Leaderless, and trapped in the harsh environment of the hunderswamps, this once mighty contingent of the lost Borsh tribe have gone native... Very native.
- Stupidly powerful, and powerfully stupid, these knuckledraggers let their huge fists do the talking!
- Relying on dashing melee attacks, these brutes are also very good jumpers. One of their favorite maneuvers being to introduce their victims to the Lordeldian space program, via a mighty uppercut, and then pounce on the stunned pray.
- (Hopefully this will help take little-G out of his depression.)

• monsters/croc1 - Crocodile (Hard)
- It's a crocodile... Or maybe an alligator, never could really tell.
- These beasts move much faster through water than on land, and feature a fairly hefty bite with knock back.

• monsters/trencherbeak - Trencherbeak (Medium)
- These strange creatures with bark-like exoskeletons hunt for pray in large packs.
- Though relatively weak physically, their huge maws can easily maim even the strongest opponents.

• monsters/swamp_tube - Oodle-Beak (Hard)
- Once common, these exoskeleton, plant like creatures were valued for the series of tubes on their back, which could be transformed into musical instruments, and nearly hunted into extinction. The hardiest of the species can be found in the Hunderswamp, their mournful song warning travelers that they've entered the Oodlebeak's territory.
- Relying mostly on ranged needle attacks, the Oodlebeak can also create a mortal-like volley of deadly poison.
- Rumor has it there are gigantic "queen" oodlebeaks from which the smaller ones are born.

• hunderswamp/tubequeen - Oodle-beak Hivemother (Very Hard)
- Seems the rumors were true...
- This is a large stationary creature, requiring a lot of room, and a hefty escort, in addition to careful exploit prevention. She's designed to be sitting on the edge of rather specifically designed crevice, which she will fall into upon death. You can use an env_model of the beast to gauge proper placement, or ask for a source of the Hunderswamp_North boss chamber. If she's attacked by enemies remaining outside her strike range long enough, she'll create a huge sphere of guided slime to deal with them. She also spawns up to three of her young to aid in her defense.
- Any trencherbeaks or oodlebeaks with the additional parameter "set_mommy_escort", in addition to those she spawns, will go into ultra-depression mode and attempt to follow their mother to her death when she is defeated.

• monsters/swamp_keeper - Swamp Keeper (Hard)
- Debuting as "Keeper Gle'Ka", "Keeper O'roh", and "Keeper J'than"
- Perhaps an offshoot of a golbinoid race, the Swamp Keepers live deep in the marshlands, rending the flesh of any who dare wander too close to their lairs.
- Slow, clumsy, and solitary in nature, Swamp Keepers nonetheless have ferocious claws, and can summon up balls of blinding muck from the swampy floors they tread upon.

• monsters/vine_poison - Poison Vine (Medium)
- Similar to the vines seem on Phlames, these are stationary hazards, hunting by sound, rather than sight. For sake of optimization, they do not have the full AI, though should still respond to dmg and hp multipliers, and npc_suicide requests.

• monsters/snake_gcobra_fire - Fire Cobra (Medium)
- A giant fire spitting cobra. Sleeps until player crosses FOV or attacks.

• Greater Brown / Black Bears (Medium-Hard)
- monsters/gbear_black_hpoly
- monsters/gbear_brown_hpoly
- monsters/gbear_black_lpoly
- monsters/gbear_brown_lpoly
- Similar in behavior to the Greater Polar Bears, sans the freezing breath ability (and somewhat weaker), these come in high poly and low poly variants. The difference between the two models is rather minimal, but feel free to use the higher poly variant should there not be too many other beasts around.
- Greater Kodiak available on request (Not made it yet, but shouldn't be too much trouble - prob breath fire, or some such.)

• Fire Guardians (Hard-Very Hard)
- monsters/elemental_fire_guardian1 (Lesser Fire Guardian)
- monsters/elemental_fire_guardian2 (Fire Guardian)
- monsters/elemental_fire_guardian3 (Greater Fire Guardian) - Debuting as "Cethin the Shadow"
- More of Felewyn's front-line leftovers
- Similar in behavior to the Ice Guardians, the Fire Guardians deploy a range of flame attacks.
- In short, remember all those abilities that Phlame's staff has that he never used? Well, these gals use them.
- The #2 variant tries to stay at the back of any combat lines, relying on her ranged attacks, so much like the #2 ice guardian, she's intended to be used in conjunction with an escort. The ideal being the #1 variant, which is more melee oriented.
- The Greater Fire Guardian combines Fire and Acid/Poison attacks, in much the same way the Greater Ice Guardian combines Ice and Lightning attacks.
- The immunity/resistance/vulnerability schemes are also similar to their Ice Guardian counterparts, save that it's a fire/cold/acid dynamic, instead of cold/fire/lightning.

• phobia/ralion_ally - Ralion, Bandit Boss Ally for Phobia (Archery)
• phobia/betor_ally - Ralion's "Leftenant" Betor (Bluntarms)
• phobia/skelr_ally - Ralion's "Rightenant" Skelr (Smallarms)
- These are the scripts for the escort mission at the end of Phobia.
- After successfully completing Phobia (defeating Cethin), the players can train from any one of the surviving bandits, adding 20,000XP (+25% per player beyond the first), to the related skill.
- While they are a match for the bears and the bear god, it's very difficult to get them to survive Cethin. If Ralion survives to see her, he'll order his men to use special potions of fire resistance. This will help quite a bit, but it'll still be a challenge. Without them, however, the remaining bandits stand little chance of survival.
- Similar to the Sorc escort mission on Bloodshrine, only players in the top 75% of damage points may train from the bandits - but hopefully we won't have any bugs related to that, and that particular bug should be squashed on Bloodshrine as well.
- Similar to the Sorc escorts and Forsuth, healing multipliers for these bandits are at x5


APR2012b Server Patch

- Fixes Volcano crashing servers
- Fixes unconverted Steam Bow vanishing on first use when inventory full (hopefully)
-- Steam Bow will still fall at your feet, and there'll be about a 1 second delay before you get the converted version

Quickpatch (rar with DLLs only):
<no longer required>

Download at:


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Apr 8, 2005
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Friggen fraggin delays...

New Stuff

• You can now name your pets, via "petname" command, in console
• ARROW CLIMBING RETURNS! ("Hooked Iron Arrow")
- New improved climbing arrows, without the *other* related sploits!
- Stuck by an arrow? Click +use on it, and it'll vanish - but mind ye, it won't go to your inventory - so use em wisely.
- Arrows touched by NPC's will vanish
- (Hopefully helps compensate ya for the lack of pet stacking...)
• Adjustable Glow
- When casting glow, hold the button until the light reaches the desired level
- (As per usual, max brightness requires SC 10)
• Boss Mobs Identified
- Boss monsters are tagged 'Elite' in their relationship indicator
• Shields have a chance to block push attacks and stun when blocking. Chance varies by type:
- Training Shield: 25%
- Wooden Shield: 25%
- Iron Shield: 50%
- Rune Shield (Ice): 75%
- Urdulian Shield: 75%
- Demon Shield: 75%
- Large Iron Shield: 100%
• Crashed in a gauntlet map? Back in Edana? As long as you've not touched another transition, you can still votemap for it!
• Timed status icons added for Demon and Vampire blood
• Stamina Potion - Provides rapid Stamina regeneration until death or map change
- Normally I put items in the spoiler section, but this new expendable is in the global list. So...

New Maps:

• Shender East (shender_east) by Lockdown (disconnected, hard to very hard)
- The shenders are a series of desolate lands running along the edge of The Wall, accessible from Melanion and parts north of The Wall.
- Here you will find new friends, and new foes...

• Sorccerbal (ms_soccer) by Caluminium (disconnected, PVP)
- Play a game of fütball, with your friends, or your favorite Shadahar Orcs! (Or both!)
- Ball can be adjusted to various weights by clicking +use on it.
- Spawn red or blue team sorcs with the buttons on one side of the field.
- Watch the game through special tracking cameras in the spectator/DJ booth!
- (Red Goal Cam, Blue Goal Cam, and Dizzy as F*ck Cam!)
- You can make various adjustments to the Orc players by clicking +use on them.
- Including: speeding them up, slowing them down, or removing individual orcs.
- (Troll Goalkeepers are neigh invincible, but you might try slowing them down before removing them.)
- NPC players regenerate HP fairly quickly to prevent accidental kills with stray kicks.
- Need to pause the game, but can't get at the ball? Type ballmenu in chat.
- First team to score five points wins!
- (Finven pending as sports commentator.)

Bug Fixes:
• Bloodrose Flesheater adds scroll/tome to be dropped at spawn, rather than death (may fix crash)
• Fixed Vampire Potion (Beware that drinking another vampire potion does not reset the timer)
• Hopfully fixed invincible Shadow Goblins
• Fixed boss flag on Clethin (Fire Guardian of Phobia forest)
• "Ring of Electrical Resistance" -> "Ring of Grounding" due to string length issues
• Weapon Strap description shortened, due to string length issues
• Fixed Felewyn's Elemental Guardians stunning/pushing folks they didn't actually hit
• Fixed bug where some monsters with an hp requirement range would spawn when they didn't actually qualify
• Fixed some mobs bypassing push resistances (Petrified Warriors, Ihotor)
• Fixed a potentially nasty bug with the Galat Storage Chest
• Fixed bugger up on Hunderswamp boss, and the Hunderswamp final chest
- also drastically increased chances for uniques - But you will have to work harder for them ^_^
• VOTEPVP should be working!

Nerf Log:
• Orc_for spiders ramp up to full XP value 30 minutes after map start
• Max HP for all player companion pets doubled
• Companion Pets will automatically egg before being damaged by powerful trigger_hurt's (bottomless pits/lava)

Minor Map Updates
• Kharaztorant Fotress (Kfortress)
- Khaz hired a new exterior decorator
• Hunderswamp North (hunderswamp_north)
- Changed the way access to the final boss works (forces exploring remainder of map)
- fixed some sploits

Other Changes:
• Healing others now heals a minimum of 10% of target's MaxHP (be they players or NPCs).
• Added bsp name to transition pop-up messages
• Various AI optimizations
• Monster check stuck on spawn system change/optimizations
• Tweaked the gold system on multi-inv chests, so you don't have to repeatedly withdraw packs of gold (also made it a bit more dynamic)
• Gold in multi-inv chests increases by 25% per player present beyond the first. (on FN only)
• Boss XP bonus now functions only on FN
• +200% XP when on FN, +50% XP per non-AFK player beyond the first.

