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    Bug Reports MAY2010a

    Tried out bloodrose. Got a Packet Synch error two times. Ended up losing two keys because it crashed right after I'd used them. :( Probably not going to roll back just so I can play a bit more right now. Edit: Aleyesu failed with the same shit. I keep giving MS chances and it keeps finding...
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    Bug Reports: MAR2010b

    Re: Bug Reports: MAR2010a Breast patch. Improving MS one step at a time with three steps back. :D
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    FN Down

    What's the best course of action if you're playing and FN goes down. I just left my server up after we beat the map and I'm hoping it'll save if FN comes back up.
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    Bug Reports: JAN2010b

    Works now. Thanks :)
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    Bug Reports: JAN2010b

    My listen server also can't run aleyesu. I get the blasto message. Also, it seems like the wolves stopped spawning after the first bunch of alpha types in gertenheld_forest.
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    Full list of weapon requirements

    Bump. Since it hasn't been added to the current patch, is there a list somewhere?
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    INFO Latest Update News

    So pimp. I'll wait a couple hours before downloading it so you can sort out all the problems that always crop up. (See above)
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    Bug Reports: JUN2008a

    Oh, maybe I can help out here. Calruin2 crashes when you teleport through to the smith's chamber while casting ice shield. I've done this multiple times as I'm sprinting with a raven mace and switch to ice shield before leaping in. Edit: I think I've done it with both teleporters. It's not...
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    M2 Series in progress, looking for feedback!

    Awesome. :)
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    The One Thing MS:C Needs

    The only thing MS:C really needs is to get rid of the lag when monsters spawn/lots of spells are cast/people join the server. Not that it's going to happen but it would be awesome to have things spawning without giant lag spikes.
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    Special Release: Ms 1.4

    I totally agree (if you're talking about having to walk from map to map). When I used to play years ago, that actually made the game a lot more fun. It was an adventure. You could really feel the pieces of the world coming together.
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    Status Bar

    Yeah, the biggest flaw with MS is that it's not really a team game. You can't do anything useful to effect your team besides kill the monsters faster. If they get frozen, too bad for them.
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    new monsters?[POSSIBLE SPOILERS]

    Yea, we could have guys running around with giant penis swords.
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    new monsters?[POSSIBLE SPOILERS]

    I think you can also see it in third person if the copy right model over for it. However, it may not be included.
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    Map Crashes

    Thanks again. I'll just use that when we want to play mscave. Hopefully MiB comes around. :)