New Mapper Toys:
• Addparam: set_xp_tr;<minutes> - XP time ramp
- Mob will not be worth its full XP until map has been running xx minutes
- Useful if you have an easy to reach high XP mob near the map start, and you want to prevent repeated restart exploits
• reqhp, reqplayers, reqelsetarget, and scriptevent functions now work on trigger_teleport
- aborts teleport for those not qualifying - calls scriptevent on those teleported
- add scriptevent ext_teleportfx1 for automagical teleporter fx on the destination end
• scriptevent now available on trigger_relay
- Usually saves need for otherwise confusing ms_npcscript ents
- Note that these usually have to be gm_ events, as trigger_relay usually can't tell who the original activator was
• scriptevent now available on func_breakable
- Runs the event on the player/mob who broke it
• killtarget now available on func_breakable (saves a relay)
• Changed Smart Edit "Target Script Event" to "Scripted Event" in FGD (less confusing set next to "Trigger Script")
- Remember events prefixed with "gm_" go to the game_master, not the player.
- Game_master recieves triggering player/ent as first PARAM, anything after the semi-colon as second
• Dynamic musak system!
- You can have combat music spin up when monsters spot or attack players, and switch back to idle music when not in combat
- You can change the combat and idle music on an area by area basis with scriptevent triggers, as follows:
- Only affects the player that crosses the trigger
- set_music;<idle_music_mp3>;<idle_music_length>;<combat_music_mp3>;<combat_music_length>;[play_idle_music_now:0|1]
- eg. set_music;d2-cav.mp3;4.5;d2-cav.mp3;4.5;1
- set_idle_music;<idle_music_mp3>;<idle_music_length>;[play_idle_music_now:0|1]
- set_combat_music;<combat_music_mp3>;<combat_music_length>
- There's no "play combat music now" option, as the system will not know when to stop it, however, monsters will play the player's current combat music when they spot or hit them
- You can also set the global default combat/idle music for all players via the gm events, by prefixing any set_music event with "gm_"
- If a player dies, their music will be restored to the global defaults
- When play_idle_music_now flag is set, it should clear the combat music when the player crosses the trigger
- But wait... There's more!
- You can also give specific NPC's specific music scores! Use the following Addparam:
- set_cbm_file;<combat_music_mp3>;set_cbm_length;<combat_music_mp3>
- eg. set_cbm_file;kk_edgen_battle.mp3;set_cbm_length;3.0
- And this mob will play this combat music whenever targeting or damaging a player, fading away after he dies
- So far only shender_east is using this, and it's probably using more variety of music than is sane, as a result, but the system seems to be working *fairly* well
- Though I've seen it get stuck in combat mode a few times - still diagnosing this
- (ToDo: Simplify this by making it a trigger entity.)
• New World Spawn (map) properties (also for the new dynamic music system):
- map_music_idle_file("Idle Music MP3") - default "none"
- map_music_idle_length("Idle Music Length (float)") - default "0"
- map_music_combat_file("Combat Music MP3") - default "none"
- map_music_combat_length("Combat Music Length (float)") - default "0"
- Like msarea_music / mstrig_music, lengths are floats, so 1.5 = 1 minute 30 seconds
• weatherchange_<weather_name> triggered during weather changes, so you can capture weather events
- (eg. weatherchange_rain)
- For say, only spawning certain mobs during rain, or what not
- Remember, as always, mstime_XX goes off every "hour", as well "time_counter". Dawn is at mstime_6, Dusk at mstime_17, and Evening falls at mstime_20

Known Bugs:
• If a lot of NPCs get stuck inside one of the goals on ms_soccer, it may prevent the goal from going off when the ball enters
• Sometimes Orcs that have their speed increased will get stuck inside goals or in the air, when they jump.
• Making the soccer ball "bouncier" usually makes it slide, but can sometimes have unpredictable effects.
• Sometimes ball will retain its momentum after returning from game-winning goal.
• Dynamic music system occasionally gets stuck in combat mode
• (Some other spoiler related bugs, in the spoiler section.)


New Loots:

• Crescent Blades [30,32 Smallarms] - Matched Set
- Crescent blades can throw a shadow of themselves that flies in a boomerang-ish pattern, damaging monsters as it goes.
- If have a matching set of Crescent Blades equipped, you'll take no dual-weild penalty.
- Additionally, you can block by holding +use. While blocking, you abosrb 75% damage from frontal melee attacks, and are immune to push attacks.
- Crescent Blades can be found with various elemental DOT's. Crescent blades with differing elements are still considered matching sets.

• Blood Blades [30,32 Swordsmanship] - Matched Set
- Blood blades have vampyric properties, and can absorb health from enemies not immune to such effects.
- If you have a matching set of Blood Blades equipped, you'll take no dual-weild penalty.
- Additionally, you can cross the blades and block by holding +use. This blocks 75% of melee damage from frontal assaults, but, unlike the crescents, has no affect on push attacks.

• Demonshield [heavy,30 Fire]
- Provides 100% fire resistance when blocking
- At fire 30, if you hold +use while blocking, it will breath f*cking fire (similar to dragon axe)
- Parry_Multi: 1.5 Dmg_Absorb: 50% Deflect_Chance: 10%

• Fire Breaker [35-37 bluntarms, 20 fire]
- This massive maul can generate a burst of fire, striking the ground so hard it causes a fissure of fire to crack open in the earth, traveling forward and setting everything in its path ablaze.
- Like the Earth Breaker, this also stuns all targets in the immediate area of effect.

• Thunder Breaker [35-37 bluntarms, 20 lightning]
- This thunderous beast shocks all targets within a large area of effect, and each time, generates "snake lightning" that lazily jumps from target to target, as many as six times, causing yet more electrical mayhem over a prolonged period of time - often jumping back to a target, just as its previous lightning DOT has expired.
- Like the Earth Breaker, this also stuns all targets in the immediate area of effect.

New Beasties:

• monsters/ant_red_warrior - Giant Ant [medium]
- A giant ant (about 3' long), capable of getting into those tight nooks and crannies. Should scale well. Slow and weak, but bites pretty hard. Larger than normal alert radius aids in swarming behavior - though they are liable to crawl over one another in their eagerness.

• monsters/demonwing_ice - Icewing [medium]
- Ice variant of the of the Demonwing (actually slightly weaker, though it has frost attacks)
- Addparams: set_no_ceiling_idle ( do not stick to ceiling - same as described in monsters/demonwing_venom )

• monsters/demonwing_giant_ice - Gigantic Icewing [hard]
- Larger variant of the above
- Addparams: set_telebird;<radius> - This causes the bird to teleport away when there are no players within this radius from its spawn point (as determined from the ground level beneath the NPC's placement). Upon teleporting away, the bird will spawn 2-4 Icewings, depending on the number of players nearby. (This requires an additional 64 units of room beneath the NPC.) These Icewings will suicide one minute later, or when the Gigantic Icewing dies.
- Unlike the Demowing and the Icewing, the Gigantic Icewing does not stick to ceiling. (It maybe we can tweak the script to arrange it, but it'd require a lot of room.)

• monsters/giant_frost - Frost Giant Construct [hard]
- A giant automaton from some previous age - possibly as far back as The War of Fate - though they could be harnessed by others, with the proper magic...
- First appearing as a highly scaled "Greater Frost Giant" in shender_east.
- (Oddly has no cold attacks nor DOT, despite name and wielding a North Maul)
- Addparam: set_patrol;<radius> - causes the giant to only agro on players who attack him or wander into this radius from his spawn point, and not wander beyond it. Giant will calm down and return to his spawn point, should the offending player cease attacking, flee his reach, and stay outside his patrol area. Also causes monster to regen 1% of its maxhp every 10 seconds, when not attacking. (The patrol feature can be added to other monsters by request.)

• monsters/giant_fire - Fire Giant Construct [very hard]
- Meaner version of the above, with an array of weapons. First appearing as a slightly scaled "Greater Fire Giant" in shender_east.
- Addparams: set_patrol;<radius> (as above)
- set_weapon_dblud - Set weapon to Demon Bludgeon (fire damage + fire&stun burst)
- set_weapon_earthbreak - Set weapon to Earth Breaker (higher melee damage + longer stun burst)
- set_weapon_firebreak - Set weapon to Fire Breaker (higher fire damage + fire&stun burst)
- set_weapon_shockbreak - Set weapon to Thunder Breaker (shock dot + shock&stun burst)
- (If no weapon is set, the Fire Giant will pick one at random on spawn.)

• monsters/spider_crystal - Crystal Phase Spider [medium]
- Ethereal spider constructs, sometimes used by Seekers as hunting dogs.
- The Crystal Spider's default behavior is to cling to the ceiling and to toss down balls of lightning.
- Periodically, they will teleport to victims, in order slash them from close range (they also have a poison bite, should they get close enough). Should this flurry of blows fail to incapacitate their prey, they'll teleport back to their ceiling position, in hopes of getting in more blows from afar. (Rinse and repeat)
- Addparams: set_start_ground (causes spider to start on ground, instead of ceiling) set_stay_ground (no ceiling crawling at all)

• monsters/ogre_cave - Cave Ogre [medium]
- Bit weaker than the classic ogre, but also more aggressive.

• monsters/ogre_cave_welp - Cave Ogre Welp [medium]
- Youngin version of the above - weaker, but more maneuverable.
- Both these ogres are designed for easy scaling (set_self_adj, or dmg/hpmulti)

• monsters/morc_sniper - Elite Marogar Archer [medium]
- Similar to the Elite Blackhand Archer, knock back + freeze + melee attacks.

• monsters/fish_killie - Orca [medium]
- Big ass killer whale ('nuff said).

• shender_east/fish_killie - Nightmare Orca [invulnerable]
- This is a variant of the killer whale from Fedrosh's nightmare. If it bites you, and you survive the bite, you will be teleported back to spawn (no XP loss).

• shender_east/elemental_guard_ice - Lesser Nightmare of Ice [medium]
• shender_east/elemental_guard_ice2 - Nightmare of Ice [medium]
• shender_east/elemental_guard_ice3 - Fell Nightmare of Ice [hard]
• shender_east/elemental_guard_fire - Lesser Nightmare of Fire [medium]
• shender_east/elemental_guard_fire2 - Nightmare of Fire [medium]
• shender_east/elemental_guard_fire3 - Fell Nightmare of Flame [hard]
- These are all half strength variants of the elemental guardians normally prefixed with monster/, described elsewhere in the changelog.
- (Both this set, and the original elemental guardians, have been tweaked a bit. Mostly to fix issues with pushing and stunning players they've not actually hit.)

• shender_east/burning_one - Lesser Burning One [hard]
- Half strength variant of monsters/burning_one

• shender_east/telf_sleeping, shender_east/telf_quest, shender_east/telf_win - Fedrosh the Rammata
- Various stages of the Rammata dream quest elf.

• ms_soccer/sorc1 - Soccer Orc [non-hostile]
- Shadahar Orcs for Sorcerball
- Addparms:
- setsoc_blue - Sets team to Blue
- setsoc_red - Sets team to Red
- setsoc_leader - <Team> Leader - Kicks a bit harder, has double hp
- setsoc_def - <Team> Defender - Won't (normally) leave his team's side of the field
- (assumes red team is east of ball spawn, and blue team is west)
- If not set to leader or defender, Sorc defaults to "Wingman"
- Passive regen (5%hp/sec [base 400hp])

• ms_soccer/troll1 - <team> Goalkeeper [non-hostile]
- Goalies for Sorcerball
- setsoc_blue - Sets team to Blue
- setsoc_red - Sets team to Red
- setsorc_goalrad;<rad> - Sets radius of goal box (rarely will the troll move beyond)
- Troll can pick up the ball, if it is between him and the goal
- Passive regen (5%hp/sec [base 1000hp])

• ms_soccer/goal_blue_ref - Lets NPC's know where the blue goal is
• ms_soccer/goal_red_ref - Lets NPC's know where the blue red is

• ms_soccer/push_goalie_blue - Brush with this "scriptname" added as a property removed when blue team is summoned
• ms_soccer/push_goalie_red - Ditto, for red

• ms_soccer/soccer_ball - Soccer Ball [invincible, non-hostile]
- Das Soccer Ball

Other Spoilers
• Shender_East tips:
- You'll need push attack weapons and tough summons to complete the dream sequence.
- (Thunder Breakers, Dragon Axes, and bears come highly recommended.)
- The Demon Icewing will vanish if you leave the bridge, leaving more of his baby spawns behind. Additionally, he'll regenerate while he's out. So, to defeat him, stay on the bridge!
- The Fire Giant Construct is inaccessible if you don't first kill the Frost Giant Construct.
- Killing the Frost Giant Construct sooner, rather than later, yields less XP. (Full XP @ 20 mins - which is about as much time as it takes to complete the Dream Battle.)
- The Morc Chests will reduce their rewards with repeated runs. This is a timed function, so this is true even if you switch to another map.
- The Eyes of Death are worth reduced XP, the more they spawn, so don't hesitate in killing their master too long.

Known (Spoiler) Bugs:

• Crescent Blades and Blood Blades sometimes get out of sync when blocking - resulting in odd view animations.
- Shouldn't affect game play though.
• Matching sets of Crescent Blades and Blood Blades can still be used to block while frozen, sitting, paralyzed, or under heavy stun.
- Opted not to fix this - makes them more useful for some situations, though it looks a bit odd.
• Fire Breaker fissure has trouble traveling up hill, and doesn't always acquire burn targets well, though all targets in the immediate AOE, should burn reliably.
• Thunder Breaker snake lightning is fairly unpredictable (though repeated applications can counter this problem).



There is one more REALLY BIG SPOILER - so BIG, indeed, I'm not even posting it here. YOU'LL KNOW IT WHEN YOU FIND IT! (If you can find it...)

First person who finds the big spoiler, WITH A SCREEN SHOT, who is NOT part of the development team or otherwise already privy too it, gets 5000 Internets! (And yes, all this >greentext is a hint.) ...At which time I'll post the rest of the related changelog.



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Apr 8, 2005
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Since Prodigalist got 5000 internets - I bring ye...

(close your eyes, if you hate spoilers...)

That's right, dar be dragons here. (But this one's just a statue - really it is!)

• nashalrath/dragon_green_img - Jaminporlants (Image of) [invulnerable]
- This is the image of Jaminporlants left behind in the Lost stronghold of Nashalrath, where he was hiding out from Lor Malgoriand, during the Age of Blood
- He manages the various storm hazards and some other elements of the event.
- Some of these events are vector-specific, so he likely can't be used on another map - not that I'd recommend it, lore wise. Be odd to have a duplicate of this encounter. Not that we aren't planning to see him again, among others of his kind.

• nashalrath/dragon_green_mini - Aspect of Jaminporlants [very hard - boss]
- The aspect has a series of AOE attacks, and a nasty breath attack, that applies greater poison, acid, and pummels you with rocks, all at the same time. Beyond this, a boatload HP, and his shear size, however, he's pretty straight forward.

• nashalrath/lift_check_left, nashalrath/lift_check_right - [utility, hidden, invincible]
- These are special NPCs that tell the image of Jaminporlants that you are trying to hide behind one of the pillars in the boss chamber. He'll check with these periodically, and if you are found near one, he'll lift the pillar to make it easier for the Aspect to attack you.
- The Apect's AOE attacks actually make hiding behind these pillars a fairly pointless effort - although they do mess with his navigation some. Still, it was a nifty little move, and gave Jaminporlants some more personality.

• nashalrath/brush_storm_cold, nashalrath/brush_storm_fire, nashalrath/brush_storm_lightning1, nashalrath/brush_storm_lightning2 - [Brush Scripts]
- These are special brush scripts the image uses to fade various storm effects in and out of existence.

• other/metal_cave [effect utility]
- This is the NPC that handles the "reality tear" earlier in the map. The effect can be achieved with just the model, but it's much more difficult, and doesn't offer the dynamic color cycling and the like.

• monsters/dragon_guard - Dragon Guards [hard to very hard]
- The end result of yet more experiments with humanoids and dragon DNA mixing of Kharaztorant's (never ask what that green stuff in Kfortress really is!) Jaminporlants encountered these, in his incorporeal wanderings, and imitated the process accordingly...
- These are a bit complicated...
- If used with no addparams, the Dragon Guard will be green, and select randomly from various weapons, breath attacks, potions, and armors. Each weapon type features its own behavior.
- Available settings (via addparams concated with semi-colons) are as follows:
- Potions:
- dg_potd - Demon Blood Pot (+750 Base XP)
- dg_potp - Protection Pot (+200 Base XP)
- dg_potf - Fire Aura Pot (+100 Base XP)
- dg_pots - Speed Pot (+500 Base XP)
- ^ These potions are used when first encountering an enemy. It maybe *possible* to interrupt the Dragon Guard before he can swallow them, but not likely.
- There is also a 20% chance that a Dragon Guard will a have a health potion, which he will drink when he reaches 50% health - these are much easier to interrupt - though still a challenge.
- If you want to ensure that individual dragon guards do not have any potions, use: dg_npot
- Breath Weapons:
- These alter the Dragon Guard's name and elemental resistances:
- dg_bfir - Fire Breath Prefix:"Infernal" (+100 Base XP) +50% fire, -75% cold
- dg_bice - Ice Breath Prefix:"Freezing" (+200 Base XP) +50 cold, -75% fire
- dg_bpoi - Poison Breath Prefix:"Noxious" (+100 Base XP) +50% acid/poison, -75% lighting
- dg_bacd - Acid Bolt Breath Prefix:"Caustic" (+100 Base XP) +50% acid, -50% lighting
- dg_blgt - Lighting Bolt Breath "Thunderguard" (+100 Base XP) +50% lightning, -75% acid, -50% poison
- Unless specified, there is a 25% chance that a Dragon Guard will have a randomly selected breath weapon.
- If you want to ensure that individual dragon guards do not have a breath weapon, use: dg_nbrt
- Weapon Types:
- dg_wice - Greater Ice Blade "Iceblade" (+200 Base XP)
-- Greater Ice Blade with chance to freeze.
- dg_wbow - Cross Bow "Bowman" (-250 Base XP)
-- A Steam Crossbow - every third shot will be a Dwarven Bolt. Less HP, runs a lot.
- dg_wpol - Lance "Pikeman" (+150 Base XP)
-- A Golden Glaive, with very long reach, and the typical damage falloff, associated with Polearms.
- dg_wham - Big ol Hammer "Mauler" (+400 Base XP)
-- Hammer wielders have a lot of HP and AOE stun attacks.
- dg_wcre - Envenomed Crescent Blades "Ravager" (+200 Base XP)
-- Rapid attacks, and ranged crescent projectiles.
- dg_wdbl - Vampyric Katanas "Bladesman" (+250 Base XP)
-- Dual vampyric Blood Blades,
- dg_wfrb - Red Rune Blade + Shield "Flameblade" (+150 Base XP), +50% fire resist
-- Fiery Red Rune Blade, and a shield for bashing opponents (stun attack)
- dg_wgrb - Green Rune Blade + Shield "Plaguebringer" (+200 Base XP), +50% poison resist
-- Venomous Green Rune Blade, and a shield for bashing opponents (stun attack)
- Most Dragon Guards have a kick attack, with the exception of the Mauler (weapon too heavy), the Pikeman (weapon too unwieldy), and the shield wielding variants (prefer to rely on shield bash). The Bowman is also much more prone to the "kick you in the balls and run" strategy.
- And last, but not least:
- dg_armr - Armored (+350 Base XP) (50% damage reduct + 50% stun resist)
- Barring this addparam, 20% of Dragon Guards will randomly be armored.
- If you want to ensure that individual dragon guards do not have armor, use: dg_narm
- ...additionally...
- Dragon Guards have +25% resistance to all elements, and 25% resistance to stun attacks.
- Green Dragon Guards, in addition to this base have:
- +25% resistance to acid and poison
- -25% resistance to Lightning
- Red Dragon Guards get:
- +100% resistance to fire
- -50% resistance to cold
- Black Dragons Guards (whose skin is still pending), get:
- +50% resistance, to all elements
- +100% to stun resistance
- 200% vulnerability to Holy (Rhudeanlorat has been a very bad dragon...)
- Set Dragon Guards to Red/Black with: dg_red or dg_black, respectively
- All elemental resistances combined cap at +100% (immune), and 300% vulnerability.
- Selecting multiple weapon types, breath types, or potion types, will generate an error - these DO NOT STACK - though it possible for a Dragon Guard to have both a healing potion, and a special potion.
- This combination is never randomly generated, as it is insane-hard:
- Armor + Speed Potion + Vamp Blades
- The regeneration rate, coupled with armor and speed, makes it neigh impossible to do enough damage to even dent the bastard before he regens it all back.
- If you want this combination, you can set it manually with the addparams above ("dg_armr; dg_wdbl; dg_pots")
- All Dragon Guards are very agile and capable of jumping to opponents out of reach (exception being bowmen, but they usually don't have to.)
- The power of these things varies rather drastically, when generated randomly, so beware of this, if you have a narrow level range in mind.
- *whew*

Known Bugs:
• It is possible to get stuck inside the Aspect during the final battle, despite all my efforts at monster clipping the teleport destinations. There's several teleport points, however, so, beyond that initial annoyance, it should be possible to get around it. I suppose it does have the advantage that it discourages the repetitive teleportation tactic, that the, rather kind, boss chamber makes possible.
• Some of the dragon's animations are "a bit off", and the head tracking is stiff, due to limitations in the engine's ability to fine-tune controllers. We will improve the animations of future dragon encounters.
• Some of Armored Dragon Guards go "limp wristed gay" from time to time - though this is just an aesthetic issue with the converted animations.
• There are some "holes" in the Reality Tear where you can see through to the map - that sh*t ain't easy, yo.
• If you are interested in adding a Reality Tear to your own map, I can provide the source of this map section. I may also be capable of providing Reality Tears of different shapes. Beware, however, these things are really hard to work with. I kinda suggest putting the whole thing on its side, and removing the water, so players don't have to drown. (Wasn't room to do that here.)


Staff member
MSC Archivist
Apr 8, 2005
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That's a patch, on his ass... Sorry, troll ass is not my specialty...

This is an optional patch - you can currently both play and host with this or JAN2013a on FN
(Though we of course recommend the patch for both clients and servers.)

• Fixed bug where several maps were bjorked due to new anti-stuck system
• Reduced Decibelants mighty woofers **
• Fixed a bug where some voiced NPC's were having their sound files cut off
• Jerdid speaks! (Gertenheld_Forest) - Thanks to Roghan **
• Vadrel speaks! (Foutpost) - Thanks to Roghan **
• Fixed Thunder Breaker using Fire as default element
• Removed the pvp by default for ms_soccer - but you can still vote for it
• Added damage types to damage reports
- (Brace for massive wave of incoming monster/weapon using wrong element bug reports)
- Note that most older monsters use the "generic" damage type, which does not report.
• Fixed bug where ms_dev_mode forced test scripters to load a map twice
• Fixed Healing Circle and Rejuv not adding damage points.
• Fixed frequency of Hooked Iron Arrows

New Map (sorta)
• test_scripts (utility) **
- This is a new map for aiding people interested in exploring the MSC script system.
- To use this, ms_dev_mode must be set to 1 in your server.cfg/listenserver.cfg
- Additionally, any scripts you want to test must be in the msc/test_scripts folder
- These must be itemized in the ms_dynamicnpc cvar, also in your server.cfg/listenserver.cfg
- Multiple scripts can be loaded into the map by parsing ms_dynamicnpc with semi-colons, for example:
- ms_dynamicnpc "test_scripts/test_spider;test_scripts/edrin"
- The Dungeon Master's assistant can then spawn these scripts for you, and aid in testing.
- If the monster #includes monsters/base_fish2, he will also automatically open special water ways, and sink the monster, so it can swim.
- Intend to expand this map to include more testing areas, for oversized monster scripts, etc.
- ...As well as more example scripts, and more documentation, as they become available and are cleaned for spoilers.
- BEWARE THAT CHARACTERS WILL NOT SAVE WHILE ms_dev_mode IS ACTIVE! (Not even server side nor LAN.)
- test_scripts cannot be voted for on FN (as it requires ms_dev_mode) [untested - though it'll boot you off FN, should you manage to load it, or force it via admin_map/changelevel]
• There be additional scripting information, examples, and other materials msc/test_scripts/test_scripts_info.rar
- Much more pending...

Minor Map Fixes
• Hunderswamp_North **
- Abomonation seal system changed a bit

** These additions/fixes only work if you have the patch on your client

^ There is also a JAN2013->FEB2013 manual "fast patch" available there, if you don't wanna download so much...


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Apr 8, 2005
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First tagline choice: "Huge wait... Tiny patch..."
Second tagline choice: "A patch so minor, pedobear would approve."

This patch is pretty pathetic, given the delay involved, but hopefully it'll clean the current Steamtastic situation up, fix a few critical issues, and lead to bigger, better, more frequent things.

New Map
• Nightmare Edana (nightmare_edana) by Furion, Self Adjusting (Moderate-Hard), Disconnected
- Humorous little map. Post-apocalyptic "Edeadna"
- Custom scripts and models by Furion, and voice overs by SquareSoftKnight

Other Changes
• Double click fix now integrated.
• Recompile/resource optimization for Shender_East.
• Various efforts to ensure Hunderswamp_North behaves.
• Increased most Lightning DOT durations 200% and reduced damage by 25%
- Increases the accuracy debuff advantage (true for NPCs as well) [May undo, we'll see how it goes]
• Yet another stab at ensuring Bloodrose will not crash at Flesheater.
• Blood Blades now use Swordsmanship skill proper.
• Thunder Breaker's secondary now using Lightning damage proper.
• Some efforts made to ensure Glow doesn't fail.
• Pharaoh of Storms properly boss flagged.
• Various monster spawn stuck check related issues.
• Major applyeffect DOT optimization.
• Updated FN readme with current servers.
• A thousand or so other minor bug fixes and optimizations...

• RKS servers will be moving to the Steam Pipe version and should show up on the Server Browser
- (Hopefully no other issues crop up with that.)

Mapper Toys
• trigger_teleport's "delay" property now works like a trigger_multiple in that it disables the trigger for <delay> seconds before reset.
• Scriptevent ext_teleportfx1 now works for monsters as well
• ext_teleportfx2 - works as ext_teleportfx1 but without the visual effect and a more dramatic audio effect
• Monsters using base_jumper now take "set_no_jump" / "set_jump" as addparams and scriptevents. (Includes newer goblins, among others.)


New Lewts

• The Corrodinator
- First of the contest reskins to finally appear, this helm increases acid/poison DOT duration by 50%
- (rare misc epic)

• Icy Crescent Blade
• Flaming Crescent Blade
• Electrified Crescent Blade
• Envenomed Crescent Blade
- (Req: Smallarms 30)
- Various elemental flavors of the Crescent Blade with DOT's based on the associated magic skill.
- As mentioned before, any combination of Crescent Blades (elemental or otherwise) counts as a Matched Set, and thus receives no dual-wield penalty.

New Beasties

• monsters/bat_large - Large Bat* (32x32, 100hp, ~10dps, vermin, low)
- Larger, meaner version of the classic bat.

• monsters/bat_large_vampire - Vampire Bat (32x32, 200hp, ~25-50dps, vermin, medium)
- Vampryic bat with very aggressive and evasive flight model.
- Regenerates 10% maxhp per strike.
- Greater Poison DOT on every 5th consecutive strike.

• monsters/bat_large_shreaker - Shreaker Bat* (32x32, 300hp, ~50dps, vermin, medium)
- This bat generates a stunning sonic blast every 5 seconds.

• monsters/ogre_cave_thug - Cave Ogre Thug* (32x96, 4000hp, ~200dps, orc, hard)
- Large brutish beast with a chain of combo attacks, knock back, and slamming stun.
- More sluggish than most of the cave ogres, and unable to jump.
- Rapid passive regen scales with any hp adjustment (base 20hp/sec).

• monsters/ant_fire_warrior - Fire Ant Warrior* (32x16, 500hp, ~60dps, ant_red, medium)
- Giant red ant, periodically breaths fire.
- "ant_red" faction agros against pretty much any race other than its own.

• monsters/ant_fire_flyer - Elite Fire Ant Warrior* (32x64, 500hp, ~60dps, ant_red, medium)
- Flying variant of the same model. Hovers. Breath has push back and is used more frequently.

• Workers and black ants pending.

* Available and tested, but not appearing in this release.


Thothie said:
JUL2013b Optional Server-Side Quick Patch:

- Fixed votemap system.
- Fixed healing issues.
- Fixied viewmodel animations with DOT Gauntlets (may require client be patched).
- Fixed potential exploit allowing thievery from another player's Galat chest.
- Votepvp requires >50% to pass. (Cuz)
- (Fixed some NPCs getting stuck in chat loops.)

Quick patch (Manual Install ~2MB): ... 013b_3.rar


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MSC Archivist
Apr 8, 2005
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Rhudeanlorat not included
* Okay, somewhat after labor day, due to snafu at Valve, but close enough. ;)

While this patch isn't a whole lot bigger than the last one, it one only took a month to make - while the last one took nearly six, so that's progress, I suppose. Additionally, we *almost* got another map ready in time, but alas, not quite - but that means we may even get two maps in the next patch, with some luck - maybe even more.

Various fixes herein require the client be patched as well, so sadly, this is a mandatory patch this time around - meaning patched servers will boot you, if you've not updated, and non-patched servers will not be able to connect to [FN].

New Map
• M2 Quest (m2_quest) by Cyax, Low, Disconnected
- This map by Cyax, intended to replace ms_quest and be part of a new series of maps, is much larger and more aesthetically pleasing than its predecessor. More importantly, there's actually stuff to do here now!
- Sylphiel's grandmah's house got burgled by goblins! And it's up to you to sate the angry waitress before she considers brewing something other than soup!
- Scattered throughout the map's many nooks and crannies, are thirteen soup making ingredients, dropped or hidden by those nasty little goblins. But can you find them all for that delicious soup goodness?
- These special quest items scoop up when touched, and will not clutter your inventory (although, currently, they also won't save, should you leave the map for one reason or another.)
- While there is a puzzle or two here that requires multiple players, the soup quest can be completed with just one.

Other Changes
• Bags of Gold now instantly pick up on pressing +use, instead of offering a chest inventory.
- May lead to more greedy ninjas, but meh, saves some issues.
• Same for dropped quivers, and said quivers are no longer solid. (Should fix some issues.)
• Sanitized text inputs (Helps with various chat issues, names, and the like.)
• Reduced orc's obsession with the word "die!", a bit.
• Fixed bugs where summons and some mobs would not thaw after being frozen.
• Fixed bug where combat music system didn't initiate from map properties.
• Fixed potential bug where combat music system might stick between maps.
• Increased spin down time of combat music, to prevent going out of combat music prematurely.
• Fixed the delayed monster reaction when spawning too close to target.
• Nerfed the Fire Shaman Initiates in mscave a bit more
• Global treasure lists now randomize every few minutes, hopefully making random treasure a bit more random.
• Tweaked up and added some bug prevention to the script array system (may fix some odd/stability issues.)
• Yet another stab and fixing the glow system (which also uses the aforementioned script array system.)
• Fixed some legacy issue with damage reflection on temporarily invulnerable mobs.
• Fixed orc_for->bloodrose transition (though not the reverse), and mscave's sticky orcs.
• Hitting +use on a chest or NPC/interact menu no longer retains the slow down effect after exiting said menu/interact.
• Double click functionality for worn (gear) items restored.
• ms_reset_when_empty functionality restored for Steam Pipe HLDS servers
• Disconnect/reconnect sequence now running on Steam Pipe HLDS servers
• Fixed Dusk TOD event causing crashes for some users (sadly, by axing the transition effect.)

New Client Side Arrow Tests
• A new client side arrow system is being tested on the Elven Arrows and the Envenomed Arrows
- This will not help with hit boxes (as they are, still, always a simple box, center bottom on the monster)
- But it should help with lag detection and server overhead. If it hits on your client, it should hit on the server.
- These arrows stick and follow on impact, similar to an old defunct system, but hopefully more aesthetically pleasing (and much less resource intensive)...
FOR A LIMITED TIME: Envenomed and Elven arrows do double damage!
- Is this merely a cynical effort to get these properly tested? Yes, yes it is.
• Two known bugs:
- Sometimes, the first arrow that fires just falls flat on the ground (no clue why so far)
- Firing at close melee range sometimes causes the server side arrow to be used (cl projectile needs a split second to initiate)

New Mapper Toys
• You can now toggle a func_monsterclip by targeting it.
• Updated the monster script list.

New Add Params
• set_die_nt;<delay>
- If monster has no target nearby, removes self after <delay> seconds.
- Repeating ms_monsterspawn friendly, and uses suicide command, so players aren't robbed of XP when monster removes.

New Script Commands
• effect beam follow <sprite> <target> <attach_index> <width> <life> <brightness> <(color)>
- Creates a beam trail that follows the target/attachment, similar to the hornet/rocket trails in Half-Life
- Unlike most effect beam's, this one does not create a server side entity, and thus uses less overhead. However, this also means it can't be tracked or updated.
• $alphanum(<string>,[safelist])
- Strips non-alphanumerics from a string, with the exception of those listed in [safelist]
- Recomend using a var for [safelist], especially if a space is among the exceptions.
• cleffect clientcmd <command>
- (Client side) Sends commands to client's console directly, bypassing silly server filtering.
• cleffect tempent set_current_prop collide all [skipentindex]
- When using collide all, you can now specify an entity index for a tempent to skip during collision checks
• !startswith and !contains can now be used as string comparitors in conditionals
• $func(<event>,[params...])
- Calls <event> and replaces self with the contents of any "return" statement in the event.
- Kind of a basic custom function feature - doesn't really let you do anything new, but lets you organize differently.
- Note that this will not suspend execution for any subsequent delayed events in the function event, but it is compatible with "calleventloop" embeds.
• return <var>
- For the $func() custom function system described above.
- Note that, unlike most languages, the return command does not prevent execution of any subsequent code in the event.
- If multiple return statements are encountered during the same event, the results will be tokenized.
• monsters/base_chat_array - has a bunch of new features, and I forgot to include the source. >< (need a major update of test_scripts.rar)


New Stuffs

• Sylphiel's Applemead Soup
- This delicious soup restores full health and provides three minutes of continuos full mana regeneration.
- Upon completing Sylphiel's soup quest (in m2_quest), you can purchase this soup from Sylphiel in Edana.
- For each time you complete the soup quest, Sylphiel will increase the stock she has available in a single visit. (To a maximum of five per player.)

New Beasties

• monsters/skeleton_ravager * - Skeletal Ravager (32x72, 4000hp, ~200dps, undead, hard, 500XP)
- Skeleton Ravagers are large but agile undead warriors, capable of crawling on ceilings and attacking on the move.
- The Ravagers will only attach to the ceiling if t is within 512 units, and is not a sky brush.
- If the Ravager comes under a sky brush while crawling on the ceiling, it will drop down and stand.
- Additional Parameters:
- set_start_ceiling - spawn crawling on the ceiling.
- set_start_crawl - spawn crawling on the floor.
- set_start_stand - spawn standing.
- set_no_ceiling - never go to the ceiling.
- Skeletal Ravagers do not respond to most skeleton management scripts.

• monsters/skeleton_ravager_fire *
• monsters/skeleton_ravager_ice *
• monsters/skeleton_ravager_venom *
- Elemental variants of the above, with appropriate DOT claws and periodic AOE projectiles

• monsters/skeleton_mage * - Skeletal Mage (32x72, 5000hp, ~300dps, undead, ranged, hard, 600XP)
- This is your new go-to guy, should your elemental theming get a little too consistent.
- By default, the skeletal mage will cycle through four elements, alternating between AOE seals and guided projectiles.
- The seals have a bit of warning before they take effect, but do more damage than the AOE projectiles which have some fall off.
- The Skeletal Mage also has a nasty round house kick that can send nearby opponents flying, though the cool down on it is rather long.
- If you want to restrict a skeletal mage to particular elements, you can do so with the following Additional Paramters:
- use_fire use_cold use_lightning use_poison
- For instace, if you want a Skeletal Mage that uses only fire and ice attacks, use "use_fire;use_cold"
- Or to just use lightning "use_lightning"
- Note that there is a 10% penalty to the base XP for each element less than four in its repitoir.
- (so if he only has one element, it's a 30% XP reduction.)
- Beware that he's a little sprite spammy, though well optimized.
- Skeletal Mages should respond to most skeletal management scripts, but this functionality is untested.
- (This includes the add params make_sleeper, make_deep_sleeper, and the monsters/skels_xxx scripts described elsehwere in the changelog.)
- PS. Might also make a good medium-level boss. (Use make_boss)

• monsters/orc_demonic * - Demonic Blackhand Flayer (32x72, 500hp, ~40dps+50A, orc, semi-ranged, medium, 200XP)
- Some orcs have been gambling with their souls again...
- Same as those found in orc_for, but without the self adjustment.
- (demon skin, Fire DOT, periodic fire balls, fire immune, slightly holy vulnerable)

• monsters/orc_demonic_sword * - Demonic Blackhand Warrior (32x72, 500hp+60A, ~40dps+, orc, semi-ranged, medium, 200XP)
- Same bit, with sword and shield (better parry).

• monsters/orc_demonic_sniper * - Demonic Blackhand Archer (32x72, 400hp+30A, ~80dps, orc, ranged, hard, 200XP)
- AOE fire arrows with knockaround (damage falls off), plus the usual annoying sniper stun-and-run extras.

• monsters/orc_demonic_shaman * - Demonic Blackhand Shaman (32x72, 420hp, ~80dps, orc, ranged, hard, 300XP)
- Guided fire balls, explodes nastily on death.

• desert_temmple/orc_chatter1, desert_temmple/orc_chatter2 * - Blackhand Flayer, Blackhand Warrior
- A pair of Blackhand orcs, having a long (and easily interrupted) conversation about the precariousness of their situation.
- Both have the same stats of an orc of the same name, but have been ramped (to hard) up for this appearance.

• desert_temple/thuldahr * - Thuldhar (64x128, 15000hp+50A, ~300dps, player faction)
- (ZOMG SPOILERS!) Next month, hopefully...

• m2_quest/bgoblin_weak (32x50, ~200hp, ~15dps, goblin, some variants semi-ranged, low, 100XP)
- Weaker variant of the blood goblin warrior. (Three variants)

• m2_quest/bgoblin_weak (32x50, ~300hp, ~15dps, goblin, some variants semi-ranged, low, 150XP)
- Weaker variant of the vile goblin warrior. (Three variants) (used as a mini-boss)

• m2_quest/goblin_needler (32x50, 100hp, ~10dps, goblin, ranged, low, 50XP)
- Weaker variant of the goblin with the oversized arrows

• m2_quest/boar2_weak (32x32, 240hp, ~10dps, wildanimal, low, 75XP)
- Weaker variant of the great boar

• m2_quest/sylphiel (32x72, invincible, ~0.25dps, non-hostile)
- Sylphiel at her gram's house.

• m2_quest/pot (prop)
- Sylphiel's cooking pot.

* Available, tested, but not appearing in this patch.



Soup patch said:
Minor, optional, server side patch, fixes two minor issues with the soup quest, that I shoulda caught sooner (apply after the update): ... p_fix2.rar


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MSC Archivist
Apr 8, 2005
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* Was going to make some comment about Black Dragon History month, but thought better of it.


If you have trouble with bloom and are installing from the patch, not the full installer (or port old config files afterwards), be sure you have something bound to "choosebloom" (default key: B).

When you first join, you will get this message on your screen:

Bloom will then activate in 10 seconds. If you or your graphics card don't like it, tap B until you both do. This setting will save, and this test will only be done once.

GUILDMASTERS: All crest passwords have changed, and there is a new system for crest acquisition, please contact Thothie for new passwords.

That said, onto the...

• Rat stacking has returned!
- Yes, you can once again stack your rats and skeletons... Not bears though... They're not into that. But I suppose you can make rats that ride bears into combat, or something.
• New Inventory Display Options (thank MiB!)
- At the bottom of your Inventory Panel, as well as those for shops and chests, you will see three options for changing how the icons and their descriptions are displayed. The option you select will save and remain persistent each time you change it.
• Typing listmaps in console will now generate a list of maps recomended for your current level.
- You can use listmaps <low|medium|hard|vhard|epic|all> to list more maps.
• Some shops now have "Individualized" inventories, and will present a unique shop to each player.
- This includes Syphiel, The Sorc Alchemist, and Tor'whodoc.
- Thus, other players will not buy out all the potion stock before you get a chance to shop.
• Tons of new VO's by SquaresoftKnight and Tentadrilus, including: Forsuth, Findlebind, Smivel, and Maldora.
• Most mobs now multiply their dropped gold amount by the same amount they multiply XP for FN, self adjust, boss tag, and mapper added abilities.
• Added lore relevant logos to the available spray paints, prefixed with msc_
• Some more of the horrors have been moved to the newer flight model, which is now a bit more aggressive. (monsters/horror and monsters/horror2 still use the older glitchy flight model.)
• All arrows are now client side (except fire and climbing) and thus should be much more accurate.
• The "time" console command will now return the FN server time and date as well. This will be useful, later.
• Corrupted Galat Bank? Type "resetbank" in console.
- This will erase all items in the bank and give you a fresh start. You must type twice to confirm.
• MASSIVE script processing optimization by MiB.
• Lots of new music!

New Maps:
• The Flooded Mines (fmines), by Regorty (connects from rmines, self adjusting high medium to very hard.)
- A network of very wet dwarven mines, long since abandoned by the dwarves, now occupied by swaths of dangerous beasts.
• The Ransacked Mines (rmines), by TheOysterHippopotami (connects from fmines or Underpath, self adjusting high medium to very hard.)
- Another network of dwarven mines, recently occupied by the goblins and their allies.

Bug Fixes:
• Scaled mobs should have less glitchy hitboxes and reach.
• Fixed Olof's store menu and some potential quest bugs.
• Fixed some summoner mobs summoning monsters into players, other monsters, or protruding walls (summons should unstick themselves).
• Fixed some more DOT/push status bugs.
• Combat music system should now be 100% fixed (see also mapper toys)
• Transitions should now update respawn points properly (though this may have consequences on some maps.)
• Fixed issue with fire aura armor/potion fx continuing to loop after player dies.
• Bows/Xbows will no longer fire an arrow of the previous ammo type when you select a new type via the ammo selection shortcut.
- Also gives you a little confirmation message in your event hud.
• Should have a lot less mobs getting stuck at spawn.
• Fixed yet more freeze solid effect bugs (eg. freezing sphere).
• Characters in world with <15 maxhp should not save, hopefully preventing character loss via Valve's new transition glitch.
- If you spawn into the world in such a state, you should get a warning message to close and reconnect - whether this will fix it, I do not know. (Hard to duplicate.)
• A million bajillion other things we canna list here...

Balance Tweaks and Nerflog
• Greater Poison now reduces NPC damage output by 50% while under its effects (but not players - figure the dizzy-drunk effect enough for you guys).
• Increased velocity (and thus range) on most bows by 20%.

Map Changes:
• Edana
- Fixed various shop NPC's locking inventory (also applies to other shops elsewhere.)
- Fixed a few script bugs
- Made some NPC's a bit more animated, and less telepathic.
• m2_quest:
- Tweaked the crushing trap on m2_quest to allow you to use the button that triggered it to open the lava side door, allowing someone to aid your escape.
- but also moved the external escape button, so it can't be exploited.
- Removed the damage point requirements for the individualized chests.
- Made some of the jumping a tad easier.
- Fixed Syphiel.
- Fixed bear fight spawner.
- Fixed the damned music.
• ms_soccer
- Goal trigger will now fire regardless of the number of NPCs within its bounds.
• shender_east:
- Fixed potential nightmare spawner bug.
- Improved aesthetics of nightmare spawn a tad (less bits floating in the sky).
- Changed the nightmare battle a tad. (Less mobs floating into BFE, or becoming unreachable.)
- Music fixes.
• Underpath:
- Fixed boss scaling/hitbox issue.
- Fixed spider range issues.
- Fixed a few more exploits.
• The_Wall / The_Wall2
- Fixed transitions to Hunderswamp_North
- Drastically improved Forsuth's navigation abilities

Damage Point Changes:
• Damage points now track as quest data.
• Damage points do not reset between gauntlets maps.
• Those who join the first gauntlet map in a series within the first three minutes gain 500k bonus.
• Gauntlet start maps currently include: lowlands, lodagond-1, ww1, the_wall, as well as old_helena and nashalrath.
• (Mind you, as before, you can lose up to 1000 damage points in a reconnect, due to variable limitations and overhead.)
• As before, you can gain extra damage points from:
- Healing/Ice shielding other players or mission critical NPCs.
- Rescuing other players: such as by freeing them from webs, goblin pouncers, or goblin lightning shamans.

Mapper Toys:
• msarea_music, mstrig_music, and msarea_music_dynamic (below) now all take either the sensible "Mins:Secs" or the autistic "float.minutes" formats.
- This is also true of the various musical Scriptevent params.
- Scripters note this is also true of the "playmp3" script command.
• msarea_music and mstrig_music both have "song" and "songlength" properties for ease of edit in or out of SmartEdit mode. (Old way still works though.)
• msarea_music, msarea_transition, and msarea_transition_local (below) now all take "master" properties, and can be locked/unlocked via multisource+trigger_relay.
• msarea_music_dynamic (new brush entity):
- Sets or plays music on the player touching, or on all players, when touched.
-- midle ("Idle MP3") - MP3/midi to use for idle music, use "none" to leave unset, or stop.mp3 for silence.
-- midlelen ("Idle MP3 Length (Minutes)") - Length of idle music track.
-- mcombat ("Combat MP3") - MP3/midi to use for combat music, or use "none" to leave unset, or stop.mp3 for silence, wont take affect until new mobs are encountered.
-- mcombatlen ("Combat MP3 Length (Minutes)") - Length of combat music track.
-- playall ("All Clients") - Set to 1 to affect all clients on the server when touched.
-- playnow ("Play Now") - 0=Just set the music, don't play, 1=play idle music immediately [overrides any combat music playing], 2=play combat music immediately [overrides any idle music playing.]
-- master ("master") - multisource lock - target the multisource with a trigger_relay to enable the trigger.
- Like msarea_music, if the music requested is already playing, it will merely continue to play.
• Changes/fixes to combat music system:
- Mobs 'tag' the player when they first spot him. If any combat music is set, it will play on the client at that point.
- Combat music will fade to idle music 15 seconds after all mobs that have tagged the player calm down. (Usually via being slain, or having lost sight of all enemies >2mins, or the player dies.)
- If the player's combat music definition changes, it wont take affect until they are tagged by a new mob.
- Monsters with the set_cbm;<file> addparam will override the music tags of other mobs with their own. Monsters without said, will not override their music.
- msarea_music will apply new a idle music definition, but it wont play until the player is out of combat, if he has combat music defined.
- msarea_music_dynamic will behave similarly, unless one of the "playnow" options is in effect.
- mstrig_music will still override any and all music in progress globally, clearing all current combat music flags from all players until they are targeted by new mobs.
- Note the set_cbm addparam is really intended for boss mob music - don't just drop it on every mob you want playing music - use msarea_music_dynamic, or set it in Map Properties, and they'll play whatever combat music the player has set.
- Use the set_not_musical addparam to tell a mob not to music tag players. This is handy if you have an invulnerable mob who you don't intend to die, but may take awhile to untarget them, such as the Nightmare Orca in Shender East.
- "set_cbm;<file>" and "set_cbml;<minutes>" are now the short addparam aliases for "set_cbm_file" and "set_cbm_length" respectively, though the older addparams still work.
• msarea_transition_local (new brush entity):
- Allows local transition points, within the map.
- When players touch this brush, they will be given a message with an option to activate it via +use, similar to a regular transition.
- Properties:
-- title ("To Dest Description") - Description of destination will be prefixed with "Local transition to..." eg. "The Lair of the Juggernaut... B*tch!"
--- Prefixing your title with an underscore _ will cause the "Local transition to" prefix to be omitted.
-- teleport ("Teleport Target") - info_teleport_destination's to warp to - optional. Plz provide a cluster of destinations, to prevent stuckage.
-- firetarget ("Trigger on Activate") - Fire when activated - optional.
-- touchtarget ("Trigger when Touched") - Fire when touched by player, each time use message is sent - optional.
-- spawntotie ("Tie to ms_player_spawn") - Change respawn point to ms_player_spawn with this message property when touched.
-- rallplayers ("Require All Players") 0|1 - require all players be present, before activation.
-- master ("master") - multisource lock - target the multisource with a trigger_relay to unlock the transition.
- Few things you can do with this:
-- Create a check point within your map (also good if the map crashes, as you can change the respawn point).
-- Create a point within your map that requires all players be present to proceed.
-- Create an entry to a sealed boss chamber, without the need for unaesthetic teleporter effects or crazy tunnels.
- Beware that, like msarea_monsterspawn, all corners should be right angles, so it can properly define its bounds. (Though not as critical, in this case.)
• trigger_multiple, new property: indivcooldown ("Individualized Cooldowns")
- Tracks cooldown time on mobs or players that touched the trigger, instead of the trigger itself.
- Meaning, if five players cross the trigger_multiple, it will affect them all at once, and then again [delay] seconds later, should they touch it again.
- Three options for "Individualized Cooldowns":
-- 0 : "None" - ye old standard default behavior
-- 1 : "Scriptevent Only" - apply scriptevents based on individual cool downs, but do not fire map triggers until the trigger's standard cooldown is complete.
-- 2 : "Scriptevent and Map Target" - base everything on individual cool downs
- The standard rules (hp requirements, spawn flags, else target, etc) still apply to each individual cooldown.
• trigger_once, new property: eventallinbounds : "Event Affects All in Bounds"
- When set to 1, if this trigger unlocks with multiple players or NPCs within its bounds, it will apply its scriptevent to all of them, rather than just the activator.
- Mind you "in bounds" means "IN BOUNDS" - not merely touching, so be careful when using this on large, oddly shaped, or multi-brush triggers.
- You can see the entity's actual bounds by clicking on it in Hammer with the "Ignore Group" option off. (Single brush triggers made up of right angles should be safe.)
• msmonster_random, new entity:
- Special monster entity that selects from a random list of monsters, and spawns them, with the assigned multipliers, add params, name changes, and spawn requirements.
- Properties:
-- targetname, angles
-- random_1_scriptfile : "#1 Script File"
-- random_1_title : "#1 Change Name To"
-- random_1_nplayers : "#1 Require Players"
-- random_1_reqhp : "#1 Req. Total HP (min;max)"
-- random_1_hpmulti : "#1 Multiply HP"
-- random_1_dmgmulti : "#1 Multiply Damage"
-- random_1_params : "#1 Additional Params"
-- ...followed by random_2_xxx, random_3_xxx, etc, etc...
-- ...and the usual msmonster_xxx properties:
-- target : "Trigger on Spawn"
-- killtarget : "Trigger on Death"
-- perishtarget : "Trigger on Final Death" -- fire when I'm outta lives
-- spawnarea : "Spawn Area Name" -- ms_monsterspawn to tie to
-- lives : "Lives (0=Infinite)" : 1
-- delaylow : "Spawn Delay Low" : 1
-- delayhigh : "Spawn Delay High" : 2
-- spawnchance : "Spawn Chance (%)" : "100"
-- spawnstart : "Start spawning" : 0 |1 - 0=With spawnarea, 1=when triggered
-- defscriptfile : "Default Script (do not change!)" : "monsters/giantrat"
- The entity is rigged up for four random mob entries, but you can add more by turning off the Smart Edit, and adding more random_X entries. random_X_scriptfile is the only one that MUST be defined, ya can omit the rest. Best to use sequential indexes (ie. the next would be random_5_scriptfile) and don't use random_0.
- You can add up to 32 random mobs. You can also supply variants of the same mob, with different names, parameters, multipliers, or what not.
- Any random_X entry lacking a scriptfile definition will not be added to the list of random monsters to spawn.
- If a randomly selected mob doesn't meet the spawn requirements, it will not spawn, and be counted as slain. (As per normal msmonster_xxx behavior.)
- If the msmonster_random has multiple lives, it will pick a new random mob with each spawn.
- If you want a chance to spawn nothing, I suggest you copy one of the scriptfiles already in use, and set the mob intended to be "blank" player requirement (random_X_nplayers) to 99. (Slightly less resource overhead than using the scriptfile monsters/base_temporary.)
• ms_monsterspawn / msarea_monsterspawn, new property: resetwhen ("Reset When")
- Three options for "Reset When":
-- 0 : "All monsters are depleted" - Ignores re-trigger requests until all mobs are out of lives (ye old standard operation).
-- 1 : "Any monster is depleted" - If re-triggered, any of the mobs tied to the spawn that are out of lives will be respawned.
-- 2 : "Whenever triggered" - Spawn a new wave whenever triggered.
- Careful of option 2, it's a good way to end up with your map flooded with mobs. (Such abuses will have to be undone before release on FN.)
- Option 1 is a good way to deal with escorts, to prevent incidents where players realize they can kill say, 3 of 4 escorts, and not have to worry about more respawning.
• ms_text, new properties:
- sayasnpc ("Say as NPC") - Setting to 1 causes the text to be transmitted through NPC chat text, rather than HUD pop-up.
- npcname ("NPCs Name") - Sets the name to be used for this message (will also set red title text for HUD messages).
- Could add a function to send messages to the event HUD (one in the corner), but players are likely to miss those.
• New Map (worldspawn) Property: map_addparams ("Global Addparams")
- Any addparams you place here will be added to all monsters globally.
- To abort this behavior on individual mobs, use the additional parameter "no_global".
- This only applies to monsters with the AI (and not to chests). It also applies to subsequently summoned monsters with AI. (Though not those summoned by players.)
- Be careful not to duplicate add params already set in the global add params on individual mobs, without first setting no_global.
• Added some new msmonster_xxx ents, for easier visual refernce inside Hammer 3.5 (these work like all the others, though with different default scripts):
- msmonster_goblin (goblin model)
- msmonster_hobgoblin (hobgoblin model)
- msmonster_dwarf (dwarf model)
- msmonster_bigboar (boar2 model)
- msmonster_giantboar (boar3 model)
- msmonster_wizard (hollow one model)
• trigger_push and trigger_hurt now process scriptevent property proper.
• Other FGD changes:
- env_sprite now defaults to rendermode 5 (additive) and renderamt 255
- trigger_relay now has master property
• Added new utility textures to msc_aaa.wad (bevel, hint, skip, noclip)

New Additional Parameters
• set_scale_nr;<ratio> - scales the mob with no reach change (use carefully, can result in being unable to attack - doesn't affect projectile mobs).
• set_scale_nb;<ratio> - scales the mob model with no change to collision box (probably best when scaling less than +/- 50%).
• set_scale_nbr;<ratio> - scales the mob model with no change to collision box or reach.
• set_scale;<ratio> - scales the model, tries to alter reach and collision box to match (alias for ext_scale).
- these can be applied multiple times and scale based on the mob's original properties each time (I dunno, in case you want a shrink ray, or something.)
• set_mspeed;<ratio> - alters the mobs move speed without changing their attack speed (adjusts XP up or down slightly).
- Do not use set_mspeed 0 to hold a mob in place - use set_npc_turret.
- Can be used repeatedly, scales based on the initial application (some mobs have a base speed multiplier and will base their new speed from that instead).
• set_skin;<idx> - changes the mob model's skin to <idx>, if available (model skins index from 0).
• set_range;<units> - changes the mob's base attack range. May not properly affect mobs who change ranges for specific attacks.
• demon_blood;[ratio] - Demon blood's damage multiplier can now be controlled. Default is x5. XP bonus reduced by proportion of [ratio] to 5 (max x2XP).
• set_tele_hunter;[freq] - In a magical flash, mob teleports to a random yaw near its attack target every [freq] seconds. Modifies XP immensely based on [freq], base 20 secs.
• set_tele_hunter_random;[freq] - Mob periodically teleports to a random player, in said magical flash (including AFK's). Modifies XP and defaults as above.
- tele hunters whose primary attack is ranged will attempt to teleport some distance from targets, rather than directly next to them.
• set_say_spawn;<'text'> - causes the mob to say something when it spawns - be sure to use single quotes (') not doubles ("), or your compiler will crash. Also, be careful of apostrophe contractions and odd characters, there is no sanitation!
• set_say_spot;<'text'> - causes the mob to say something when it first spots an enemy.
• set_say_die;<'text'> - causes the mob to say something when it dies.
• add_dot_poison;[ratio] - gives the mob poison dot (not the potentially insane DOT of set_poisonous, which has also been fixed) - adjusts XP. You can, optionally, increase the damage (and XP) with [ratio].
• add_dot_cold;[ratio] - Same, with cold DOT
• add_dot_fire;[ratio] - Same, with fire DOT
• add_dot_lightning;[ratio] - Same, with lightning DOT
- Poison has double the duration, but less damage. Cold does less damage, but slows. Fire does the most damage. Lightning DOT has slightly longer duration than the other two, but less than poison, and reduces accuracy.
- Critters gain appropriate flavor of glow shell - you *can* stack these, but the glow shell will just be the color of which ever you applied last.
• set_takedmg;<type:ratio> - set_takedmg;lightning:0.25 would make a mob 75% lightning resistant. This currently has no XP adjustment. (Note: colon seperator in the second parametert, not semi-colon)
• set_notarget;<0|1> - Flags NPC to be ignored by other NPCs, regardless of race or attacks. (alias for ext_invalidate)
• For elemental_fire_guardian2-3 and elemental_ice_guardian2-3 (shender_east/ or monsters/ variants): set_agro - removes some of the 'stand-offish' defensive features of these boss mobs and escorts, making them more aggressive.

New Developer Commands
- For those that have access to them, these help with testing scripts:
• devcmd event <event_name> [params...] - calls a scripted event on the NPC you are targeting.
• devcmd eventme <event_name> [params...] - calls a scripted event on your player script.
• devcmd eventall <event_name> [params...] - calls a scripted event on all present NPCs, players, and items.
• devcmd eventgm <event_name> [params...] - calls a scripted event on the game_master.
- Replace any parameter with ME or GM, to cause the parameter to be replaced with your player ent ID or the game_master's ent ID, respectively.
- (So, for instance, "devcmd eventall npcatk_settarget ME" would cause all mobs on the map to attempt to target you.)

• We've added a BOATLOAD of new reference and example scripts to the test_scripts folder, including brush scripts and NPC on NPC interaction scripts, and about half the mobs.
- Also moved some of the more complex and confusing example scripts to an /advanced/ folder.
• Updated the various base scripts.
• Updated/improved some of the documentation.
• There's a new base in the AI called base_self_adjust.
- This handles not only the self adjust system, but anything else that may affect mob XP.
• Moved a bunch of stuff from various includes to base_monser_shared.
• There's a new base_stripped_ai that handles the "extra" things mobs without AI's need to function proper. (Freezing solid, responding to suicide commands, etc.)
- Most of the non-AI mobs now include this and base_self_adjust.


New Monsters
• monsters/horror_fire2 - Flaming Horror (medium demon, 32wx32h, 1000hp, baseXP 400)
- Flaming horror under the newer flight model. Shoots fire balls + AOE flame burst.
• monsters/dwarf_zombie_bloat - Bloated Dwarven Zombie (medium undead, 48wx96h, 750hp, baseXP 400)
- A slow, boated zombie, with blinding puke attacks and sluggish projectiles. Explodes on death.
- Nearby allied mobs will re-target on slimed players.
- Beware the death explosion is very nasty, though players will have ample warning - at least, after the first time.
• monsters/dwarf_zombie_hbow - Dwarven Zombie Bowman (medium undead, 32x48, 300hp, baseXP 150-250)
- An undead dwarven archer with a heavy crossbow.
- Addparams: set_ammo;<pierce|fire|poison>
- fire = Explodie dwarven bolts, poison = Poison gas bolts, pierce = regular bolts
- If not supplied, will choose randomly (adjusts base XP)
• monsters/dwarf_zombie_sbow - Dwarven Zombie Bowman (medium undead, 32x48, 300hp, baseXP 200-350)
- An undead dwarven archer with a repeating Steambow.
- As above, save with a rapid fire bow.
- These guys default to pierce, rather than random. You must use the set_ammo addparam to access poison gas or exploding fire bolts.
- Beware that several poison gas bolt archers in one location (be it heavy or steam), in addition to being cruel, is very rough on the server, due to the gas clouds.
- Also, as you may have figured, explodie fire bolts may launch your players into unwanted locales, so check those clip brushes.
• NPCs/dwarf_hbow and NPCs/dwarf_sbow (ally, 32x48, 300hp)
- As the two above, except not undead, player allied, and immune to player damage.
- These take the addparam "set_follower" - which will cause them to follow players about as battle allies.
- (If you're planning on a war between the two sets, beware that NPC poison gas bolts do not affect undead.)
• monsters/dwarf_zombie_pickaxe - Dwarven Zombie (low undead, 32x48, 300hp, baseXP 175)
- Dwarven zombie running on the standard set, with a big pickaxe. Bit more prone to stun attempts, also drops a lot more gold.
- Is now a possibility under monsters/dwarf_zombie_random
• NPCs/dwarf_pickaxe - Dwarven Miner (ally, 32x48, 400hp)
- Allied, living version of the Dwarf with the big pickaxe under a separate script. Takes "set_follower".
• NPCs/dwarf_warrior - Dwarven Warrior (ally, 38x50, 700hp)
- Beefier warrior with a random weapon. Takes "set_follower" as above. Also takes "set_weapon;<#>" 1=axe 2=bigaxe 3=sword 4=dwarven axe (change is mostly aesthetic though).
• With the exception of the Zombie Miner and the Bloated, all of the above dwarves, also take the addparam: set_lantern
- You can trigger the lantern to draw when they cross a brush, via script event. (Just stick set_lantern scriptevent on a monster compatable trigger_once or _multiple.)
- You can also change the color, if you really want, via set_lantern;(RRR,GGG,BBB). And turn it off, via set_lantern;0. (Updates to colors will take effect on the next CL effect update ~30 secs).
- Dwarven Zombie Bowmen use spookie colored dim lanterns, by default, when activated.
- Beware that allied dwarves do not roam by default (use set_roam).
- Allied dwarf models have a lot of skins, and choose among them at random, so remember ya can set specific ones with set_skin;<#>.
- Experimental: Allied dwarves also take the addparam "set_leader", this initiates the set_follow function, but instead, they will attempt to lead by going to where the player is facing.
- Leaders move a bit faster, but this navigation, can be glitchy.
• NPCs/dwarf_lantern - Dwarf (ally, 32x48, 100hp)
- Civilian dwarf with a lantern. This is an older script that now works as intended, with the added behavior/addparams of the allied dwarves above.
- He can attack with the lantern, but it isn't very effective.
• monsters/dwarf_bomber - Mad Dwarven Bomber (medium evil, 32x48, 300hp, baseXP 300)
- Fast moving maniacal bomber tosses bundles of TNT at enemies.
- Not actually undead - just insane enough that the undead don't consider him to be alive anymore.
- Both he and his allies are somewhat vulnerable to his explosives.
• monsters/guardian_fire - Molten Guardian (vhard demon, 75x200, 10000hp+50%armor, baseXP 5000)
- Similar to Shad Palace's Iron Guardian, but fire themed.
• monsters/worm_abyssal - The Abyssal Worm (hard demon, 128x700, 8000hp, baseXP 3000)
- This is a special giant worm monster, that requires various map ents to operate properly.
- Intent is to move about a platform in the center of his chamber, and attack players standing thereon.
- Requires the following entities:
- info_target's with targetnames: worm_telepoint1 worm_telepoint2 worm_telepoint3 and worm_telepoint4
-- The worm will periodically submerge and re-emerge at these points in sequence.
-- He will do this every ~60 seconds, and when first damaged below 75%, 50%, and 25% of his maximum HP
- info_target with targetname: worm_telepoint_final
-- Upon falling below 25% health, the worm will submerge, and re-emerge at this point. He will not teleport nor submerge again.
-- In this case, the point is at the center of the platform, allowing him to use his stronger, close range attacks, against all targets on the platform.
-- He will fire brk_worm as he re-emerges, breaking the stone in the center of the platform, and produce a repulsive field, to prevent players from falling in the resulting hole.
-- (In this case, the hole is invisibly sealed, so this can't actually happen, but it prevents the otherwise odd results of walking on air and floating through him - the actual worm is not solid.)
- info_target with targetname: worm_repel_point
-- This marks the loc from which to generate the aforementioned repulsive field.
- trigger_multiple with scriptevent: gm_map_rmines_dinnerbell, with 10 second reset delay, flagged to only work on clients
-- This trigger causes the Game Master to alert the worm that there is a player on his platform
-- If no player is on the platform for at least 15 seconds, the worm will submerge (is invulnerable while submerged), until new meat is placed on his table.
- light with targetname: light_worm (start dark) [optional]
-- Triggered on when in final position - in this case, the monster model is popping up through a clip brush, so needs this not to be a black silhouette.
-- In this instance, the light is turned off again on death, map side.
- Known issues: The worm is kinda setup like Undamael, and can be difficult to strike, but improvements to the system mitigate this to a great degree.
- Additionally, unlike Undamael, DOT effects used against his "hitbox npc" will pass to the actual mob.
- The worm can only be struck about the head area, not the body or arms.
- Worm has several different attacks for dealing with targets at various ranges, some of which are AOE.
- He will usually favor the closest target. The closer attacks are stronger, but the longer ranged ones are AOE and apply Dark Damage DOT.
- Additionally, he has eye beam with an AOE effect - though it also a fair amount of warning.
- Dark energy will actually heal the Abyssal Worm. His Dark Energy DOT also adds Darkness contamination to players.
- This mob uses name_unique for management, thus only one can exist at a time.
• other/qitem_barrel - Barrel of [Stuff] (utility NPC, 32x72)
- The quest item barrel is designed to be filled with certain number of special quest items, and then fire a map trigger.
- It requires an additional parameter to function, in the format of:
- <qitem_code>;<#required>;<trigger_to_fire>;[repeat]
- Currently, it only accepts "tnt" (Barrel of Explosives). So example valid usage: tnt;5;brk_barrel_explode
- When the quest item is "tnt", the barrel will light a fuse and explode a few seconds after being filled - with the intent of opening a trigger-only breakable.
- repeat is not a valid option for tnt, but for other qitem types, it will cause the barrel to fire its trigger each time it is filled, then open again to accept more items. Otherwise, normal behavior is to close, fire its trigger, and accept no more items.
• other/qitem - Quest Item (utility NPC)
- These are special quest items (spawned via ms_npc) that pick up when touched, as those in m2_quest. They require an addparam to determine the item type. Current valid definitions are as follows:
- ap ("a|Golden Apple")
- bs ("a|Bag of Salt")
- bp ("a|Bag of Pepper")
- km ("a|Barrel of Mead")
- la ("Sylphiel's Ladel")
- tnt ("a stick of|Dwarven Explosives")
- Note that the tnt is normally dropped randomly from dwarven bombers on rmines, and designed to bounce around in the process. When spawned manually, if there's any room for the item to fall, it may bounce into another location.
• regorty/fmines_merchant - Nothing in all of creation can save you from the hugs of this dark beast.

New Items:
• Poison Gas Bolt
- These bolts explode into a small cloud of heavy poison on impact. This cloud persists for 15 seconds.
- Enemies exposed to the cloud take your affliction level in greater poison damage for 10 seconds.
• Originally had added several others items ready based on Echo117's skins, but alas, running into a texture limit issue that I don't have time to squeegee out just now.
• Felewyn Shard Quest Drama
- You may complete the Felewyn Shard Quest one time per character, and are notified as to such.
- This remains true whether or not you've completed it before this patch, or acquired one already.
- The quest is completed when you (and not some other player who is present) acquire a Felewyn Shard by defeating Undamael.
- To qualify, the character also requires a minimum of 700 hp
- Acquiring Felewyn Symbols from chests requires that you meet the Circle of Five wizards to begin this one time quest. (You must be present, anywhere on the map, when they begin their chat dialogue.)
- The winner of the sword is given to player with the most damage points, who has not completed the quest, at the end of the event.
- If all players present have completed the quest or fail to qualify, no sword will spawn, but XP will be distributed normally.
- Acquiring a Felewyn Shard or Felewyn symbol from another player will not affect your status for this quest.
- By popular demand, Shards are retaining their appearance, name, and basic functionality, though they've been boosted a bit.
- Activating Divine Shield mode requires that you hold +use, thus allowing you to use the parry feature without risking being accidentally locked into shield mode.
- The Unholy Blade has recieved a similar boost (more damage, doubled throw damage, longer repulse shield duration at reduced mana cost).

Known Issues:
• [Mappers only]: Some mobs that spawn spells or summons may not always precache properly with msmonster_random.
- If you get a precache crash and suspect this to be the problem, use ms_npc to place the same monster script on the map with a bogus spawnarea name to prevent it from spawning - should fix it.
- (May fix in future, but suspect may add overhead by creating a persitant duplicate script.)
• Some known, but resolvable, bugs/exploits from SEP2013 remain, see bug report list.

Thothie said:
* Sage advice from the Descartes Troll.

This optional patch has all the goodness of FEB2015a plus:

• Shield buggery. *
• Scriptflag issues causing push resistance not to register and the like.
• Various monster DOT/AOE registration issues.
• Multi-map global quest tracker issues (Shadahar and Lodagond, among others.)
• Boss tag FN XP multipliers failing.
• Rune Blade issues.
• Tomahawk issues.
• Bunch of other minor stuffs.

Map Fixes:
• Bloodrose:
- Flesheater Crash (Possibly)
• Fmines:
- Musak (Recompile pending for some new chests)
• Rmines:
- Vanishing mob issues
- Abyssal Worm teleport issues
- Abyssal Worm chest issues
- Abyssal Worm resource issues (now suspends all spawns while present).
- Blood Goblin Chieftain boss recurrence chance and chest
- Slime boss now appears
• The_Wall: *
- Insta-death on spawn. (Go hug Forsuth for us, he's been lonely!)

* Requires client have patch.

Should be the last patch of the month. Beware, again, come MAR2015, or whenever the next patch is ready, Rmines, Fmines, and Underpath will be hidden-flagged maps, as per Oyster's demands. (Assuming I can get this darn Gatecity source to behave.)


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Apr 8, 2005
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Patch of the Spiders
Italian Spiderman says, "Respect da women!"

Hopefully not a turkey of a patch, this near Amer-Indian Extermination Day patch (originally slated for Halloween), focuses mainly on bug fixes, but also puts in place yet more of the framework for more fundamental changes down the road, and introduces us to yet another segment of the expanding underworld.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed the sticky thing with the bludgeon hammer, again.
• Fixed a bug that could potentially result in some flying mobs becoming invulnerable.
• Goblin Latchers should no longer prevent you from healing/shielding victim, and damages against the victim should pass to globlin.
• Yet another stab at the 5hp character delete bug.
• Self adjusting chests should no longer mess up their names.
• Lightning Forged Skeleton will no longer acquire targets through walls. Effects moved client side for optimization. (Less lag.)
• Fixed Golden Axe quest completion and some other potential bugs with item related quests.
• Abyssal Worm giving arrows a miss chance.
• Boinking yourself in the head with the unholy blade in PVP (still lots of other PVP issues though.)
• Sorc Villa Medal now improves itself, if you complete quest with greater achievement level.
• Orc poisoner / Voldar sending poison cloud to targets he can't see and stunning with it.
• Crystal Phase Spiders teleporting to targets they can't see.
• New shield base script (hopefully kills the shield lag).
• Changed speed effect system for Ravenmace and Urdualian Shield (may port to more later.)
• Fixed bug where Forsuth would "shortcut" to the wrong point.
• dmgmulti no longer applies to scaling DOT effects.
• Fixed bug where skeletons/mummies struck by holy weapons would sometimes get up again.
• New client side fx arrows should make for more dependable hits, while retaining aesthetics.
- Projectile is now server side again, though the model is still client side - happy medium.
• ...and the usual 10,000 others...

New Maps
• Undercliffs by Fredrikli and TheOysterHippopotami (connects from Bloodrose, self adjusting, hard to v.hard)
- This hazardous series of underground tunnels may provide an alternate surface root to the Underkeep.
- Also spiders, spiders everywhere.
- (By request, this will be flagged hidden next patch.)
• Gertenhell by Dridge and TheOysterHippopotami (disconnected, hard)
- This lava filled nightmare variant of Gertenheld Cape offers many a spooky surprise.

Map Fixes and Tweaks
• b_castle - Body guard room now has multiple destinations.
• bloodrose - Connection to Undercliffs is at the old ms_snow location - ms_snow moved to higher elevation.
• deralia - Removed clone of Cathain.
• deraliasewers - Boss teleport now has multiple destinations.
• dragooncaves - Boss room now has multiple destinations.
• Fmines - New spawn system, additional puzzle.
• gatecity - Connection to Underpath, optimization (beware that the bar has moved), minor tweaks and fixes.
• mscave - Finally resolved the mystery of the stuck orcs.
• Nashalrath - Tuned piano.
• orc_for - Fixed potential fubar with hpreq battle troll spawns. Boss now has xp spin up time (15mins).
• rmines - New spawn system, more explosions.
• shender_east - Portal to Fire Giant now opens, regardless of worthiness.
• thanatos - Glitchy scorps and exploits.
• the_wall2 - Navigation aids, Forsuth teleport fix, chest fixes, minor aesthetics, expoits, Valend's long term memory.
• underpath - New spawn system, and some alternate lower-level route options.
• As promised, Underpath, Rmines, and Fmines are now all flagged hidden.
- (Underpath is accessible from Gatecity, Rmines from Underpath, and Fmines from Rmines.)
• Gatecity is no longer flagged hidden.

Misc Changes
• Mouse wheel now scrolls on inventory/chest/shop UI screens.
• Demon shield will now use firebreath if you attack with the other hand while the shield is held up.

New Mapper Toys
• trigger_once/multiple new parameter: reqtouchtime ("Required Touch Time")
- Requires trigger be consecutively touched for this many seconds before firing.
- Leaving trigger untouched for >1 second resets timer.
- All other touch requirements must be met for timer to begin.
- Do not combine with individualized cooldowns.
• ms_monsterspawn / msarea_monsterspawn properties
- New Property: reqhp (require hp, min/max/avg) and nplayers properties, similar to the msmonster_xxx property
- New property: params ("Pass Parameters").
-- All these additional parameters are applied to all the monsters tied to it, in addition to any defined on the individual monsters or in the map's global parameters.
• msmonster_xxx
- reqhp ("Require HP (min;max)") property can now be set to use the average HP on the server, instead of the total, by converting any token after the first to "avg".
- eg. 500;avg = require average hp be >500. 250;750;avg = require average hp be between 250 and 750.
- As with other player-related spawn requirements, only active players are counted.
- (Sorry for the convention change, rather than a new parameter - lazy - and the dern has way too many parameters as it is.)
New Add Params
• For individualized chests only:
- set_req_pick;[%chance] - set this chest to require a lock pick to be opened - chance defaults to 100%. (the related item name is: item_lockpick )
- set_trap;[explode|gas] - sets either an exploding fire trap, or a poison cloud trap. Can be disarmed with lockpicks, whether the chest requires them to be opened or not. If no trap type parameter is provided, or is invalid, chest picks randomly. (Trap fires once.)
- set_chance_trapped;[%chance] - has a chance to be trapped, trap type picked at random.
- set_chance_haspick;[%chance] - has a chance to have a pick inside. Each chest dishes out a max of one pick. Chance increases by 10% of base chance per player, if there is more than one player (on FN only).
- set_req_key;<key_name> - require key of this name to open (lockpick has no effect.)
-- See mapping tutorial's "- Keys -" entry for a list of keys.
- set_locked - remains locked until receives ext_unlock event (keys and lockpicks have no effect.)
• monsters/snake_gcobra additional parameter "set_nosleep" - causes cobra to patrol on spawn, instead of acting like a somewhat buggy trap.
• monsters/dwarf_bomber additional parameter "set_drop_tnt" - causes dwarven bomber to drop acquirable unlit TNT quest item on death.
New Dev commands
• devcmd teledest <targetname>
- Teleport to a specific entity by its targetname.
- Only works on point entities, and brush entities with origin brushes (intended primarily for use with info_teleport_destination).
- Beware, depending on entity's position and solidity, you may get stuck (in which case, use "tospawn").

(Not masking spoiler sections anymore, as some folks who should be reading stuff, haven't been.)

New Monsters
• traps/fire_burst (self-adjusting trap, self-removing)
- Creates a fire burst that repels targets at ground level of location on spawn, doing a self adjusting amount of damage to all those in the aoe (default 256)
- takes addparam set_aoe;<radius>
- Damage can be adjusted upwards with dmgmulti, but beware the base DOT is determined by a percentage of the target's HP (initial blast based on global average HP)

• traps/poison_gas (self-adjusting trap, self-removing)
- Similar to the above, save it creates a self adjusting poison cloud, applying DOT to all those in the aoe (default 256). Cloud persists for 20 seconds.
- takes addparam set_aoe;<radius>
- Damage can be adjusted upwards with dmgmulti, but beware the base DOT is determined by a percentage of the target's HP (unlike the fire trap, there is no initial blast)

• traps/quake (self-adjusting trap / fx event, self-removing)
- Creates an earthquake at origin 512 units in diameter, doing damage for 10 seconds.
- Damage can be adjusted via dmgmulti, even below 1, but scales as % of victim's maxhp. Setting this to 0 creates an earthquake "effect" that hampers movement, but does no damage.
- (Provides quite a bit more FX than simply using env_shake)
- Takes the following addparams:
-- set_noslow - no slow effect or damage
-- set_nodamage - still slows, but does no damage (same as dmgmulti 0)
-- set_global - affects all players on server
-- set_aoe;<rad> - change radius (max is 1024, use set_global for larger)
-- set_dur;<seconds> - change duration

• monsters/djinn_troll_lesser_fire - Lesser Fire Djinn (medium demon, 100x150, 2000hp, baseXP 250)
- Firey troll throws giant exploding rocks and does fire DOT. Otherwise identical to troll_lobber.

• monsters/horror_fire2_ecaves - Flaming Horror (medium demon, 32wx32h, 1000hp, baseXP 400)
- Different model, otherwise identical to horror_fire2 (fire balls, fire burst, fairly good navigation/monsterclip obedience, flaming trail effect.)

• monsters/elemental_earth1 - Earth Elemental (medium demon, 32x96, 500hp, baseXP 300)
- Earth Elementals have several abilities, including:
- Summon rocks from the sky, that fall with an AOE crash, after a slight delay.
- Open fissures in the ground that damage and stun targets. These do additional damage to enemies who are push immune.
- Create a temporary shield that protects them from all forward facing damage, though they cannot attack while in this state.
- They have a freakish amount of armor and reflect electrical attacks.

• monsters/elemental_earth2 - Greater Elemental (v.hard demon, 32x96, 2500hp, baseXP 1000)
- In addition to the above, all with greater damage, Greater Earth Elementals can:
- Create an Earthquake, that will slow all enemies in a wide radius, doing greater damage as they near the source. This does additional damage if you can't be moved by it.
- Summon a rock storm.
- Attack while their shield is active.
- Additionally, their summoned rocks have a push effect, and they actually gain energy from electrical attacks.

• monsters/hydra_fire_lesser - Lesser Fire Hydra (hard demon, 96x96, 5000hp, baseXP 750)
- So we mixed some dragon essence with an elemental and, whoops...
- This three headed beast has the following attacks:
- Fire aura (constant), enemies near the fire hydra are constantly burned.
- Rapid fire projectile attack (left head).
- Cone of fire (middle head).
- Slow, but high damage, guided fire projectile (right head).
- Plus three long reaching bites, and a nasty tail whip, all of which also apply damage over time.
- Due to this creature's limited elemental repertoire, one must take care on placement and escort.
- This is also very high poly monster (over 8k), so you may wish to be careful where you place it and what you escort it with.
- Other flavors pending (possibly also multi-element variants.)
- Thank Hush 2.0 for purchasing purty model.

New Stuffs
• Lockpicks
- Lockpicks stack, and can be used to disarm certain traps and open certain chests.
- To use: Equip, point at chest, and hold left click.
- It takes about 10 seconds to disarm and unlock a chest. Taking damage from enemies will intrerrupt the process, but not expend the pick.

• The Chaos Axe (Axehandling 30, All Magic Skills: 10, MP 100)
- This weapon choses random element types over time and with each strike, applying related damage over time effects.
- On right click, it can create a burst that repels enemies while applying random DOT effects.
- The axe will avoid using elements targets are immune to, determining said after the first strike.
- Only applies effects to targets not already under a damage over time effect.

• Shadow Lance (Polearms 35, Affliction 15, MP 10,100)
- From Echo717's media contest entry (finally).
- This sinious lance does dark damage, and can apply a defile effect that reduces enemy's damage output (50%) while doing damage over time (15 secs).
- This can be applied with a power attack, by throwing the lance, or by using the third charge, providing a large burst that also repels nearby enemies. (req Affliction 15)
- (Creature's current health must be less than x4 your maxhp to be repelled.)

• Spider Axe (Axehandling 25, Affliction 5,10, MP 5,200)
- This web encrusted red amber axe does triple damage to spiders and applies a strong defiling effect on them (75% reduced outgoing damage) for 30 seconds. Additionally, it can ensnare your enemies.
- Right click fires a weak web projectile (req Affliction 5). Each additional application of webs will slow the target until they are ensnared.
- Once ensnared, they will remain immobilized for 30 seconds, or until the cocoon of webs is broken.
- The third attack creates a persistent web trap (req Affliction 10), that applies additional webbing to all enemies crossing its bounds for 30 seconds.
- Additionally, while the weapon is drawn, the weilder is immune to negative effects applied by spiders, including webs and damage over time.
- Otherwise, this behaves similarly to the Axe of Balance.
- (Creature's current health must be less than x3 your maxhp to be webbed, large creatures are immune.)

• Felewyn Shard (Holy Wave, Divination 10, Swordsmanship 34, MP 20)
- Not a new weapon, obviously, but in addition to having its original model properly restored, the final charge attack now creates a rolling wave of holy light.
- The holy wave does your double Divination skill in holy effect damage to enemies caught in its wake, and applies a holy DOT effect for 50% of your Divination skill for five clicks, to enemies vulnerable to such.
- Additionally, allies caught in its wake will be healed for three times your Divination skill (This adds to the caster's damage points when healing players and critical NPCs).
- Holding +use during the final charge will instead apply the classic Felewyn Shield (severe damage reduction from frontal attacks, plus repels attackers when in holy mode).
- (Something I intended for FEB2015d, but didn't complete in time.)


Also, sorry if your model donations didn't get in yet - didn't want to put this off until Christmas. Next time! (But you get your Halos now!)